So Does the Nautilus 2 Live Up to the Hype?

The Aspire Nautilus 2 e cig tank has to have been one of the most hyped releases by a vape company ever – well almost.

nautilus 2 colours

They really milked this release didn’t they lol!

All the razzmatazz surrounding the Nautilus 2 couldn’t have passed you by unnoticed lol and like me you probably got out the original and had a play on it to see what all the fuss was about.


Anyway…I’m sure that pretty much every single e-cigarette user out there has at some point used the original Nautilus tank on their vaping journey – I certainly did.

I’m a DTL vaper nowadays but I still enjoy MTL vaping especially first thing in the morning – old habits – using the K2 tank – also from Aspire.

I’ve been using the Nautilus 2 for some time now – so has it become my go to MTL tank?

Let’s see if all that hype was worth it – unlike the luke warm reception the Nautilus X received after a similar social media teasing campaign 😉

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In the Box

It’s a dinky little box with the front window revealing a tantalizing glimpse of the Nautilus 2 tank.

nautilus 2 box

And yeah half of the front and indeed back is taken up by the now obligatory TPD nicotine warning – *sighs*- still I guess it saves on design costs lol.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1x Nautilus 2 tank(Pre-installed a 0.7ohm coil)
  • 1x Extra Coil(1.8ohm)
  • 1x Extra Glass Tube
  • 8x O rings
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warning Card
  • 1x Extra Drip tip

nautilus 2 in the box

Nautilus 2 Specs

  • Height: 53mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Material: Stainless steel / aluminium

The fact it comes with x2 coils is a nice touch.

However despite one of them ‘appearing’ to be sub ohm [0.7ohm] Aspire gives its top wattage at 23watts.

nautilus 2 coils

You can of course take DTL hits and to be honest I quite enjoyed that way of vaping on this nifty little tank but more on that later.

Key Features

Apart from the design – which we’ll get to – and the fact it comes in an array of colour choices – it’s the airflow that catches the eye.

The original had x3 settings and to be fair even wide open the draw was tight.

nautilus 2 airflow

The Aspire Nautilus 2 has x5 airflow holes each one diminishing in size. The beauty of this is you can tailor your perfect settings.

Wide open and the draw is airy but with just enough restriction and of course the less holes you open the tighter it becomes.

You get a fabulous vape whichever way you set it and with just the tiniest hole open – the vape whilst restrictive and on the warm side it isn’t in any way uncomfortable and the flavour really does zing!

How To Fill The Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank

It’s a top fill design which simply means you do the following:

  • Unscrew the bell shaped outer sheath
  • Fill straight into the tank [avoiding the central chimney] – there’s plenty of room too.
  • Ensure the coil hasn’t come loose
  • Replace the outer sheath
  • Waith for 5 minutes for the e liquid to soak into our coil
  • Vape on!

How To Fill The Aspire Nautilus 2 TankUnfortunately it’s not what you might call a ‘clean hand’ coil swap and you will lose any e-liquid left inside the tank when it comes to swapping them out.

Depending on the coil you’ll be vaping between 10 and 23 watts.

Design and Build Quality

I’ll be honest when I first caught a glimpse of the Nautilus 2 my first reaction as one of horror [sez me with the original caged in that weird cut-out sheath].

nautilus 1 and 2 compared
my trusty old Nautilus

Given its bell shape I did call it the ‘bell-end tank’ [lol] however it kind of grew on me and now I’ve had it in my hands so to speak I actually really do like it.

I now can’t get away from thinking it looks more like a buoy – you know those things in the sea that ships and boats bump into – so the name Nautilus kinda fits the look if you catch my drift.

nautilus 2

So I now call it the ‘Hello Sailor’ tank – ooo get me 😉

Anyway design wise I think it’s stunning – but like most things it’s subjective. I can only say initially I hated it but in my hand and on a mod I love it.

nautilus 2 hand size

I received the black version and Aspire like to point out the tank [apart from the stainless steel version] has an anodized finish which gives it a very nice matte look and feel.

