Jacvapour Coupon codeIn the 2nd installment in our interview series we got the chance to have a chat with Andy who has brought us the fantastic JAC Vapour.Luckily for us the last couple of years has seen Andy sourcing some of the best e cigarette products for both new and experienced vapers out there.

**This Interview Was Carried out June 2012**


To start off it would be great to hear a little background on JAC Vapour, who is behind the brand and the motivation behind the launch?


I was a 30 a day smoker and while on my honeymoon in the US I ran into somebody using one. When I got back to the UK I ordered a lot of kits, I started with some icigs, Green Smoke then an Intellicig, I went through a couple of other brands until I found the KR808D-1.

I realised most businesses were selling generic stuff re-branded, and what you were paying for was normally their marketing and not the product, the best stuff came from suppliers that sold their stuff as unbranded, but these sites were incredibly confusing for first time users, i.e. knowing what model, and what goes with what.

I must have spent about £500 on kits, to discover the best one available at that time was only £40. So I got together a few partners and we formed JAC Vapour with the aim of providing the best quality, simple e cig we could find at a decent price.

Initially we really struggled with little to no budget for marketing, but once reviewers got a hold of our kits a lot of experienced vapers started supporting what we were trying to do, and things really took off from there.


What would you say sets JAC Vapour apart from the many other E-Cig brands available?


We spend pretty much all our money buying the product. We buy each item individually from different suppliers and package it into a kit ourselves that you can’t get anywhere else. Our packaging isn’t as slick because of this, but, we believe, what’s inside works better than anything else.

We could just buy all our cartomisers, batteries and PCCs from the same supplier and get them to make up a slick box at no cost to ourselves.

But the best batteries, carts and PCCs are made by different manufactures, so we have decided to stick with our approach and let the product do the talking rather than the packaging.

It’s also why we can offer so many options on our kits compared to other suppliers, as we make each kit up ourselves from scratch, and we are also able to test it during this process, which many larger companies just can’t do.

Everybody involved in the company is an ex smoker, and we are very passionate about our product and the level of service we offer along with it.


What was the first e cigarette you tried and what made you give it a go?


As above, I actually ordered the icig, and the Green Smoke together, I thought, I’ll get both ends of the scale, and although I preferred the Green Smoke I was not really impressed by an ecig until I tried the KR808D1, looking back I can’t believe I was impressed by it, the next gen KR808D1 are now so far on from the original model, and the bottom coil cartomsiers deliver what everybody hoped an ecig would/should be.

It’s still the only small model ecig that delivers a true 3.7 volts which sets it apart from the 510 models that only deliver around 3 volts under load.


What flavours are you vaping at the moment?


Vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla, can’t get enough of the stuff, I do occasionally mix a bit of a fruit flavour in (apple at present), I also have the occasional bit of coffee (mixed with vanilla) in the morning.


What e cigarette are you vaping at the moment?


I have a JAC Vapour V1P kit with 2x 62mm batteries and 35mm V3 carts (a next gen KR808D-1 basically), I take this out and about. I do also have an auto Vgo 650mah battery that I use while at work or around the house with 35mm carts or the new clear tanks.


The big news in the e cig world was of course the acquisition of BluCigs by Lorillard. What’s your view on this, do you see it as a positive or negative move for the E Cig industry?


It will put Blu E Cigs in a very strong position within the industry and will undoubtedly see their marketing and retail presence grow with the backing of such a large company.

If they plan on developing better e cigarette products and adhering to the principles that set the e cigarette industry apart from Tobacco and big pharma companies, then it’s a good thing, although with the tobacco industry’s track record, I’ll believe it when I see it. Tobacco companies have shown very little concern for their consumers in the past.


What regulations do you foresee (if any) coming into place in the UK?


I think there will almost certainly be a license fee of some sort and I would hope it’s not prohibitive to smaller companies that have proven they are more sensitive to the needs and best interests of the public.

