Can I smoke E-cigarettes anywhere?It seems that most places actually allow the use of e-cigarettes, although some may not – a lot of do-gooders were afraid that kids might get tempted by the tasty flavors or simply the fact that this is a cool new gadget to have, a bit like the latest new smart-phone.

According to some info I came across, it looks like the use of e-cigarettes may be banned in all public places in some US states and a few other countries. It will be best to find out whether use is allowed for sure then.

Most companies allow their workers to use them at work. Not so much because they feel for them, but because they have cottoned on to the fact that their productivity improves when they allow it.

Smokers no longer sneak off or have extended breaks to get their fix, they just pull on their e-ciggie and all is well, the work gets done.

Vaping E-Cigarettes In Bars And Restaurants

A lot of bars, restaurants etc will also allow it. This can, however, lead to snide comments or downright arguments with other customers, so it is best to be prepared for that.

The initial reaction is understandable, after all, some e-cigs look like the real thing, and people can’t tell from a distance. So don’t be too harsh on them, just explain what it is you-re actually using.

Most people with a pretty regular brain will understand and leave you alone, or perhaps even congratulate you on using a safer alternative to smoking.

On the other hand, you may just be faced with a fanatic. These over-zealous do-gooders will condemn anything that looks remotely like it may involve smoking.

Just to give an example of such lunacy, I know of a company, or rather a charitable organization in the UK that returned a whole batch of new Christmas goods to the supplier – thousands of little pottery Santas were sent back from shops all over the country. Why? They were sent back because this Santa was holding a pipe.

What was the reason to send them back because of a pipe? To paraphrase their reply, the Santas were promoting tobacco products, which could not be condoned by the organization. This is the sort of lunatic fanatic we are talking about.

Dealing With Non-Smokers

Anyhow, the best thing to do is remain calm and firm. Don’t let them worry or intimidate you. If the place, wherever you happen to be, allows the use of e-cigs, they haven’t got a leg to stand on.

Simply explain slowly (so they will understand) that there are no tar, no ash, no smoke, no smell, no chemicals and therefore no health risk to them or anybody else.

Go as far as telling them your life story – how ill you were while you actually smoked real cigarettes and how much better you are now. Tell them that you are trying to raise public awareness so that other smokers can also improve their health by switching to e-cigarettes.

Show them that the vapour only comes out when you actually take a puff, and how quickly it dissipates into thin air, so to speak.

Have a word with your favorite restaurant or bar owner. If they allow the use of e-cigs, they may be prepared to put up signs advertising the fact. That’ll take the wind right out of do-gooders’ sails.

Should you, by any chance, come across the worst kind of non-smoker, namely the ‘reformed smoker’, congratulate them on having such incredible willpower and tell them that you envy them.

Then explain the harmlessness of your e-cig, explain how much less you already smoke because of them and how you understand their fear, but would never do anything to expose others to real smoke.

While they are the world’s biggest trouble makers, they are typically easily flattered and, though they may pity you for having such a lack of willpower, will end up being pleased that you are at least trying your very best to do the right thing!

This usually means they will go away smiling and leave you alone to enjoy your e-cigarette in peace. So, unless it is officially forbidden to use them wherever you are, you can use them anywhere you like. Don’t let anyone tell you anything to the contrary!

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