Stoptober - Switch From smoking to e cigarettes guide

Our Complete Guide For New Vapers Ready to Quit Smoking

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking and turning to vaping there’s never been a better time to make the switch.

Stoptober is the UK’s yearly campaign to get more people to stub out the fags and this year the NHS and Public Health England are suggesting you try e-cigarettes as a way to quit.

Despite years of negative press about vaping the consensus among health officials and organisations here in the UK is that e-cigs and vaping are not only 95% safer than smoking – but an effective tool to quit.

Indeed on the NHS Stoptober website they say:

Using an e-cigarette isn’t completely risk-free, but it carries a small fraction of the risk of smoking and can help you quit. E-cigarettes are particularly effective when combined with support from local stop smoking services – people who choose this route have some of the highest quitting success rates. E-cigarettes aren’t currently available on NHS prescription, but they can be bought in vape shops, pharmacies and other retail outlets.

It’s taken vaping advocates and pro e-cig health officials a long long time to get this breakthrough recognized by the NHS – that e-cigs are indeed a safer alternative to smoking.

And as we said at the start with e-cigs you are far far more likely to quit the cancer sticks!

So if you’re a new vaper or a smoker ready to quit then welcome to our special Stoptober piece.

Easy Guide to the Best Starter Kits and Money Off Codes!

In this article we’ll give you a brief introduction to vaping – show you how various devices operate – what’s the best kit for you as a starter and offer a couple of deals to save you cash on your first purchases.

OK so try and remove all the negative press you may have read or seen about vaping because as we can clearly see the NHS now accepts it as the best way to quit those nasties.

If you are still a little concerned about health issues then please check our in depth article on those Vaping Health Myths.

So first up – exactly what is an e-cigarette and what type as a complete beginner should I be buying?

E-Cigarette Basics

OK there’s more than one kind of e-cigarette and different styles of vaping but for this introduction we shall keep it simple.

Most devices have a battery and a tank which contains the atomizer and the e-liquid.

Apollo ohm go kit in handKeeping it extremely simple here – the battery sends power to the atomizer which heats and turns the e-liquid into vapour which you inhale the same way you would a cigarette – it’s that simple!

Obviously different devices and tanks whilst all operating on the very same principles each have their own unique looks – operating styles and filling methods.

However the way they work is exactly the same – battery – heat – atomizer – vapour!

What Device or Kit is the Best Option For a New Vaper?

First up it’s best to keep things a simple as possible.

That’s not to say pop out to the garage – supermarket or pound shop and buy the first device you see!

Whilst some of those are decent enough – we’ll show you the very best for beginners out there right now and all at affordable prices.

Indeed talking about prices of kits – vaping has come a long long way since I began and the new kits for beginners are affordable – simple to operate – effective and work very well indeed.

OK there’s a little bit of jargon in vaping to say the least lol and it can get extremely confusing for newbies.

So and once again keeping it as simple as possible here’s a few things you need to know:

Mouth To Lung [MTL]

This is the vape style that mimics smoking and the one new vapers should really use first – learn more about styles of vaping here.

Wattage – Resistance

OK a little technical maybe but it really is simple – the atomizer contains a coil – the amount of power that coil needs to heat to turn the liquid into vapour depends on its resistance.

Generally MTL kits and tanks have a resistance ABOVE 1.0 ohm – which means you need less power to make it heat up and vaporize your e-liquid.

Most beginners kits will do the settings for you automatically but as a rule of thumb most coils/atomizers have the correct power required etched on the side – NEVER go above that else the coil will heat the e-liquid too high and you’ll get a real nasty taste!

Might all sound a bit mumbo jumbo – but trust me after a few minutes familiarizing yourselves with your chosen kit it will all become second nature – I should know I’m the least technical bloke in the world!

Those All Important Nicotine Levels!

As a new comer to vaping the first thing you’ll need is something that tastes like a cigarette – gives the same tight draw – gives a good throat hit and most importantly gets that nicotine into your system.

We’ll get onto the right e-liquid to choose in the next bit – but it’s important to note that the more you smoked the higher nicotine level of e-liquid you’ll need to successfully quit.

