best rda and rta for flavour

We Look at the Best RDAs and RTA’s So Far This Year Judged By Our Reviewers

So as winter approaches we thought we’d take a look at what our reviewers think have been the best RDAs and RTA’s released so far this year.

This year we’ve seen a real surge of RDAs and RTAs released in conjunction with YouTube reviewers and many of these have been well received.

However for this exercise we’ll look at only the ones reviewed by us and there is at least one designed by a vape famous dude 🙂

The below ‘best of’ list is taken from atomizers we’ve used, reviewed and thought worthy of your hard earned cash.


Best RDA’s and RTA’s for Flavour
Best RDA’s and RTA’s for Clouds
Best RDA’s and RTA’s for MTL
Best RDA’s and RTA’s for Beginners (Ease of Build)

What is interesting looking back at our reviews is that flavour seems key to recent releases with cloud production taking a back seat which in my opinion is a move in the right direction.

Do let me know your thoughts on that statement in the comments below – Flavour or Clouds or Both 😉

You might want to bookmark this article as I’ll endeavour to update as and when more RBAs are reviewed and/or released.

OK first up the top rated RDA and RTA’s for flavour.

Best RDA’s and RTA’s for Flavour in 2017

Let’s face it most of us in vaping put flavour front and centre when it comes to a good RBA.

Sure clouds are fun but what really is the point of vaping what is pretty much fresh air!

Let me know your take on ones that manage to combine both flavour and vapour – the holy grail of RBAs – in the comments below!

OK so let’s see which ones have tickled our reviewer’s taste buds.

Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA

serpent smm

This RTA that almost hit the magical 5 out of 5 score but this one definitely scores high in the flavour charts!

Yet another collaboration with a YouTube reviewer this time Matt from the excellent channel Suck My Mod.

It features an interesting build deck with a two post design and is one of the easiest Dean the Devil Vaper has ever built on.

The Devil Vaper absolutely loved this RTA saying:

A must have for anyone who wants an RTA with exceptional flavour.

Read the full Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA review here

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The Wotofo Vaporous RDA


Dean the Devil Vaper is a tough taskmaster especially when it comes to RDAs so to see him score the Wotofo Vaporous RDA so highly should make you all sit up and listen!

He loved the overall look of this and especially the two large chunky clamp style posts that made building on it a breeze.

However it was the amount of clean flavour he was getting that impressed him the most as he said in his review, for him, it is one of the best RDA’s for flavour he has used:

Blimey, what can I say? I would have to say that this is one, if not THE favourite RDA that I have ever vaped on. The flavour and clouds are spot on. It’s easy to build on. You have the option of using the squonking pin and the airflow options are great!

High praise indeed and definitely a flavour chasing RDA to consider adding to your armoury.

Read the full Wotofo Vaporous review here

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Kaees Solomon RTA


I’m more an RTA than RDA vaper and without doubt I stand by my claim that the Solomon is the best RTA for flavour I’ve ever used.

So simple to build on with great clouds but the clincher for me is the flavour you get off this beauty.

It is quite simply insane and when I put it up against my much loved Troll RTA the Solomon beat it out of the park:

No getting away from the fact this is flavour chaser and a cloud chasers dream RTA.The flavour is intense and even at higher temperatures the vapour stays on the warm – not hot – side which really makes your taste buds pop!

Read the full Kaees Solomon RTA review here

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Digiflavor Aura RDA


A joint project between Digiflavour and Daniel from DJLSB Vapes this has had reviewers and vapers enjoying superb clouds and flavour since its release in late summer.

It’s a good looking RDA with an easy build stepped clamp style deck and a unique airflow which our reviewer Laura-ann couldn’t praise highly enough calling it a ‘must have RDA’:

DJLSB Vapes and Digiflavor did what they set out to do, create a flavor chasing RDA with innovative airflow and an almost leak free system.

I think this RDA is very well designed; the bottom airflow makes an incredible difference, as does the domed top cap. This is must-have RDA for flavour junkie intermediate and experienced vapers and I highly recommend it.

Read the full Digiflavor Aura RDA review here

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Advken Manta RTA

Advken Manta RTA on mod

A recent release and so close to getting full marks from Kevin Jeffrey the Worthing Vaper scoring 4.9 out of 5!

