Mrs Lord & Co Druide Review

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Mrs Lord & Co: Druide

Mrs Lord & Co ReviewWe have reviewed a few Mrs Lord & Co e-liquids and all have been impressive in one way or another. One common occurance is that the flavours are really pack a punch and are very realistic compared to what they are attempting to recreate.

This review is going to take a look at one of our Ecig Awards 2013 ‘Best Flavour’ nominees, Druide, so goes without saying we had high hopes!

The Druide e-liquid we bought was the 6mg nicotine strength with a 50PG/50VG mix.

Mrs Lord & Co description: After tasting one of the 300 types of absinthe at the Druide Bar in Berlin Mr Lord decided he just had to be able to vape that flavour, it was a subtle absinthe with a liquorice and aniseed body. He believes this mix is identical but I have to take his word for it as I hate aniseed! Druide was an amazing success at Vapefest, with the limited stock available selling out in minutes… *WARNING* We have had two reports that this may have caused 2 Taifun GT tanks and a Storm Rider 2.1 tank to crack. it has been tested in EVOD and iClear tanks without issues.”

E Cig used in this review: Innokin Vamo V5 set to 9W with iClear 30B Clearomiser


The sweet aniseed and liquorice aroma when opening the bottle reminds me instantly of the drink Sambuca. I haven’t had Absinthe (what Druide is based on) for 10+ years so comparing is going to be quite difficult for me. On vaping though it does instantly remind me of Sambuca.

I can only describe it as a thick sweet vape with the aniseed slightly more pronounced than the liquorice, there is also a very nice aniseed aftertaste left lingering in the mouth on the exhale. I have to say once I had a sniff of this it just brought back memories of heavy nights with countless shots of sambuca followed by a day of feeling like utter crap.

Nevertheless, I powered ahead for the good of e-liquid flavour research! I know… it’s a hard life! After the initial apprehension and a few drags on my Vamo I am really enjoying Druide! I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to Mrs Lord & Co juices but they really have created (again) a very easy and moreish vape that I have no doubt I will find myself vaping on a regular basis.

Vapour Volume

Nice thick vapour volume here with the 50pg/50vg mix.

Throat Hit

The 6mg nicotine certainly let me know I was vaping something but not in a harsh way. Just right for my tastes.


Druide is presented in a glass bottle and comes with a screw cap (child safe) and a pipette dispenser which allows for easy tank filling. Great quality and something you can refill and use again. Each bottle they produce also comes with a batch number on the label along with all relevant safety information.


A quality e-liquid with a good use of flavours, neither overpowering. There is a reason this was voted in the top 5 flavours of 2013 in the Ecigclick Awards. If you like aniseed/liquorice or indeed are looking for a very good absinthe flavoured e-liquid then look no further. Highly recommended.

Mrs Lord & Co Druide Review, 4.8 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Don’t be scared of trying this. I’d be very surprised if you didn’t love this ! It took me a LOT of bad juices before I came across this and I’m so glad I did.

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