I think there will also be regulations and controls to guarantee purity and safety, but again I hope these are done in a sensible fashion and not in a way that would hold back the innovation and progress of the industry.

Buying nicotine/e liquid from registered subsidised sources would be a sensible approach, and very forward thinking.

I think the UK government have a chance to lead the way for the rest of the world on this, with an intelligent approach that has the public’s best interests at heart rather than being guided by politics and potential money in the coffers, whether they take this chance remains to be seen.

At JAC Vapour we would welcome any sensible approach to regulation.


There have been warnings that ‘Not all e cigs are created equally’. Do you agree with this?


If you mean if devices vary then yes of course they do, they range from little more than novelty items, to incredibly intricate pieces of engineering.

Consumers are pretty savvy these days, and can spot most of the rubbish some people attempt to sell. We are committed to providing what we believe is the best product available and our support is second to none.


There have been calls for more transparency when it comes to the production and ingredients contained in e-liquids, do you think this is something that needs addressing?


I am sure it will be addressed, and needs to be for the e cigarette industry to continue to grow and evolve. We would welcome this, as would any reputable company within the industry


What steps do JAC Vapour take to ensure their products and e-liquid meets the standards expected by your customers?


We only deal with companies that adhere to all the standards expected of a European electronics supplier and the certification that is required to sell such products in Europe, we also extensively test products prior to bringing them to the market.

Our e liquid is produced by one of the largest and most reputable suppliers in the world, that have purpose built facilities that most companies cannot hold a candle to. We build a close relationship with our suppliers and customers and are constantly working to improve the product and its performance.


Where do you see the UK e cig industry as a whole in the next 2 years?


I think the e cigarette industry will be very well established and pretty main stream within the next 2 years. Large brands within the industry will start to emerge and many bigger companies will still start to show an interest in the market.

JAC Vapour will of course be part of this, and we hope to grow with the industry and push ourselves to continue to do things well and differently, while providing the best possible experience from our ecigs.


What advice would you give to tobacco smokers considering trying e cigarettes for the first time?


Do a bit of research prior to buying, a quick search for genuine e cig reviews of a product on YouTube or Google will weed out the lesser products with big marketing budgets. If you want to take it a bit further try a forum, like ukvapers, they are friendly, helpful and will give you unbiased views on the product and the company you are thinking about buying from.


What can we expect from JAC Vapour in the near future, any exciting developments/new product additions you can share with us?


We are in the early stages of designing a new PCC with one of our suppliers, we currently stock what we believe is the best looking PCC available in the V1P, but this next year we hope to raise the bar again for our competitors.

We are also developing new batteries that will offer better efficiency and more flexible customisation options. We also have new carts coming that the customer will be able to customise to their own colour. There are also new 35mm cartomsiers coming that are based on the very popular clear carts technology we have for our vgo batteries.

We’ve also got new easy to fill e liquid bottles coming, plus a new range of UK made eliquid, and much, much more. We were the first company in the UK to embrace the latest generation of ecigs, and our ecig is still the most advanced model in its class available, and we hope to stay at the top, by providing the latest innovations and best performance.

Also expect to see a brand new site in the next 2 months to make things easier for new customers and returning customers alike.

Again, thanks Andy for taking the time to chat with us, its great to learn a little more about about yourself and JAC Vapour!To find JAC Vapour online:


JAC Vapour Coupon Code


Jacvapour Products:

JAC Vapour Series E

JAC Vapour V1P

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Jacvapour Series B Tilt

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  1. I’m a great believer in Jac Vapour and have been on this for nearly 3 months now and I have never looked back I’ve enjoyed reading part of the history of the company and I wish them every success in the future and I for one will be advertising this company for ever And what I will say if there is anything you do not understand about the merchandise the company are quick to respond to you questions that has been my experience

  2. I am a JAC Vapour customer and I have to say Andy’s interview makes me like them even more. They have great customer service and really appear to care about their customers.


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