Ripe Vapes Introduction

Ripe Vapes ReviewRipe Vapes are a small artisan juice maker based out of Camarillo, California, close to the artisan juice makers heartland of Los Angeles, and taking inspiration from the fruit growers that surround them they have come up with a full-flavored, complex, bold and sophisticated line of juice that aims to appeal to the entire cross section of the market, from fruit lovers, to tobacco fans, right through to dessert junkies.

Ripe Vapes have been earning rave reviews on the other side of the pond so let’s see how they stack up!

Ripe Vapes E Liquid ReviewsHoneysuckle Apple Crisp

Honeysuckle Apple Crisp is a seasonal juice that aims to capture the true essence of spring and summer.

You start off with Honeysuckle on the inhale, with a crisp and sweet Apple on the exhale, finished off with a creamy note.

Vaping honeysuckle sounds absolutely mental, but trust me it really works!

It lends a beautiful, floral note to this juice and blends perfectly in with the crisp apple, to combine for an outstanding summer vape!

Ripe Vapes E Juice ReviewsVCT

VCT is Ripe Vapes take on the classic Vanilla Custard, but it’s vanilla custard with a lovely twist.

It’s a heavy, rich, creamy custard on the inhale and a mature tobacco on the exhale, with a touch of rich almond for good measure.

It blends together excellently, without being too heavy a vape, and has become my newest all day vape.

This is a contender for one of my favorite juices of all time!

Ripe Vapes E Juice Review

Pear Almond

Pear Almond takes its inspiration from traditional French baking, and has a rich, sweet marzipan background with sweet pears the first flavor note to land on your taste buds.

It’s a really clever juice that I found works best in a dripper, as it really brings out the individual flavor notes from this dessert treat!

Ripe Vapes E Juice Review

Key Lime Cookie

Key Lime Cookie has a base of sweet and tart Key Lime that is then blended with fresh cookies.

It’s one of the most realistic takes on a key lime cookie I have ever had, with the crisp sweetness of the Key Lime counterbalanced with the dry cookie background.

Both of these flavors combine for an excellent vape that it’s blended and presented superbly well.

Ripe Vapes E Juice ReviewMonkey Snack

Monkey Snack takes two basic flavors- peanut butter and banana and blends them together with a perfect contrast of dryness and sweetness.

The peanut butter tastes so realistic it’s almost crunchy, and the banana tastes like actual rather than artificial banana.

This is a real all day vape contender and one juice that I vaped tank after tank of without getting tired of it!

Ripe Vapes E Juice ReviewCoconut Thai

Coconut Thai may well be one of the craziest liquids you have ever vaped so far!

It blends Thai Lemongrass with coconut and most strangely of all, Thai Basil.

You wouldn’t even know there is Thai Basil flavoring in there though, instead it takes the sweet edge off the lemongrass and coconut preventing the vape from becoming overpoweringly sweet.

The end result is a gorgeous, fragrant, exotic taste sensation that is so smooth, thanks to the 100% VG blend.

It’s not going to be an e juice that is in everyone’s tastes but for me it makes for an incredibly tasty, relaxing and unique juice.

Throat hit

Smoothness is the key here and all of the Ripe Vapes juices I tried, barring VCT, have minimal throat hit in line with their flavor profiles. If you like your juices to have a bit of bite then VCT does have a nice kick to it, as a result of the tobacco flavoring contained.

Vapor Volume

Ripe Vapes use a high VG base for their juices so the vapor production as a result is excellent, these juices definitely tick all the boxes when it comes to clouds. The 100% VG juices from this range really fling out the clouds as you would imagine!

Production Details

Ripe Vapes keep their exact mix ratio a secret, however their standard base is in the region of 70% VG and 30% PG, with a couple of flavor options coming in at 100% VG, and they state their juices are aimed at sub ohm tanks and drippers with the high VG content. Nicotine strengths are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

Ripe Vapes spend a great deal of time looking into and sourcing the best flavor extracts from not only the US, but around the world to ensure the best possible flavor. They use the finest pharmaceutical grade PG/VG and nicotine as well.

Final Ripe Vapes Review Verdict

One thing I love is juice makers that are not afraid to try something different, and release something unique to the market, rather than a variation of popular flavor profiles. Unique is a word that definitely applies to the Ripe Vapes range and you can also apply the phrase ‘top quality’ to their juice line as well.

They are complex and adventurous, and deservedly so are one juice line that really stands out at the moment, especially as these are packed full of amazing flavors.

Ripe Vapes are not only an artisan juice maker, they are an outstanding artisan juice maker. If you want to try something unique, and incredibly tasty as well as complex, then you can’t do much better than Ripe Vapes at the moment!

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Honeysuckle Apple Crisp
Pear Almond
Key Lime Cookie
Monkey Snack
Coconut Thai
Throat Hit (Suits The Flavours)
Vapour Volume
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