Under EU regulations here in the UK we are limited to nicotine levels in e-liquids from zero to 20mg.

So as a very simple calculation if you smoke 40 per day you will need 18 or 20mg nicotine strength in your juice.

However it’s all down to personal taste and requirements so 12mg is a great place to start, you can reduce or bump it up as you see fit – there’s a great article introducing you to e-liquids here and we’ll cover this more later.

So for now here’s our pick of the very best kits on the market right now that WILL help you quit smoking.

The Best Cig-A-Likes For New Vapers

OK as you can imagine beginners vape kits come in all shapes – sizes – colours – styles and budgets.

A very popular and pocket friendly way is opting for the familiar look and feel of the so called cig-a-likes and as these are probably the simplest way to start vaping.

In general there’s no need to buy e-liquid as they come with pre-filled cartridges you simply screw onto the battery and vape!

JAC Vapour V3i Basic Starter Kit

One of the best cig-a-like kits out there is the JAC Vapour V3i Basic Starter kit.

This is a simple plug and play set-up that looks just like a cigarette when fitted together.


You simply screw the pre-filled cartridge onto the slim battery and vape away much the way you would a normal cigarette.

You have a choice of 12mg or 18mg nicotine strengths and you can choose from a selection of flavours.

Use Code ECIGCLICK To Save 15% (limited Time Discount – Ends 30th Sept)

Halo ‘Cig-a-like’ E Cigarette

From trusted UK e cig retailer, Ecigarette Direct, the Halo cig-a-like is one of the most popular cig-a-likes available.

A similar setup as the JAC V3i above, another ‘plug and vape’ simple to use piece of kit.

Halo VApour Co Cig-alikeFlavours are, shall we say, limited but all you need to get started with vaping. With just tobacco and menthol available but they are good flavours, the kit is simple to use and it’s a great price. There are plenty of nicotine options to choose from though.

IQOS Kit by Philip Morris International

Whilst this doesn’t really look like a typical cigarette it is about as close as you’ll ever get to the smoking experience when vaping.


Because there’s no liquid just real tobacco except this is heated rather than burned.


Remember it’s the burning of tobacco that releases thousands of carcinogens so technically heating these tobacco filled cartridges is much much safer.

It’s made by the same people as Marlboro and our own Mike Murphy was extremely impressed by this kit saying:

Definitely should be on the review list of anyone considering giving up the old analogues and looking for an alternative to smoking.

It has limited availability online so you wil either need to visit the London store or take a look below.

Pod Mods Make Great Vape Starter Kits

Yeah I know another bit of jargon but pod mods are probably THE easiest way to get into the whole vape thing, trust me!

The mod is the battery and the pod is the bit with the e-liquid and atomizer – see simple!

You can either opt for a pod mod kit that is refillable OR go for one that comes with closed pre-filled pods – easy!

These are about as simple to use as can be and are clean – efficient and extremely wallet friendly!

OK here’s our top three pod mods and trust me I’ve reviewed very many of these and ummed and aahed which three to add to this piece as they are all pretty good!

If you want to learn more check out my detailed article about pod mods here.

Aspire Gusto Mini Kit

Aspire are one of the biggest and most of us think best vaping manufacturers out there and this little vape kit is superb for new vapers.

You simply slide off the cover – insert a pre-filled bottle of e-liquid – close it up and vape!

gusto mini in hand

Compared to some Pod Mods out there this one is a solid device that will last an age and has a great choice of pre-filled e-liquid bottles to choose from.

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Aspire Breeze Vaping Starter Kit

See I told you Aspire were good!

OK this is their very latest starter vape kit they’ve released and you’ll need to refill the pods in this one – but don’t worry it really is simple!

aspire breeze starter kit

Those in the know say the flavour you get from this little beauty is outstanding and given its compact size it will fit easily in your pocket ready to whip out when those cravings strike.

Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK

My. Von Erl Vape Starter Kit

Now this is one of my personal favourites indeed I vaped nothing else when out and about all last Christmas.

