Manabush Powwow Sauce Review

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  • Strength Available: 3mg / 6mg / 12mg / 18mg
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Manabush: Powwow Sauce

Manabush Powwow Sauce Review

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally got around to reviewing Manabush e-liquids! The general consensus in the vaping world is one of positivity so I’m looking forward to trying a selection of their juices. So off I went to buy one of the Manabush mixed taster packs to see for myself.

The Manabush range of e-liquids aims to provide quality tobacco flavours with a twist. First up we have Powwow Sauce, their first and most popular juice to date.

This review was carried out with a low 6mg nicotine strength and a 50/50 PG/VG mix.

Manabush Say: Powwow Sauce by Manabush E-Liquid is a sweet satisfying blend of dark and light tobacco with some added biscuity sweetness, and a familiar desert flavoured top note. With a good throat hit and excellent vapour production – Providing a moreish sweet all day vape.”

E Cig/Tank used in this review: Kanger Subtank Mini 1.2 Ohm with the Cloupor Mini


My first draw on Powwow was actually quite a surprise. I was initially expecting this to be more of a tobacco flavour complimented by the additional flavours. It was the complete opposite though.

For me the sweet biscuit strikes as the slightly more prominent flavour backed up by a nice custard with a very slight underlying sweet/nutty tobacco. It really is a lovely vape.

Manabush recommend vaping at lower temperatures with Powwow and I have to agree. I tried watts ranging from 8.5-12W and for my tastes 10W was my preferred setting, just enough warmth without being too much and I got the full dessert flavour experience.

I’ve been disappointed in the past by some juices that have had a mass of positive hype surrounding them, probably because of them not reaching the high expectations I’ve had leading into the reviews. Powwow Sauce I am glad to say deserves the praise it gets, Martyn has done a fantastic job with this blend that gets things just right. If you are not a tobacco flavour fan don’t let this put you off, it’s definitely not a tobacco heavy juice.

It’s an easy all day vape for me and a juice I would buy again without hesitation.

Vapour Volume

Powwow is a 50/50 PG/VG mix which helps produce top vapour production.

Throat Hit

Just right for my tastes with my chosen 6mg nic strength.

Production Details

Manabush e-liquid is produced in the UK with the following:

  • Using the best UK and USA ingredients.
  • ISO class 7 clean rooms, laminar flow cabinets with HEPA filters and hygienic wall cladding


  • 10ml £4.99
  • 30ml £12.99
  • 50ml Glass Bottle £21.99
  • 100ml £43.99

Postage Pricing

  • £1.90 for 10ml
  • £3.60 for 30ml+

Available Nicotine Strengths

  • 18mg
  • 12mg
  • 6mg
  • 3mg


Not, as I expected, a ‘tobacco flavour’ but an excellent dessert flavour that made for a delicious custard/biscuit vape. A great job from Manabush!

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