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About Green Smoke

Green Smoke are one of the biggest e-cig brands in the USA and one of the few to actually deliver to the UK market from a UK distribution center. They are a little more expensive than other e cigarettes that are available but they do offer a high quality product. If you haven’t done so already check out our Green Smoke review

What Does The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Look Like?

Green Smoke have opted for an e cigarette that has the looks of a regular cigarette with the exception of the size. While they do offer 2 different sizes they are both bigger than an actual cigarette. They make up for this with the battery quality though.

Product options

The starter kits on offer are as follows:

Green Smoke Starter Kit – £69.95

This is their most popular kit and includes 5 cartomizers of your choice, 2 batteries (one small, one regular) and 2 chargers. This all comes in a quality presentation box.

Love Birds Kit – £135

If you and your partner smoke then this is a good option to save buying 2 separate kits. It basically offers double what the Green Smoke starter kit offers but will save you £5 on the price if you were to buy them separately.

Social Smoker Kit USB – £55

This is Green Smokes entry level starter kit that is perfect for the light smoker who is looking to make a move over to electronic cigarettes. Again same as the main starter kit but without the extra, smaller battery.

Which Green Smoke Discount Codes Can I Use?

The codes for the Green Smoke discount code supplied above. The 10% promo code will give you a discount off orders OVER £62 and is valid in the USA and Europe. The 15% discount code is available exclusively to UK ecigclick readers. If you are not spending that amount then you can take advantage of the 5% coupon code that will give you a discount off anything.

Warranty & Money Back Guarantee

This is where Green Smoke have full confidence in their product. They offer a 100% refund on any starter kits within 30 days of purchase.

They also offer a 1 year limited warranty. Check out the Green Smoke website for all the details!

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