Build wise and as you might expect from Aspire everything is machined to perfection.

There’s no screeching or ‘crunchy sandy’ sounds off the connections which screw together snug and sweet.

You get x2 vase shaped mouthpieces – one that matches the colour of your mod and a stainless steel one.

drip tip nautilus 2

I have tried other tips and with a bit of O ring fiddling about I did get a couple on.

All in all it’s a solid well-made beautifully designed piece of kit and in the time I’ve been using it there’s been absolutely no leaking whatsoever.

How Does Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank Perform?

First and foremost this a MTL [mouth to lung] tank – perfect for beginners as it mimics smoking a cancer stick – I’ll get onto the DTL element in a minute.

I tried a variety of e-liquids including 50-50 and 70-30 percent VG and PG mixes.

nautilus 2 parts

The Aspire Nautilus 2 was able to handle the thicker e-liquids and wicked like a dream.

Even with the airflow wide open the taste was simply sensational and if you like a rich flavour and a warm vape – close those holes off a bit and you get a sumptuous vape.

On the 0.7ohm coil I hit my sweet spot at 21.5watts vaping a 50/50 tobacco e-liquid. I adore this flavour and the Nautilus 2 took it to a new level for me.

Obviously the throat hit will depend on the e-liquid – nicotine level etc.

But what I can say using a 18mg nic liquid [old school haha]the hit and flavour was fantastic – as close to a stinkie as you’ll get.

With a 70/30 3mg e-liquid again the flavour was intense and of course the vapour was much thicker.

The throat hit was of course much smoother and I instinctively began DTL vaping and to be fair it was quite a nice lung hit.

nautilus 2 on the pebble

I would say it’s a great tank to ‘have a go’ at DTL vaping – just make sure you turn down that nicotine level 😉

On the 1.8ohm coil things it’s fair to say calmed down a little – only a little mind.

The flavour dimmed a touch due to the lower wattage I guess so for me the 0.7ohm just shades the two in overall performance.

Again that’s subjective.

As a regular vaper of both styles I’m seriously impressed with this tank – seriously impressed.

“Well hello sailor” indeed 😉

What I Like

Never thought I’d say this but I love the design – how fickle am I lol.

The ease of filling is a bonus as is the fact that all the other Aspire Nautilus coils will fit this new tank – I found two left in an old packet which put a smile on my face lol.

The airflow control is exceptional and I mean exceptional.

Most of all I love the taste.nautilus 2 wismec mini

I did a flavour test using fresh coils on the original Nautilus and the newer version and the difference whilst not palpable was noticeable – and that’s despite using the same coil – e-liquid and wattage.

What you put that down to is up to you – could it be the pronounced domed bell shape – the superior airflow?

Who knows – but there was definitely a better cleaner and I have to say smoother overall experience on the Nautilus 2.

What I Don’t Like

Struggling here.


Still struggling…

OK to be honest and after sleeping on it [not literally lol] there’s not a lot if anything I don’t like.

I know some folks outside the EU will moan about the 2ml capacity however that is a ‘design’ feature forced upon Aspire by the EU’s TPD legislation.

As a regular MTL vaper I know that 2ml lasts a good while – unlike a 5ml tank of 3mg e-liquid when we’re sub ohm vaping – so whilst it may be a negative in some minds – to me it ain’t 😉

Final Review Verdict

As I said there was a bit of this old school vaper that wanted to dislike the Aspire Nautilus 2 – no idea why call me a grumpy old sod who rejects change and new-fangled stuff.

nautilus 2 on defender
on my old defender 😉

However as David Brent once said ‘you’ve charmed me’ and it really has.

From its stunning design [buoy not bell-end] – its ease of fill – ease of use and most importantly its flavour – this is a super little tank perfect for beginners and regular MTL vapers alike.


