Introducing a more ‘compatible’ way of vaping with the Jacvapour 510 (400mah & 650 mAh) starter kits

I sometimes worry that I sound a little bit too pro Jacvapour here on the ecigclick blog but the thing is, their products are simple and easy for all levels of vaper.

Add to this an A+ customer service and I can’t help but sing their praises.

My Jacvapour V1P review still shows this as being one of the best cig-a-like kits available, then there is the Jacvapour VGO 2 and VGO 2 Variable voltage. Both offering another slightly more advanced option for vapers. 

The only thing that seemed to let a few people down was the fact that the thread (fitting) that they used on all of their products was the KR808D as opposed to the more commonly found 510 threading. While I don’t personally see the KR808D as a negative for new vapers, moving on and experimenting with different tanks etc could limit your options.

So back to the case in point! The Jacvapour 510 starter kits. Lets take a closer look at what’s on offer.

For purposes of full disclosure, this product was received free of charge for this review. As always my opinions are my own.

In The Box

The 510 starter kit comes in a faux leather zip carry case and contains:

  • 2 X Manual 510 Batteries (Choice of 400/650/900/1300 mAh)
  • 1 X Evod 2 clearomiser with 1.50hm coil (rebuild-able)
  • 1 2.0 ohm spare coils
  • USB Charging cable

Review of the Jacvapour 510 kit

Battery / Responsiveness

In this review I am going to combine the two kits I received, the 400 mAh and the 650 mAh.

These are exactly the same in appearance (obviously apart from size) but have different capacity batteries.

I got the 400 mAh in black and the 650 mah in white. Now if you have seen the Jacvapour VGO 2 e cigarettes and are trying to figure out what the difference is between that and the 510 we are using here today then I will try and explain. Jac 650 mAh and 400 mAh side by side size comparison

Looks wise they are pretty much identical. The difference comes with the threading each battery uses. The Vgo2 uses a KR808D thread while the 510 version uses a 510/EGO thread.

Both perform very well, the real difference is that the 510/EGO thread is a much more common fitting in the e cig world.

Using this thread will open the door to a huge variety of vape tank options in the future should you wish to go down that route.

First thing out of the box is the 400 mah black enamel/gloss finish.

I have seen the white before (which looks great) with the mini Vgo2 but this is the first time I have seen the black and it looks fantastic. The glossy finish gives it an added, almost luxurious feel to what is already a battery that feels quality in the hand.Side by side 650 mah and 400 mah jacvapour 510

Size wise, this battery feels SMALL! At only 58mm it sits in the palm of the hand nicely and even with the tank attached makes for a good stealth vaping device.

The battery is manual which for those new to e cigs means that you have to press a button to activate.

If you are thinking ‘I would prefer the e cigarettes that I just take a drag on without pressing buttons’ then I would urge you to give any manual e cig a try.

Jacvapour in the hand

For me the manual offers slightly better performance without the need for primer drags to get the coil heated sufficiently. Pressing the button a second or two before taking a drag heats that coil before you take a drag producing a great vape first time around.

650 mAh Battery in white enamel/gloss finish

Again looks the part and at only 78mm in size even with the tank fitted it doesn’t feel too big.

400 mAh Performance

The 400 mah battery lasted me around 4.5 hours of vaping moderately which is good for this size of battery, add in the spare battery to this equation and they can easily see me through a day of vaping when I’m out and about.

The battery it does also have the 5 click on/off function which I would recommend using when the battery is not in use.

This is especially true if you are carrying the e cig around in your pocket or bag, you don’t want it going off accidentally.

650 mAh Performance

The 650 mah battery lasted me around 6 – 6.5 hours of vaping which again is good for this size of battery. Two of these used in rotation would see me through a full day of vaping no problem at all.

Buying spares and replacement batteries.

The time will come when you need to buy a replacement or you may decide you want to buy a bigger or smaller capacity battery to give you different options. For instance if you started out with the 400 mAh battery you may want to add a higher capacity battery for increased battery life. The 900 & 1300 mah batteries for instance would give you far more hours of uninterrupted vaping.Jac 510 battery in Black Gloss

The good thing with Jacvapour is that the batteries are priced very well and you have some great choices.


  • 400 mAh available in Black, White or Stainless Steel.
  • 650 mAh available in Black, White or Stainless Steel.
  • 900 mAh available in Black or Stainless Steel.
  • 1300 mAh available in Stainless Steel.

So plenty of options there all at very reasonable prices especially if used with the 5% Jacvapour discount code we have available! See the bottom of this section for more details on this.

Overall – Both the black and white gloss look great but if I was buying again it would be the black gloss all day long. Looks and feels like a quality bit of kit. Battery life is good, as expected with this size of battery. Prices for replacements are also very reasonable.