The only let down appeared to be the ease of use – in this case the airflow was maybe a little too airy for Kevin and wicking can be a tad tedious!

OK it’s a simple velocity style deck and certainly a looker that’s been on my radar since I first saw it released.

However there’s no doubt that this is a flavour chasers RTA that also delivers decent cloud production.

Kevin said:

The Manta RTA by Advken is a beautiful looking tank that is easy to coil and feels great in the hand. It vape’s very well at medium to higher wattages with good flavour, if you like an airy draw then this might be the rda for you.

Read the full Advken Manta RTA review here

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OBS Engine Nano RTA

OBS Engine Nano on mod close

A little pocket rocket of an RTA that took the vaping world by storm when it was released back in the spring this year.

With its simple dual post design and easy wicking vapers absolutely loved both the flavour and clouds coming off this one.

However our reviewer Kevin Jeffrey was blown away by the flavour this little cutie gave:

The flavour I get from this tank is second to none! Which is perfect for MTL vaping style.

Read the full OBS Engine Nano RTA review here

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Best RDA and RTA for Clouds 2017

Next to flavour I guess cloud production is important to many vapers.

However there is of course a hard-core bunch known as cloud chasers who can accept a dimming of flavour if that means they can create a sub-climate wherever they go!

So this is a list of the best cloud chucking RBAs we’ve reviewed so far this year!

Innokin Thermo RDA

innokin Thermo RDA review
24mm and 27mm

I had the pleasure of reviewing this absolutely stunning RDA from Innokin.

I was blown away by the design and build and intrigued – as you were – by the tornado style feature in the huge glass top-cap – would it dim the flavour?

As I said in my review yes the flavour was just about OK – tasty but not brilliant – however this RDA is an out and out cloud machine!

Boy oh boy does this chuck!

I gave this full marks for cloud production adding:

 Stunning design and incredible cloud production with not a bad flavour profile makes this a fun if a little thirsty RDA that I have no hesitation in recommending…

Read the full Innokin Thermo RDA review here

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Anarchist Riot RDA

Kit contents of the Riot RDA by Anarchist and Digiflavor

Another RDA almost receiving full marks overall but hitting the max for cloud production.

The flavour off this scored max points too making this one of the best overall RDAs reviewed by us this year!

It has a chunky build deck with two huge posts with 4 staggered airflow slots which I’m assuming when fully open really chuck those clouds.

Laura-ann absolutely loved the way this RDA performed saying:

Simple design, quality construction paired with great performance makes the Anarchist RDA one of the most enjoyable RDA’s I’ve used in a long time.

Read the Anarchist Riot RDA review here

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Druga RDA by Augvape

Augvape Druga RDA Review

I actually scored this sexy looking and relatively expensive RDA quite low at 4.3 out of 5 but gave it max points for cloud production.

It features a stunning design with a two post deck described as CSS (Clamp Snag System) which Augvape says makes for easy building.

I tended to disagree with that and even now and more experienced in building I still believe that – it’s fiddly and those posts can’t take much pressure if I’m honest.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a great RDA for cloud production this blew my mind, also no slouch in the flavour department:

It’s going to be one of those ‘almost a great piece of kit’ reviews I’m afraid. The Augvape Druga RDA looks very smart with superb flavour and truly wondrous cloud production.

Read The Full Augvape Druga RDA review here

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iJoy Exo rta 6ml in hand

It’s not often you can surprise our reviewer Kevin the Worthing Vaper but this RTA certainly did!

Apparently he’s had some up and down experiences with iJoy gear but ever the professional he went into the review with an open mind.

His verdict?

He gave the iJoy EXO RTA 4.9 out of 5 with max points for the cloud production and flavour – so yet another all-rounder to consider!

Kevin summed it up:

Great flavour. Wonderful vapour production.

Definitely an RTA to consider for those looking for clouds!

Read The iJoy EXO RTA review here

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Best MTL RBAs 2017


To be honest it’s been a quiet year for MTL rebuildables however over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen the Berserker MTL RTA by Vandy Vape and the Siren from Digiflavour going head to head.

Unfortunately we haven’t had chance to review either of these yet – I was about to review the Siren I received but was asked not to as it was a demo version!