If I was sat adrift on a buoy and I dropped the Aspire Nautilus 2 into the ocean…

Would I dive in and get it?

Damn right!


  • Awesome air flow
  • Lovely design
  • Compact
  • Superb flavour
  • Cross series coils
  • 0.7ohm coil adds a new dimension
  • New design sheath way better than the cut out I have lol
  • Decent price


  • 2ml capacity might annoy some [blame the EU]

UK/Europe – Use Code ECIGCLICK for 5% Off
US – Use Code ECC For 10% Off

Build Quality
Ease of use
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
Neil H
I began vaping over 5 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! Current set-up : Yosta Livepor 160w + Augvape Merlin RTA - JacVapour DNA 75 + Nautilus 2 for MTL - RX200S + Doge III or Merlin Mini on desktop when working - others at a whim :) A former journalist, I'm now a freelance copywriter - blogger and author. I'm an Army veteran - love dogs - camping - traveling and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


  1. Your review was one of the reasons why I bought this tank. And as you said, for an ex-smoker it’s vaping experience is probably among the best out there.

    But what drives me nuts is the refill. I honestly don’t know what I am doing wrong but on every single time I refill the tank I end up with a serious amount of liquid inside the coil chimney. Sometimes it’s enough to turn it on it’s head and fire a few times, sometimes I have to shake it out and a visible drop comes out of the driptip or I have to use some papertowel rolled tight to soak out the liquid from inside the coil. Without doing this I get nasty hot spits. Once it’s cleaned I can vape without any spits until I refill again.

    This happens with the 0.7, the 1.6 and the 1.8ohm coil on both of my Nautilus 2 tanks. I am careful to not fill any liquid into the coil and I also never fill over the max-line. What could I possibly do wrong? It appears as if the liquid gets soaked into the inside of the coil chimney from below. The coil is screwed in tight and it does not make a difference if I use some pliers to screw it a bit tighter or just my hand. I usually use a 75VG/25PG/10Nic mix but it also happens on 50/50 mix. It’s even worse when I use a CBD mix with 70VG/30PG (that’s what the 2nd Tank is for). And as I said, once I’ve cleaned the chimney I don’t have the problem anymore until the next refill.

    I would very much appreciate if you (or someone) could point me into the right direction because out of desperation I’ve ordered a T22 now just to have some piece of mind.

    • Hey Raphael,

      A tough one this as it looks as if you’ve tried all the solutions that would normally fix the issue, which sounds like the coil is flooding. The PG/VG mixes that you have used sound like they should be OK as well, not too thin as to flow through the coil.

      I personally use this tank for my MTL vaping on a regular basis and haven’t had this problem. Although every time I refill any tank I have a routine of giving all parts a wipe down before refilling/changing a coil.

      So just kind of thinking out loud here…

      Could you be getting a condensation build up in the mouth piece that is adding to the excess moisture build up?

      Could it be when replacing the top/outer tank after filling, does this look to be screwing on to the top of the coil securely?

      Sounds simple but it may be worth taking the tank apart fully, giving it a clean, drying with a paper towel and reassembling. And when refilling ensure the threads on the outer tank that attach to the top of the coil are clean and dry.

      I would have said it’s possible you have a faulty coil but it’s very unlikely all three with different resistances would be faulty.

      You mention you have done the tissue rolling and mopping trick and it has worked, this is also what sorts out gurgling, popping and excess juice on the coil for me as well.

      I’ll have a play around with my Nautilus 2 and see if I can see another solution but if anyone else has had a problem with their Nautilus 2 tank leaking though the mouthpiece then feel free to share your fixes in the meantime!

  2. Like someone else, after about a week, I have been plagued with leaks as well.

    As a newbie I was told that with the Zelos /N2 combo (kit) I should only be vaping on max 15 Watt with the 0.7 ohm coils and that a ‘higher’ VG content (40 if you can believe that was called ‘high’) is what is causing the leaks because the holes on the 0.7 coil are too tiny.