You simply snap the pre-filled cartridge onto the battery and vape away and trust me it gives a very satisfying throat hit.

my von erl closed system pod mod vape

I was surrounded by smokers and of course the urge popped into my head but puffing on the My. Von Erl really did keep me from slipping back to that nasty habit!

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Complete Vaping Starter Kits

OK we’ve had a good look at some of the easier options for first time vapers so lets take a look at the next level.

Trust me none of these next kits need a degree in rocket science to use – I should know!

Instead what we have is a tank – with atomizer and battery.

Now theses vape starter kits can either be fixed together or come apart and filling can be slightly different on each.

These types of kits come with a separate coil that is usually already screwed in and for the purpose of this article I’m only listing kits that recognize the coil and set the power automatically.

OK – these are three vaping kits that I believe are the very best way to get you off those nasty fags beginning with one that never leaves my side since I first received it!

The JAC Vapour Series S Vape Starter Kit

It was a JAC Vapour e-cig kit that finally got me off smoking so I have a lot of time for this superb Scottish based company.

6 years ago I had tried many e-cig kits but none delivered the all-round vape I was looking for – this little beauty delivered!

jacvapour series s preview

Inside the kit you get a battery – tank – charger and spare coil.

You simply screw off the tank to fill with e-liquid and change coils – it couldn’t be easier.

This is sublime vape that won’t break the bank – looks stylish and really does work in mimicking smoking – awesome product!

Did I mention not breaking the bank?

Use the code S17CJ20 and get 20% OFF!

Save 15% With Code ECIGCLICK (Limited Time Discount – Ends 30th Sept)

Halo Tank Kit 02

This is the very latest version of the hugely popular Halo Tank Kit and one definitely to consider in your journey on quitting those nasty cigarettes.

Just like the one above this comes with a battery – tank and coil and once again simplicity is the key.

Halo Tank 02 vape pen kit

Simply unscrew the tank – fill with e-liquid or change the coil – and vape once it’s all back together by pressing the fire button – how easy is that!

Once again it was our admin Jonny who suggested this kit was featured in this article as he reckons it’s a “cracking little vape pen.”

Innokin Endura T20 Vaping Starter Kit

Now this is another vaping starter kit that I use at least once a week as it’s perfect to pop into my pocket when out and about.

Again it’s pen style with a tank that screws off to easily change the coils [which you just push in and out] and with this one filling is a doddle.

innokin Endura T20 review

No need to remove the tank you simply unscrew the mouthpiece and drizzle the juice inside – avoiding the central chimney!

This is another budget device made by an outstanding vape company and a kit that as I’ve said I’m very fond of using.

Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK

E-Liquids – What New Vapers Need to Know

OK we have an extremely detailed and very good article on all you’ll ever need to know about e-liquids and you can read that HERE.

So for this bit I’ll keep it simple and concise and then list three great e-liquids perfect for new vapers.

OK and once again we have a bit of jargon to look at lol.

In a nutshell an e-liquid is made up of:

  • PG – Propylene Glycol
  • VG – Vegetable Glycerine
  • Flavouring
  • Nicotine [mostly]

OK PG is harmless and found in many things including asthma inhalers!

VG is also harmless and found in various food stuffs.

Under the new EU law ALL flavourings must be certified lab safe.

Nicotine whilst addictive has the same effect as caffeine found in coffee and tea.

So nothing scary about e-liquids at all – and so long as you buy from approved vendors you’ll know you are buying a quality product.

E-liquid Taste – Nicotine Strength – Ratio and Flavour

OK so straight off the cigarettes and the two things you’re probably going to need is nicotine and the taste of tobacco and of course will power 😉

We’ve already covered the nicotine strength you’ll require but let’s remind ourselves.


Nicotine comes in various strengths within e-liquids and these are generally:

Zero – 1.5mg – 3mg – 6mg – 12mg – 18mg and 20mg.

Now depending on how many cigarettes you smoked as a smoker this will affect the strength of nicotine you should buy.

So the more you smoked the higher you’ll need – an 18mg or even 20mg.

