vape news Anti Vape Crowd Calls Vape Donations Are "Hypocritcal'

COVID-19 Donations From Vape Companies Is “Hypocritical”!

The vaping industry has been one of the few that has stepped up during the COVID-19 donating thousands of pieces of protective gear but this is just ‘hypocrisy’ according to the rabid anti-vape crowd.

They’ve also sneered at Big Tobacco donating ventilators and even the World Health Organization has warned governments not to deal with BAT as it works tirelessly to create a nicotine based coronavirus vaccine!

As you can see from the Tweet below, Aspire is just one of the very many vape companies stepping in to help.

Even during a time of a worldwide ‘deadly’ pandemic, those idiots just can’t STFU can they…

The mainstream media – particularly in the USA – has gleefully leaped on this ‘controversy‘ paying homage and lip service to chief rabble rouser and pro-anti-vaper, Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

The LA Times – hardly a bastion of bias – quoted him as saying:

It’s as if they don’t realize they’re in the business of destroying lungs.

It literally takes your breath away.

It makes the word ‘hypocrisy’ feel feeble.

I tell you what’s feeble, it’s these pompous and pathetically under-informed idiots spouting dangerous nonsense at every opprotunity they can get.

And shame on the shamestream media giving them column inches.

When the world is fighting a deadly virus who the f**k cares where the cure or equipment needed to save lives come from?

And for the record, reports coming out from scientific studies in France are showing LOWER levels of complications from smokers and vapers contracting the virus…

Maybe there is something in a nicotine based vaccine after all…

Put that in your preposterous pipes and smoke it…

New Zealand Calls For Vape Shops To Be Deemed ‘Essential’

Vapers in New Zealand are the latest to call for vape shops to be given essential status.

They fear the lock down will send vapers back to smoking if they can’t access the juice and coils they need to remain smoke free.

Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy

Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy [AVCA] is urging the government to do the right thing, with Director of AVCA, Nancy Loucas saying:

There’s a real risk of New Zealand’s smoking rates creeping back up if the accessibility of vaping remains reduced while tobacco products continue to be available as per usual.

Vape stores play a really important role in keep vapers off tobacco and a chance for smokers to talk through their options. Not every vape store will want to open, but those that do and can demonstrate safe operating procedures for staff and customers should be allowed to under Alert Level 3.

Vape shops are classed as essential in France, Italy and Spain but not here in the UK, which is a bloody disgrace if you ask me.

Let’s hope the NZ Government does the right thing.

I’m pretty sure the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, whilst not an avid supporter of vaping, is keen to tighten the country’s already tight vape regulations – rather than an outright ban.

We shall see.

Court Passes Stay On PMTA Deadline

As expected the 4th Circuit has granted the FDA’s request for a push back of the PMTA deadline.

The Pre Market Tobacco Agreement as I’ve often said could sound the death knell for vaping as we know it in America.

The FDA had asked for the date of the deadline to be changed from May this year until September 9th due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Judge Grimm from Maryland who had ordered the FDA to bring the deadline forward, just has to rubber stamp the ruling.

Read more about the devastating effect the PMTA process will have on vaping in America:

New Jersey Vape Ban Comes Into Law

Sad times for vapers and vape businesses in New Jersey as the flavour ban comes into force.

It becomes the fourth state to ban all flavoured vape products joining Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island – the NY ban comes into law on May 18th this year.

Shocking and very sad to say the least, especially when lit tobacco remains on the shelves…

South Africa Bans E-Cigarettes – Lit Tobacco and Booze!

Advocates are urging the South African Government to reverse the current ban on e-cigarettes bought in as part of the COVID-19 pandemic lock down.

The country has also banned the sale of lit cigarettes and alcohol which IMHO opinion is a ticking time bomb for even more civil unrest.

The Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association is threatening to take the Government to court over the ban, whilst the liquor companies are playing a waiting game.

However, the African Harm Reduction Alliance are hoping for an exemption regarding e-cigarettes and vape products.

A spokesman said:

We respectfully implore the government to consider the plight of smokers in isolation who wish to switch to a vaping product to reduce tobacco-related harm.

At the same time, please consider how vapers can be assured continued access to these less-harmful products during this critical time.

Let’s hope the Government listens – though knowing them – I highly doubt it.

Crazy times could be about to get crazier…stay safe Laura-ann

and finally…CBD Toilet Paper?

Given the amount of hysteria around vaping – e-cigarettes and flavours, I can think of a few people that could do with this ‘CBD infused toilet paper’

cbd toilet paper meme

Let me know in the comments below who you think could do with a roll of ‘calm your ass down‘ CBD loo roll!


More vape news on Sunday!

Until then – stay safe 🙂

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