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Big Tobacco Back In Business In the USA

Investors are being advised to start buying tobacco stocks again as more Americans return to smoking.

Fears of the last few years that e-cigarettes would severely damage Big Tobacco share prices seem to have burned away with a steep decline in vape sales.


Latest market reports show sales of all things vape are down by 25% from the high of last year.

Tobacco sales are now at a 1%-2% decline in the second quarter – and as vape sales continue to fall, business analysts are expecting tobacco stock prices to rise significantly.

One insider said lit tobacco sales have seen a 9% growth – due he says to:

…the side effects of the lockdown—bored and stressed consumers.

That’s one reason.

The other of course is the sheer amount of anti-vaping BS and bans spewed forth by the media – those crazed anti-vape soccer mom groups and of course, ignorant politicians.

In effect they’re propping up Big Tobacco and smashing vaping through lies and deceit and everyone’s making money…while people are dying…

Shameful – absolutely shameful and the end result will be more illness and very many deaths – shame on them all.

Vaping Ads Attract Teens

A new study reckons where shops have e-cigarette displays, the number of youngsters vaping in the area triples.

Scientists in Canada now say the results suggest all advertising should be banned, except in adult only stores such as bars and vape shops.

Canada vaping

Study author Professor David Hammond said:

It allowed us to answer the hypothetical question: Would lifting the restrictions make a difference in teen e-cigarette use?

E-cigarette marketing does make a difference.

It does reach minors.

What our study says is that regulating marketing limited the amount of vaping.

The results are actually a little late as Canada’s health minister, Patty Hajdu, is already proposing a similar ban.

12,000 kids aged between 16 and 19 were surveyed and at least Hammond is NOT calling for a flavour ban:

Where cigarettes were, there are now e-cigarettes and ads that promote flavored e-cigarettes.

Suddenly, you’re standing in front of a 4-by-4 wall ad of an exploding strawberry.

This is not about wishing these products away.

These products can help some smokers to quit, but they need to be targeted to the group they can benefit.

Adults could be targeted through direct mail, magazines and in places where only adults are allowed, like bars or vape shops.

I wonder how many of those kids were about to buy a packet of cigarettes but changed their mind and chose a vape..?

Plus – I wonder how many under age kids have been sold vape gear in larger stores without a proper ID check…

I’m not one to agree on banning any consumer goods and always think there’s a work-a-round.

In this case you can’t protect the kids from them seeing everything in the world – but you can police the point of sale better.

JUUL Faces Russia Ban

New legislation in Russia could see JUUL banned from sale in the country.

The government is currently looking at new legislation placing a 20mg nicotine cap on all e-liquids and pre-filled pods.

juul bans own flavoured pods

JUUL currently sells its 50mg in Russia and will need to remove those pods from sale and replace them with the ones on sale here in the UK and parts of Europe.

Viktor Ukrainsky, CEO of Juul Labs in Russia, strongly believes this will mean JUUL users returning to lit tobacco.

Meanwhile the director of British American Tobacco Russia fears vapers will source stronger e-liquids from the black market – something I reported on happening in Europe.

Not sure how many JUUL pod systems sells in Russia, so I guess they’ll simply drop to the regular 20mg pods?

Read more.

Smokers and Ex Smokers Needed

If you’re a current or ex smoker and interested in taking part in research for a new digital quitting aid, then get in touch with Olga!

She’s a Research Associate in UCL’s Tobacco & Alcohol Research Group and needs your help!

Checkout the tweet below for more info.


Very quiet on the vape news front – despite lock down we are now into summer and things tend to go a bit quiet…

One bit of sad news though…

Today’s the day the New York flavour ban kicks in…

It’s been a long hard fight by vapers and advocacy groups but sadly all to no avail.

No words to add – apart from Cuomo is an ignorant pompous idiotic w**ker…

More vaping news on Sunday!

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