Genitank – Kangers New Clear Atomiser Series

Kangertech have been producing some fantastic clearomisers over the last few years with the likes of the Aerotank, EVOD and TS3 just to name a few.

The last few months however has seen a big influx of new tanks hitting the shelves. The new Aerotank V2 with the Mini, Mega, Giant and Turbo tanks are available as well as their new Genitank series that also features a Regular, Giant and a Mega.

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So what is the difference between the Aerotank and the Geintank? This review is going to take a closer look. Kangertech Genitank

Kanger Genitank vs Aerotank Difference

So first things first, the main difference with the Aerotank series and the Genitank is that the Aerotank is made with stainless steel and the Genitank is made with copper with a chrome plated finish. Both have the same Pyrex glass.

Before that puts you off completely let me tell you the price difference. Depending where you buy from there is a difference in price.

OK, so that’s the main differential but a noticeable one. Side by side the look and feel of the Aerotank is superior, which I guess comes as no surprise.

The shiny finish of the Genitank, especially the top part where the drip tip sits does come across slightly cheap. I suppose though if I didn’t have the Aerotank sat side by side with it then I probably wouldn’t comment on it so much!

Anyway…. The final, main point of difference is the airflow control. The Genitank has an update control which I do actually prefer. When turned, the ring glides smoothly over four holes, you simply leave as many or as few as you would like open to fit in with how airy/tight you want your draw to be.

Kanger Genitank Airflow control

Filling The Genitank

The Mega is filled from the bottom, one thing I do like about these tanks is that they have four hole you can poke your e-liquid bottle nozzle through making it virtually impossible to accidentally get liquid in the centre tube. Then just pop the base back on making sure the coil head is firmly in place and after allowing the juice to settle into the coil for a few minutes you are good to go. Very easy overall.

Genitank Review

Genitank Mega performance

The Genitank comes with Kangers 1.8 oHm “Newly designed coil unit using our latest technology”. This coil is according to Kanger (I haven’t tried yet) compatible with the Aerotank, Protank 3, EVOD 2 and T3D. So a plus for cross compatibility.

Performance wise I cannot fault the Genitank in any way. I was vaping a new e-liquid from Liberty Flights Temperance range called Blood Tonic and the flavour and vapour volume was superb. No noticeable difference to the Aerotank for me.

Replacement Parts

Yep, the time will come to replace the coils and in my case the glass tank. I dropped mine on a tiled floor :(. Replacement coils are available in a number of resistances, 0.8ohm,1.0ohm,1.2ohm,1.5ohm,1.8ohm. Pyrex tank replacements are also available for the clumsy vapers amongst us.

Overall – Final thoughts

Performance wise I thought the Kanger Genitank did a great job, flavour and vapour volume with the 1.8 oHm coils was excellent.

When it came to the actual build I wasn’t a massive fan of the copper with the chrome plated finish. It doesn’t have the same quality feel as a stainless steel tank which is no surprise.

Having said that the price difference is pretty significant so if a budget Kanger tank is what you want then this is your man! I would definitely recommend giving this clearomiser a try.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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  1. Hey Jonny, hope you can help! I’ve a GeniTank and I’d like a bigger battery for it. Currently I use a 3200mah cylinder one. Can you advise me please?
    Thanks in advance ?

    • Hey Janet!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      3200 mAh is pretty big 🙂 What device are you using? Also, how long have you had it and how long is your battery life at the moment?
      I ask the latter as the battery life will decrease over time, just the nature of the beast so to speak.
      With the Genitank you should get a lot out of your battery in between charges.
      But.. Eleaf have just released the iPower mod. This has a 5000 mAh battery and is in a ‘box mod’ form rather than the tube style you are using.
      We are currently in the process of testing and reviewing this but it could be one to keep in mind.


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