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Epic European Journey For the Advocacy Vape Bus

The advocacy vape bus is about to begin a grand tour of Europe bringing the Back Vaping. Beat Smoking message to millions of people.

It’s hoped the tour will show that vaping could save upwards of 19 million lives if smokers made the safer switch.

back vaping beat smoking advocacy vape bus

The electric pink bus will be gathering personal quit stories from vapers who have made the life saving change and passing those on to politicians.

The advocacy vape bus will start its epic journey in Barcelona at the end of this month and travel on through Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium, the UK and Switzerland.

It’s organized by the World Vapers’ Alliance and director Michael Landl said:

The WVA’s Vape Bus tour will visit many major European cities to meet and engage with thousands of vapers who feel their voices have been ignored.

We can only make real change if we are united, as vapers, to spread the message to Back Vaping, Beat Smoking and save 19 million European lives.

We will spend the rest of the year organising mass-scale grassroots activism, educational events and advocacy to encourage policy makers to Back Vaping.

The advocacy vape bus will be stopping at each country’s popular landmarks and there will be give-aways and prizes to be won as well as giving vapers a voice.

The voice of vaping really does need to be heard right now.

The EU is currently revising it’s TPD legislation and many fear it could mean a complete Euro wide flavour ban and even worse.

And of course with the WHO looking for more countries to ban vaping, 2021 is indeed a crucial year for the state of the vape as we know it.

To help the campaign you can buy merchandise or donate to the cause.

Checkout the Back Vaping. Beat Smoking campaign page for more info.

Vaping and Cancer Link About To Be Refuted..?

Yeah I’ve spotted all the media scare stories suggesting vaping for 30 minutes increases the risk of cancer…

As soon as I read the first tabloid headline my head hit the desk more than once.

vaping and oxidative stress

A case of here we go a-bloody-gain!

I’m waiting on the real experts in the know to study the ‘findings‘ – and as soon as they have, I’ll write an article.

Until then…

Vaping for 30 minutes can increase oxidative stress is what the scientists are saying.

Sounds scary huh?

I’m no scientist, but a quick Google gave me the basic facts as to just what that is and how this new anti-vape study came to its scaremongering conclusions.

It’s all to do with so called free radicals.

Science says these are:

…unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging.

To combat them doctors suggest sufferers fill up on antioxidants – such as fruit and vegetables.

So what can cause oxidative stress I hear you ask…

Medical News Today tells us:

  • obesity.
  • diets high in fat, sugar, and processed foods.
  • exposure to radiation.
  • smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products.
  • alcohol consumption.
  • certain medications.
  • pollution.
  • exposure to pesticides or industrial chemicals.


So wandering about in a city and breathing, spraying weed killer on your garden, booze, being fat etc etc…

Pretty much everything when you think about it.

Excellent Twitter thread on the subject well worth a read.

Once again the media and so called learned medical websites are hyping up a single study that looks very likely to be refuted by experts really in the know.

Watch this space as they say 😉

Calls For Total Vape Ban In Hong Kong

It’s already illegal to import or sell e-cigarettes in Hong Kong, and now a group of head teachers is calling for a total ban.

It is still not an offence to vape over there, however schools have allegedly spotted kids as young as 10 vaping, and a group of school principals say enough is enough.

ukraine vape ban

They are calling on the government to outright ban the products and say Heat Not Burn should also be included.

The Legislative Council has been mulling over what to do with both products for an age and the matter is still unresolved.

Lin Chun-pong, chairman of the Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools, said:

As educators, we don’t want to see any children use any type of tobacco products.

Back in 2018 a study from Hong Kong University claimed around 1500 kids were known to be vaping.

Lau Chun-hung, chairman of Hong Kong Subsidised Secondary Schools Council, blamed the apparent upsurge on YouTube vape reviewers adding:

Some children started smoking after watching YouTubers’ reviews of new smoking products.

They were influenced by those videos.


Kids watch vape videos and take up smoking..?

Sounds highly unlikely…

Seems even the most educated in society fails to see the massive difference between smoking and vaping…

The final decision should be made in October and of course we’ll keep you informed.

For the record smoking kills around 6900 smokers each year in Hong Kong and I’m guessing vaping kills a big fat zero.

NHS Smoke Free Needs YOU!

This year sees the 10th anniversary of the superb Stoptober campaign and the NHS wants your personal quit smoking via vaping stories.

Stoptober is an annual Public Health England stop smoking campaign and to date has over 1million successes, with much of that down to smokers making the healthier and safer switch to e-cigarettes.

stoptober 2020 vaping

The Stoptober website is a big supporter of vaping saying:

E-cigarette use has increased in recent years and they have become the most popular stop smoking aid in England.

More than half of current users have managed to stop smoking completely and it is estimated that e-cigarettes have contributed at least 18,000 additional ex-smokers a year in England and potentially many thousands more.

As we get ever nearer the date the team at NHS Smoke Free say:

To mark the 10 year anniversary of Stoptober we’re celebrating the stories of people who have quit smoking over the years.

If that’s you and you would be happy to share your story please get in touch.

Send in your personal quit stories to this email address: [email protected]

Checkout Michelle’s personal Stoptober story.


More vape news on Sunday!

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