Mrs Lord & Co: Seville Marmalade

Mrs Lord & Co ReviewIts been mentioned before that Mrs Lord & Co featured predominantly in the Ecig Awards 2013 e-liquid categories and for good reason.

We recently reviewed their Ginger Nut and Custard Cream flavours and while I found the latter to be ,for me, a good occasional vape, the Ginger Nut was superb.

The next up for review is Mrs Lord & Co’s Seville Marmalade again I purchased this is in a 6mg nicotine strength.

The Seville Marmalade comes in a 50PG/50VG mix.

Mrs Lord & Co description: An Orange marmalade with a sweet exhale and a bitter after-taste Mr Lord worked on this one for months, I must have tried 20 of his attempts only to send him back into the lab. I think this one is perfect, but Mr Lord says he wants to re-brand it as Orange Crush because it reminds him of that drink.”

E Cig used in this review: Innokin Cool Fire II set to 9W with iClear 30B Clearomiser


The aroma from the bottle was kind of like diluted orange squash rather than a marmalade for me.

The vape itself though has a really refreshing element to it, the draw gives a subtle orange flavour while you get an almost zesty taste on the exhale.

Is it like marmalade? It’s not far off for sure, I have tried orange flavoured e-liquids before and some have been far to sharp when inhaling, not something I enjoyed.

With the Seville Marmalade though the zesty finish comes across pretty smooth making it very easy to vape.

I really enjoyed this, it is a quality combination of flavours. Maybe not an all day vape for me but definitely something I could see myself vaping on a regular basis when I want something a touch on the refreshing side.

Vapour Volume

The 50% VG mix helps provide a good vapour volume.

Production Details

The presentation in the glass bottles is excellent and the pipette  dispensers allow for easy filling of the clearomiser. Not much information at present on the actual production process.


Another very good e-liquid from Mrs Lord & Co, the Seville Marmalade gives a mixture of smooth orange with a touch of zest on the exhale. If you like your fruity vapes then I would recommend giving this a try.

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  1. I’ve read lots of reviews about good, authentic flavoured ejuices and Mrs Lords juices were mentioned time and time again.

    I fancied a change from the run-of-themill stuff and decided to give the Seville Marmalade a whirl in my new KFL+ atop my Nemesis.

    Ordered on Sunday and delivered on Tuesday – can’t say fairer than that.

    Packaging is good, with lots of bubble wrap in a secure plastic envelope. I ordered a 50ml bottle in 6mg which was supplied with a screw top and a pippette.

    On a fresh coil, the flavour is simply superb, natural oranges on the inhale with a lovely, slightly bitter exhale which mellows on the tongue. Throat hit on the 6mg is just right for me too.

    I also received a small pot of marmalade with my order which is a nice touch.

    Excellent juice. Not cheap, but it is certainly the most realistic juice I have ever tasted.

    Just need Mr Lord to concoct a decent apple juice – nobody seems to be able to do that!


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