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And A Powerful New Organization Launched To Fight Big Tobacco Deception

He featured in the pro vaping documentary a Billion Lives and heads the Foundation for a Smoke Free World but Derek Yach a former executive director at WHO has been kept out of the latest world tobacco conference.

The fact the 17th World Conference on Tobacco Or Health [WCTH] is held in his home country of South Africa is another slap in the face for a man who has championed vaping as a smoking cessation tool for many years.

However it’s the fact he now heads up the Phillip Morris Inc funded smoke free world foundation that has meant many of his peers accusing him of ‘selling out’ to big tobacco.

The conference specifically states that no one with ties to big tobacco can attend and that means even if the purpose of the smoke free foundation is to eventually rid the world of smoking rules is rules!

The World Health Organization has already condemned the Foundation for a Smoke Free World as a big tobacco puppet adding:

PMI engages in large-scale lobbying and prolonged and expensive litigation against evidence-based tobacco control policies.

And in yet another blow to the fledgling foundation this week former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a $20million donation to a new anti smoking organization – Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products (STOP) – more on that in a moment.

But first more about the WCTH which is currently on day two of the three day event.

Big Tobacco Blatantly Targeting Poorer Countries

Day one saw a clear statement that despite platitudes towards a smoke free world Big Tobacco was still peddling their poisonous products in developing countries.

tobacco conference

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the conference:

The tobacco industry is targeting low- and middle-income countries – that’s why it’s so important that the conference is here

The focus must be on accelerating the WHO FCTC.

Now is the time for all countries to live up to their commitments and comply with their obligations.

Tobacco wrecks health and is a drain on economies and the environment.

It tears families apart. And it is entirely preventable.

Strong words that echo mine in the piece Marlboro Men Announce They Are Quitting Smoking and thoughts echoed by South Africa Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi:

Our continent of Africa is specifically being targeted by the tobacco industry.

The conference theme, uniting the world for a tobacco free generation is so appropriate here – we have a growing and youthful population.

The youth are special targets.

The main purpose of the tobacco industry is to maximise profits at the expense of often vulnerable people.

Our fight now is not just against tobacco, it’s a fight for humanity.

Strong words indeed.

I’ll keep an eye on the conference and if anything jumps out specifically around vaping I’ll get an article up.

Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products

The main thrust of this new organization is to tackle what it calls the tobacco industry’s ‘deception’.

And given its backed by billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg it’s an organization with both muscle and financial clout.

The main purpose of STOP will be:

STOP will function as a robust global monitoring system that complements existing efforts in identifying industry deception.

The watchdog will deliver regular reports detailing tactics and strategies both at global and country-level and will provide tools and training materials for countries to combat Big Tobacco’s influence.


Welcoming the creation of STOP Dr Tedros Adhanom said:

STOP is a warning call to Big Tobacco that they are on notice.

Bloomberg is quoted as saying:

Over the last decade tobacco control measures [such as sin taxes and advertising bans] have saved nearly 35 million lives‚ but as more cities and countries take action‚ the tobacco industry is pushing to find new users‚ particularly among young people.

It all sounds good however one thing that is of concern is Bloomberg’s belief that e-cigarettes and in particular those owned by Big Tobacco companies as well as Heat Not Burn products are a gateway to smoking.

And despite all the evidence to the contrary he doesn’t think there’s enough ‘science’ that proves e-cigarettes and vaping are a safer way to quit smoking:

Tobacco industry-funded research has repeatedly been a smokescreen for behaviour that has led to worse outcomes for smokers.

As I said last year the muddying of the waters by Big Tobacco muscling in on the e-cigarette market and more importantly the research has led to this state of affairs.

The more Big Tobacco gets a foothold in vaping the more they will become the face of vaping giving the anti vaping lobbyists more ammunition.

But hey Big Tobacco won’t care because as we’ve known all along with them it’s profits before anything else.

Confusing times indeed.

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  1. Super post.I just started my transition. For the first time in 42 years I don”t have a cigatette hanging from my mouth. Christmas my son bought me a starter kit. He meant well but sent fruit n candy flavors with 18 nicotine level. It killed me as it was burning my throat n causing more coughing. So I concluded vaping was not for me.Then in late February I got ill and need oxygen for a few weeks. Enters, my darling friend she was a life time smoker, like myself and she had quit smoking (2 years in)by vaping. She explained to me, as your post did..You need to start vaping at the nicotine level u r comfortable at (which for me was 24)also a purer form of tobacco flavor. She also purchased me a different model tank and battery, so I can adjust the air flow. From the day I started I was able to put down the cigarettes completely. I was smoking almost 2pks a day. It has been 2 weeks..I still find myself looking to see where I left my pack or if I have left a cigarette burning but habits will die. I have taken the first stepts to becoming free of nicotine and already am so comfortable without cigarettes. I will take my time as you suggest and I will succeed. Your article is so candid and helpful. I will continue to refer to it in the months to come. Best of luck to u and all who are on this journey


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