thc tauren rda sale

Get A ‘High End’ Squonking Dripper At A Low Price

It’s one of the drippers the purists are really looking forward to using and you can see what all the fuss is about with a whopping 55% OFF the new THC Tauren RDA.

This a purpose built bottom feeding 24mm RDA obviously made for squonking but includes a regular 510 and features a very deep juice well.

It has a unique 45° build deck that looks extremely easy to pop in your coils and features that honeycomb design airflow.

The design of the airflow means it will be hard to over-squonk and get any leakage.

What’s the Deal?

  • This is a pre-order deal
  • User code: THC for 55% discount
  • Offer ends July 30th 2018
  • Choice of stainless steel – copper + black – brass + black
  • Fast worldwide shipping options
Neil H
I began vaping over 6 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Vandy Vape Berserker...Beater set-up Yosta Livepor 160w + Geekvape Zeus RTA - I'm a former journalist and now a sort of writer and author...I now have a beard - though not a hipster one - mine looks like a dead badgers bum or as I call it 'distinguished'... I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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