So sadly we haven’t reviewed any MTL RTAs this year however there’s a couple of RTAs that we have reviewed and with the airflow turned down do indeed give a decent MTL vape as our reviewers explain:

  • Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA: if you close them down enough [airflow], you can get a nice, tight MTL vape from the atty!
  • Vandy Vape Kylin RTA: with a single coil – the airflow turned right down and a 510 drip tip you can get a decent MTL vape.
  • Envii Artisan RTA: Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping was achievable on the Artisan albeit a very loose draw, but still quite enjoyable.
  • OBS Engine Nano RTA: Dropping the wattage to 25 and closing the airflow to almost closed gave me a very acceptable mouth to lung (MTL) with plenty of flavour.
  • Merlin Mini RTA by Augvape: They have gone some way to considering Mouth To Lung (MTL) vapers by including the airflow inserts allowing the user to fine tune their vaping experience.

Best RBAs for Beginners (Easiest RBA’s to Build On))

I am now a very happy builder and have broken free from the chains of stock coils!

I really have found that RTAs in particular have given my vaping experience a whole new level of enjoyment and I highly recommend anyone considering going down the self-build route to give it a go!

As I said in the piece How to Build Vape Coils for Beginners – it might seem daunting but in all honesty it’s pretty easy especially with all those simple and exotic pre-made coils on the market.

So let’s look at a couple of RBAs that our far more experienced than me reviewers highlighted as being an easy introduction for newbies.

Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA

Serpent SMM build Deck and coil

There’s a reason why this tank is in a couple of categories, it’s simply one of the best RTA’s we’ve used to date.

Dean the Devil Vaper describes this as:

This is a thing of beauty and unlike anything I have seen before. It has a two post design and has two slots on each post to allow left handed and right handed wrapped coils to be installed with ease.

The posts are easy to build on and the way the wicking is designed means this is pretty much a leak free RTA – definitely one newcomers should consider!

Read the full Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA review here

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WonderVape RDA by CigPet


This one almost made into the flavour chasing and cloud chucking section however Laura-ann says this is the perfect RDA for beginners to build on.

It features a huge deck with plenty of space to get your coils in as well as an easy wicking set up and one that more advanced builders will enjoy too:

This is the perfect deck for a beginner to the RDA game but also a great option for extreme coilers who need that extra terminal space. Extremely quick on the change, nothing is so small that it’s fiddly.

Read the full Cigpet WonderVape RDA review here

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Kaees Solomon RTA


Another RBA that has really impressed me.

Amazing flavour and decent clouds and given the deck is a very simple dual velocity style this RTA is a breeze to build on so perfect for beginners.

Look Kaees hasn’t done anything spectacular with this – they’ve kept it simple and it works like a charm:

Building and wicking on this is about as easy as it gets with generous sized post and wicking holes and they are solid posts and screws.

Read the full Kaees Solomon RTA review here

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Geekvape Ammit 25mm RTA

Geek Vape ammit build deck

I wasn’t that impressed by the Ammit at first but it has grown on me over the summer.

However for sheer simplicity to build on it’s a single coil and as I said in the review:

The deck is probably the easiest I’ve ever built on with that one open and one closed post hole making it a dream work with – it will take some big old coils too.

It’s definitely a newcomers to building tank and one as I said has grown on me the more I’ve used it.

Read the full Geekvape Ammit 25mm RTA review here

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Summing Up the RDA and RTA Releases

As I said at the start looking back at the standout RBAs released this year has certainly shown much more emphasis on flavour rather than cloud production.

The use of famous vapers to design or just stick their names on products could have become a bit gimmicky however certainly the ones we’ve reviewed have been very good indeed.

For me the Kaees Solomon and the Innokin Thermo have been the standouts but I really am looking forward to the Siren and the Beserker.

And a quick look at those we have reviewed and one of the standouts appears to be the Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA – so definitely one to add to your shopping list!

Let us know in the comments below what your top rated RDA’s/RTA’s for clouds, flavour and ease of use are!

Neil H
I began vaping over 5 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! Current set-up : Yosta Livepor 160w + Augvape Merlin RTA - JacVapour DNA 75 + Nautilus 2 for MTL - RX200S + Doge III or Merlin Mini on desktop when working - others at a whim :) A former journalist, I'm now a freelance copywriter - blogger and author. I'm an Army veteran - love dogs - camping - traveling and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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