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Are OK Electronic Cigarettes Really OK..?

I have reviewed a number of e cigs and seen many more entering the market. One brand I hadn’t heard of (until I was contacted by them) was OK Cigs. They are based in London with their website being launched towards the beginning of 2013, so pretty new to the e cigarette marketplace.

We did receive OKCig product free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always our thoughts are our own.

OK Cigs ReviewIn the box / Presentation

OK Electronic Cigarettes are sold in cardboard cartons that are the same design and size as a 10 pack of cigarettes.

Inside the box you will find the following:

  • 1 Auto Battery
  • 2 Cartomisers
  • USB Charger

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The OK Cigs kit comes with one battery, the design is made to resemble a tobacco cigarette and they have managed to do this with the rings around the body of the battery. The cartomiser also adds to this with the flecked ‘filter’ design.

Back to the battery: This is one of the smaller e cig batteries available on the market being shorter than Blu but slightly fatter. Straight off the bat I was finding I was having to take a primer drag to warm things up and get a decent amount of vapour, this was the case every time I went to take a drag. Not a massive deal but something that isn’t an issue with some of the other brands I have tried.

Ok Cigs Size Comparison

There is a work around to this however that gives you a good amount of vapour on the first drag. There are several vent holes where the cartomiser connects to the battery, if you cover a couple of these with your fingers when taking a drag it ‘tightens’ the draw and gives better results. The battery life itself isn’t great either but this is something that is pretty much standard with batteries of this size. I was having to re-charge (after the first few initial battery cycles) after around an hour of actual use. If you are a heavy smoker this will get annoying pretty quickly!

One thing I will say if you decide to go for this kit, or any mini e cig kit for that matter, is to make sure you have a second battery as backup so you can rotate, this is essential. If not you will regularly find yourself without an e cig for 3 hours at a time while you wait for a full re-charge. At the time of writing OKCigs don’t actually sell their batteries separately so you will have to buy two kits if you want that second battery.


The battery life is poor but this is to be expected from a small mini e cig battery like this. OK Cigs don’t sell spares (at the time of writing) which isn’t ideal as a spare battery is essential with a mini e cig like this, the only option as it stands is to buy another kit.

Vapour / Flavour

OKCigs have a tight selection that keeps things nice and simple for the new e cig user. They have 5 different rechargeable kits on offer covering different nicotine strengths, these are: Bold – 4.5% nicotine strength, Gold – 3% nicotine strength, Light – 1.5% nicotine strength. Then they also have menthol available in Bold and Light strengths. For me personally the Bold and Gold are far too strong for me so I was using the 1.5% Light option. OK Cigs Cartomiser Refill

The Light Tobacco I found was a decent flavour, The Menthol I found to be a good version and gave the all important ‘ice mint’ hit that lingered (pleasantly) in the mouth. The 1.5% nicotine also gave a decent throat hit. The vapour volume and draw again were improved massively when one or two of the vent holes were covered when aking a drag, without this the draw is too loose for me personally and resulted in a poor vapour volume.

The cartomisers themselves are a touch bigger than the average which does in this case equal slightly longer life than some of their competitors. The battery is small though so the overall e cig size isn’t affected too much.

OK Cigs Refill and BatteryFrom my use though they don’t last the stated ’40 cigarettes’ per cartomiser, I’m not sure how they work this out but if I was to guess it would be based on 10 drags of the e cig equaling one cigarette so 400 puffs would be 40 cigarettes. This is in my experience a flawed way of working this out as there are so many variables not least that we all vape differently. I got around 180 drags from the cartomiser which is still not a bad amount.

When it comes to buying refills they are sold in packs of three for £9.98 which is a little more than many competing brands (with the exception of E-Lites) that normally come with five cartomisers in a pack.


The tobacco and menthol were both decent flavours and while the throat hit was there the vapour volume only came with a bit of tampering. The 40 cigarette claim was also for me an unrealistic number based on approximately 180 puffs I got from the cartomiser but this is the case with many e cig brands.


OK Cigs will accept returns for any faulty products as long as they receive them back within 14 days of receipt. They don’t say they will refund though only exchange.

They also don’t state that they will accept returns for unused and unopened product which should really be an option.

Customer Service

There are plenty of ways to get in touch with OKCigs, they are available via phone, email and are active on Facebook and Twitter.

Discount Codes

The latest OK Electronic Cigarette discount code will be made available when we we come across this.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

The OK Cigs starter kit for me has certain plus points such as the Tobacco Light and Menthol flavours which were both a good effort but there were issues with the battery life which came as no surprise. One thing that needs mentioning though is that if you are adamant you want a mini e cig, such as this, then you have to keep in mind that battery life will be average at best.

If you are a heavy smoker I would recommend you skip mini e cigs altogether and go straight for one of the mid size performance e cigarettes.

For light to moderate smokers OK Cigs isn’t a bad option but there are currently better cig-a-like e cigarettes available.

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