    I was told to try reducing the Watts to 14 and add some PG to my mix.

    I think this advice is bonkers and, as a newbie, I really do need to resolve this issue if I am going to stay off the cigarettes as I can’t afford to buy another tank or mod yet.

    So I have tried 70/30 PG/ VG and 60/40 (adding 1.3 nicotine 100 mg in a VG base to 10 mls of PG/VG). We cannot buy nicotine ready-to-vape in Australia and must get our nicotine from overseas (mine is top grade from the U.S.) and mix it in ourselves (also bonkers).

    Your help really appreciated !

    • Hey Leigh,

      I feel for you in OZ, absolutely crazy laws over there regarding nicotine in juices!

      Good to see you are questioning that advise, does seem a little odd. The wattage may kind of make sense with the 1.8Ohm coil but not the 0.7.

      I use the Aspire Zelos/Nautilus2 kit on a regular basis when I want that mouth to lung vape.

      It’s rated for use at 17-23W, and while these ‘recommended ratings’ on all coils are just a guide, I find they are pretty accurate on the Nautilus 2.

      I personally use my Nautilus 2 with 0.7 ohm coil around 18W and upto 20W depending on which juices I’m using. I find different flavours are better for me at different wattages creating warmer/cooler vapes.

      As you can see in the review, Neil found 21.5W was his sweet spot.

      So.. A little strange that someone would recommend a max 15W with the 0.7Ohm coil.

      In short, there is no ideal wattage for all. It’s personal preference and just takes a little experimenting, start low and work your way up until you find ‘your’ sweet spot.

      Not sure what they meant with ’40’ being high either?! Maybe they were referring to a 60VG/40PG ratio?

      If so then it should have no issues with that. Neil and myself have both used 70VG/30PG with no issues.

      It’s not that common to see juices with a PG higher than 50/50 nowadays.

      OK.. So leaking.

      It could be that you are using too high a PG juice in both instances. You can check out our PG Vs VG article here for more info on both. but… 70PG/30VG is likely to be a very thin juice. PG is thinner than VG.

      Thinner juices could wick too quickly resulting in the juice just flowing through the cotton down via the center of the coil into the base, exiting via the airflow holes.

      Another reason for leaking from the airflow holes is that the coil isn’t screwed in fully.

      I have found, on occasion, that when unscrewing the outer cover to refill the coil can unscrew a touch as well.

      So, before you refill, make sure the coil is screwed in properly before putting the outer piece back on.

      It’s also worth, after filling, just to wipe the outer glass and the inside of the cover with a tissue to mop up any juice residue. I have found when I didn’t do this that you get a little juice showing on the outside of the tank.

      Not sure where you are from in OZ but heat can have an effect. If you are in a cool or AC room and then venture outside into higher temperatures then the juice thins out and can cause leaking. This happened a lot to me on a trip to South East Asia a while back.

      In short, I’m thinking it could be a result of the super high PG juice you are using. If you try for a 60 VG juice I think that may help a little.

      Let me know how you get on though and if you have any other questions please ask away.



  3. **Noob question alert!**

    Will this tank work with an aspire K3 battery? I need an alternative as the ‘glass’ part of the K3 tank is not very well protected and I’ve cracked 2 in the past. Thanks for any replies.

    • Hey Dan,

      Clumsy vaper hey! We’ve all been there 🙂

      The Aspire BVC coils that normally come with the K3 are (99% sure) compatible with the Nautilus 2 tank so yes you should be just fine to use the Nautilus 2 tank with the K3 Battery.

      These are the coils I’m talking about –


      The Nautilus 2 tank is 22mm in width. The K3 battery is just 18mm in diameter. So it might look a little odd. Personal preference there though!

      Also, you won’t be able to use the 0.7Ohm coil with the K3 battery as the power just won’t be there.

      Not sure what coils you use at the moment but 1.8ohm should be just fine.



