Jacvapour: Banana Milkshake PG 80% VG 20%

Jacvapour banana milkshake e-liquid review

Jacvapour have always had a solid offering when it comes to their e cigs kits so I was looking forward to giving some of their new UK made e-liquids a try.

Jacvapour description: A sweet, creamy banana flavour. Tastes just like the real thing.”

E Cig used in this review: Jacvapour Series E


Taking the top off gives a whiff of the sweet banana you would expect from a milkshake so a good start there.

On taking a drag there is still a the sweet banana flavour which is like a banana milkshake but the first thing that comes to my mind are the foam banana sweets I used to have in my younger days.

Is that a good thing?

For me this transfers over to vaping really well. Lets just say the 10ml bottle I had soon emptied! Personally I didn’t find this too sickly sweet, it’s definitely an e-liquid I could vape all day.

Vapour Volume

The vapour volume was decent, the majority PG content does hinder the amount of vapour slightly. I personally prefer a slightly higher VG content that will produce a touch more vapour but it doesn’t detract too much, I still enjoyed it.

Throat Hit

The throat hit was just right for me, the majority PG content also helps along with this. It is quite subtle but enough to know you are inhaling something.

Production Details

This particular e-liquid is part of the Jacvapour’s UK e-liquid range. These e-liquids are made in lab environments with high quality ingredients.


  • 10ml – £5.19
  • 30ml – £13.99
  • 3 x 30ml – £11.99 each
  • Be sure to use our exclusive Jacvapour Code to save 5% site wide. Code: ECIGCLICK15


I really liked the Banana Milkshake flavour, so much so that I went through the bottle I had in no time at all. Reminds me more of the foam banana sweets and makes for a an easy all day vape. 

Taste is of course a subjective thing, if this sounds like something you may like though I would definitely say give it a try.

Have you used the Jacvapour Banana Milkshake e-liquid? If so it would be great to hear your thoughts on it by leaving a quick review below!
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