Mrs Lord & Co Ginger Nut E-Liquid Review

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Mrs Lord & Co: Ginger Nut

Mrs Lord & Co ReviewAfter the success Mrs Lord & Co had in our Ecig Awards 2013 we just had to get our hands on their e-liquid and give them a try. The first e-liquid we reviewed was their Custard Cream which while being a touch on the rich side for my particular tastes provided great flavour combinations to accurately recreate the popular British biscuit.

Keeping with their biscuit flavoured theme the next on the list was the Mrs Lord & Co Ginger Nut. Ginger Nuts are definitely a favourite of mine so I was hoping this would be a flavour I would enjoy enough to be a regular for me.

I purchased the 6mg nicotine strength, again the presentation of their e-liquids is fantastic with glass bottles and pipette dispensers as standard.

The Ginger Nut comes in a 50PG/50VG mix.

Mrs Lord & Co description: Ginger nut biscuits were the intention, but to me it tastes like Gingerbread. This flavour is not as strong as the smell suggests, but it has become one of my two all day vapes as it is not overpowering.”

E Cig used in this review: Innokin Cool Fire II set to 9W with iClear 30B Clearomiser


The aroma from the bottle is a robust natural ginger, that to be honest, made me want to fill my tank up ASAP! Very nice start.

This carried on into the vape itself, I am a ginger fan in most forms and this really didn’t disappoint. It reminded me of a ginger biscuit that had had a quick dunk in a cup of tea. It was on the exhale that I was getting a well rounded hit of ginger biscuit flavour lingering in the mouth.

The great thing is that the flavour really isn’t too overpowering and the ginger doesn’t taste artificial, add to that the slight lingering whiff of the ginger in the air afterwards and I was happily sat vaping this all day long.

I did also have the opportunity to pass this around to a few ‘smoker’ friends that had visited for their opinions. The first commented that was the ‘first time he had tasted ginger nuts’, I wasn’t sure if he was talking about the biscuits so I swiftly moved for the opinion of the second smoker. They liked it so much that it was enough for them to turn to vaping, something they have been very stubborn with previously when approached about making the switch. So I can safely say this is a chicken dinner for me.

Vapour Volume

The vapour volume was again excellent with Mrs Lords & Co which is partly down to the 50% VG mix.

Throat Hit

The throat hit was subtle but for my personal tastes just right. I was using a low (6mg) nicotine strength that let you know something was being inhaled but at the same gave a lovely smooth vape.

Production Details

Not much information on their actual production process but the bottling and presentation that Mrs Lord & Co use with their e-liquids is excellent. I really like the pipette dispensers and glass bottle containers.


Praise the Lords! For me they have really hit the nail on the head with this flavour. It immediately became a favourite of mine that I personally had no problems vaping all day. If you have a thing for ginger nut biscuits or any other type of ginger confectionery then I would advise you try this out as so as you can!

Mrs Lord & Co Ginger Nut E-Liquid Review, 4.8 out of 5 based on 1 rating

One response to “Mrs Lord & Co Ginger Nut E-Liquid Review”

  1. When you first start the taste of ginger & clove almost knocks you down. It gets you in an almost abusive way, and first I had a really hard time liking it. It was just too much.

    But then…a few hits laters something happens. It’s almost likes sorcery. Tastebud sorcery. The overpowering taste starts to crumble down into this delicious, refreshing ginger. The clove falls back into the complexity and instead I start to taste an almost citrusy like flavor. Oranges? Whatever it is that happens, it’s freakin delicious!

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