Vapour / Flavour

The Jacvapour 510 starter kits come with an EVOD 2 tank finished to match the battery. The black again really does look fantastic sandwiched in between the stainless steel tip and base.

The tank is whats known as a bottom dual coil (BDC) which means that the coil head is set at the bottom of the tank.

This also helps reduce the chance of dry hits. It is also re-buildable which allows you to replace the coil head without having to buy a whole new tank.jacvapour Evod 2 Tank

The Evod 2 is also filled from the bottom. If you are new to this it may take a couple of attempts to become comfortable filling but it really is simple once you get the hang of it.

I would suggest, before filling, just to take a minute getting to know the Evod while it’s dry and juice free. Take it apart and put it back together. Do this a few times if need be to get an idea of how it is built. If you try and do this after filling with e-liquid things can get messy!

How to fill the Jacvapour Evod 2 tank from new

  • Turn the tank upside down so the mouthpiece is pointing at the floor
  • Unscrew the stainless steel base. The base and the coil should come out as one.
  • Check the coil is screwed firmly into the base and set this to the side.
  • Tilt the tank at an angle.
  • Take the e-liquid bottle and point the tip onto the inside wall of the tank and squeeze gently.
  • The idea here is to avoid the centre tube you will see running up the middle of the tank
  • Fill the tank making sure you do not go over the center tube. Very important!
  • You can watch the level through the tank window on the side.
  • Take the base and screw this back into the bottom of the tank.
  • Let the juice soak into the coil for five minutes before vaping.

There may seem like a lot of points there but it only takes a minute. I promise!


E-liquid needs to be purchased separately, so be sure to add some to your order if you don’t already have some! I have reviewed a number of Jacvapour e-liquids here.

The good news is that they have some top drawer juices. I would recommend going for the UK made e-liquid. I have a few favourites but for this review I was using their Toffee flavour. 510 Evod 2 Vapour Production

With the Jacvapour 510 and Evod tank the flavour coming through is excellent, now I rated the Toffee highly in a separate review so I knew I was going to like the e-liquid but the Evod tank with the 1.5 oHm coil really helps improve in both terms of flavour and vapour production.

The latter being very impressive.

Replacement parts

Coil heads will need to be replaced, there is no getting away from it if you want to keep things fresh. How often will differ from vaper to vaper based on their vaping habits. Me personally, I just wait until the flavour is starting to noticeably get a little less ‘flavoursome’!

You will know when this starts to happen, the main thing is being prepared. It’s no good waiting for your flavour to turn bad then buying spare coils. So I recommend after getting your kit that you use both coils (1.5 & 2.0 oHm) and decide which you prefer.

I actually like both so I would buy a pack of each as back up.

The coils are available separately but I would recommend just buying them in packs of five, this way they are reduced in price. You will also have a good amount of backup coils to keep you going.

If you want a new Evod 2 tank then these can be purchased as well. If you are using multiple flavours then it’s good to have them in separate tanks, it’s by no means a necessity but just keeps things simple.

Overall – Very impressed with the Evod 2 tank. Looks the part, the coils work well to provide excellent vapour and flavour and replacement part prices are good. No problems to report here!

Jacvapour Discount Code

Ecigclick have been given an exclusive Jacvapour discount code for their readers to enjoy 5% discount on all products. This code can also be used for future purchases. The code is ECIGCLICK15.

JAC Customer Service

They really stand out from the crowd here. Although they are only available via email on the website they do respond very quickly. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Jacvapour Guarantee/Warranty

There is a 14 day refund period offered by Jacvapour as well as warranties on batteries and other devices. Please check their website for up-to date T&C’s.

Jacvapour 510 Review – Overall

The Jacvapour 510 Starter Kits are another superb addition to the Jacvapour electronic cigarette line up that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Definitely one of the best e cigarettes in the UK at the moment. Here is a quick rundown on what I found.

The Good

  • Looks great, the Black Gloss for me looks like a slick piece of kit.
  • Quality matches the looks.
  • Many size option to choose from. The 400 and 650 mAh are a perfect starting point for new vapers.
  • They are also a good option for the more experienced vaper.
  • 510 thread connection gives plenty of options for trying different tanks in the future
  • Evod 2 tank performs very well producing good flavour and excellent vapour volume
  • Price is good when our exclusive discount code is used allowing a further 5% off. See end for code.

The not so good

  • It’s not often I struggle to put anything in this section but I am struggling. I really can’t think of any negatives to put here.

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(Remember To Enter Code ECIGCLICK15 For 5% Off!)

Final Jacvapour 510 review verdict:
Highly Recommended By


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