    • Hey Paul,

      I’ve not personally experienced any leaking with mine.

      Are you using the same e-juice for both tanks? If so what is the PG/VG ratio?

      A couple of things to try though.

      When unscrewing the outer case to fill be careful the coil itself doesn’t come unseated even half a turn.

      With mine I HAVE noticed that sometimes the coil can screw out with the part of the tank that you unscrew to fill.

      Before filling just make sure your coils are screwed into the base fully, don’t over-tighten just finger tight.

      Another thing to try: Take the tank apart fully, clean (including the threads on the coil and the threading where the coil screws in) and re-assemble.

      May also be worth having a look over this e cig tank troubleshooting guide that may help.

      Let us know how you get on.



  4. That Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank, looks nothing like the one I’ve just purchased. It has a 5ml tank and fills from the bottom. Someone explain!!?

  5. Bought the Zelos a little over two weeks ago and well what can I say, so far so good, I’m pretty much impressed. Jonny your review of the Aspire Zelos is fabulous, even the mention of the bell shape is a must lol, only thing I don’t like about it, is that 2ml tank, everything else gets a thumbs up:)

  6. Nice review.

    I’ve had 2 Nautilus 2 tanks and both have failed me! (both original, checked the codes).

    The first would not draw any air so every hit was dry and burned my throat. I wasted 3 coils in the process. The replacement did let air through – and also the liquid: it leaked like a sieve!

    Not happy and I really wanted this to replace the terrible Nautilus X tanks (I have 2).

    Sorry Aspire. You let me down on the latest 4 purchases. I may just go back to my Triton Mini. But now I’m £100 down with nothing but worthless tanks to show for it. I won’t buy from Aspire again.

    • Sorry to hear that glen, sounds like you had a bit of a nightmare.

      I’m actually using the Nautilus 2 as I write, not had any issues so far.

      Without stating the obvious Glen (as you seem to have ample experience) did you make sure of the following:

      Was the airflow fully open?
      When filling, being careful not to get any juice in the coil head itself.
      Letting the coil sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the wick to fully soak up the juice.

      May be worth breaking the tank down and giving it a full clean and trying again? Although you sound like you’ve had enough at this stage!

      Can I ask what PG/VG ratio of juice you were using? I’m actually using Twelve Monkeys Tropika which is a 90VG/10PG and I’m actually surprised that such a high VG ratio wicks and works well in this tank. I thought it might have been too ‘thick’ for these coils.

  7. Don’t change… I love your reviews/style lol ?

    Besides I also find them v. helpful, this one prompted me to actually go and buy the Nautilus 2 and I’m loving it. Having used it for a week or so with the 0.7 ohm coil, I totally agree with everything you wrote. From the weirdly attractive bell end/buoy look of it to the awesome air flow and superb flavour. It’s currently attached to my Pebble (great combo)… I find I consistently reach for this over my Isub S even though I found that to be pretty damn good too.

    • Haha thanks very much – I have mine on the Pebble – right next to me now – and yup it’s a great combo. Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

  8. I use the nautilus mini since I stop smoking, a little more than a year.. Nice review cause you mention the airflow which was a little tight and or maybe I get bored with the old one

  9. I bought the Nautilus X about a week ago, and was initially impressed. However, after a few days, the flavour seemed diminished, and the coils didn’t seem to be robust enough (3 coils during the week). I now have the Nautilus 2, and I am, so far, impressed. Using the 0.7 coil at the moment, and I have to say that the vape is smooth, and the flavour is deeper than the X. I’ll give it a try for the next week or so, and swap to the 1.8 coil to see how that goes. FIrst impressions though, forget the X, and try the 2.

  10. I could have done without all the “lol” and “sez” throughout the entire article. The *multiple* childish names were a little annoying too. Other than that pretty nice review.

    • Not the first time it’s been pointed out I can be a little puerile and doubt it will be the last lol – point taken and I shall try to be a little more serious in my review style 🙂 cheers!


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