However this is where your personal tastes comes in so buy 2 or 3 different strengths – 12mg is a good mid-range to try – until you find the one for you because the more you vape the more probability over time you will lower your strengths – trust me 😉

The PG and VG Ratio Explained

OK another thing to consider is the ratio of PG and VG.

Look on the bottle and you’ll see either 50-50 / 70-30 or 80-20 [and higher sometimes].

What this means is basically how runny your e-liquid will be and how much of a throat hit you’ll get.

The PG is runnier (thinner) and gives more of a throat hit and vice versa for VG.

Starter kits have tiny holes where the e-liquid seeps into the cotton ready to be vaporized.

So it naturally follows the runnier the better for using with starter kits so 50-50 definitely and sometimes 70-30 – do some research on that or go by trial and error.

One of the best things about vaping is the sudden bringing to life of your taste buds – it takes a couple of weeks after not smoking but when it happens it’s a joy!

Some say to stick with tobacco flavours and by all means do that to begin with – but do consider fruits and other flavours because remember it’s the nicotine your body is craving not necessarily the tobacco taste!

But again this is down to your personal taste – I suggest buying two tobacco flavours and one that is your favourite fruit and enjoy!

OK here’s our top three starter e-liquids – but as you can imagine there’s millions of flavours out there!

N.E.T Black Note Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid

For those of us who vape but still enjoy a really good tobacco flavour then this is the ultimate e-liquid money can buy.

It might be a little more expensive than most but trust me in those early days you will enjoy the closest taste to a cigarette you can get.

black note notebook


It’s down to the N.E.T in the title which stands for Naturally Extracted Tobacco.

And that’s exactly what this is – natural – naturally extracted with a superb tobacco taste and there’s various flavours to try from Virginia to Menthol – trust me this is wondrous stuff!

Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK

Purity Longhorn Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid

Now this is one of the most popular tobacco flavoured e-liquids out there.

Definitely one for those of you looking for a deep dark rich smoky taste with a superb throat hit.


Some say this is reminiscent of pipe tobacco and yes the aroma is exquisite and the taste is nigh on perfect thanks to the choice Cuban tobacco extracts with a hint of sweetness.

Lovely stuff!

Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK

JAC Vapour UK Fruity Sampler

Recognize the name?

Yeah not only do JAC Vapour make amazing vape kits they brew some of the best juice in the UK.

fruity sampler

This is an excellent pack of three fruit flavours [of your choice] and you can mix and match both the flavours and the nicotine strength so a perfect introduction to fruity e-liquids.

Great taste – choice of nicotine and flavours and an amazing price – what’s not to like!

Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK (Use it before 30th Sep for 15% Off)

Welcome to Vaping and Enjoy a Smoke Free Healthier You!

Well done indeed for taking the first steps to quitting those nasty fags.

As the NHS says vaping is a much safer option to smoking and 3million vapers here in the UK alone are proof it works.

stoptober poster - stop smoking with an e cigarette

Just start simply and easily and get through those first few days and trust me it’s all downhill from then on!

I smoked 40 roll-ups per day until over 5 years ago.

I tried patches – gums – spray and yeah I bought some bloody awful cheap and nasty vape gear in the beginning.

However vaping manufacturing and design has come a long long way since then and as I said at the start NOW is the perfect time to make that switch from smoking to vaping.

And hey if you’re worried about looking like a stream train chucking clouds everywhere you go – don’t worry – those are far more advanced kits than we’ve listed here 🙂

Vaping is the answer but it’s NOT the magic bullet.

You will still need willpower but keep telling yourself it’s the nicotine you need not the fag and you’ll be fine!

Now pat yourselves on the back and enjoy your vaping journey!

Useful Links

Vaping will help you quit and add some support and you will have a much greater chance of quitting.

So make sure you checkout the NHS backed Stoptober website and sign up for daily emails – a useful app and instant access to advisors on chat when you feel you need to reach for a fag!

Neil H
I began vaping over 6 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Vandy Vape Berserker...Beater set-up Yosta Livepor 160w + Geekvape Zeus RTA - I'm a former journalist and now a sort of writer and author...I now have a beard - though not a hipster one - mine looks like a dead badgers bum or as I call it 'distinguished'... I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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