All Aboard The Vape Force One Battle Bus!

How else would an Australian vape advocacy group start an east coast tour aboard their battle bus Vape Force One to promote the benefits of vaping other than a BBQ!?

The Legalize Vaping in Australia group are all geared up and ready to hit the road with their ‘vaping is safer message’ on a month long tour.

The team is hoping to not only convince smokers that vaping is a healthier option – but to get reluctant politicians and health officials to change the current laws.

vape force one tour australia

As it stands right now it’s ILLEGAL to vape on nicotine based e-liquids and offenders can face imprisonment of up to 2 years and fines up to $45,000!

A crazy downright shocking and some might say criminal act on the part of the Australian Government.

But as I reported in my interview with leading member Brian Marlow the Australian vapers are taking the fight directly to the country and the Vape Force One tour is the first of many planned events.

Vape Force One Tour Details

The tour launches with the FREE BARBIE on Sunday January 13th at the Primrose Park – Cremorne from noon until 4pm.

week one vape force bus
Vape Force One first week dates – more details on the Facebook page

Whilst the food will be free organizers are happy for you to bring your own and of course plenty of beers and wine!

You can find out more and the full month long tour dates on the excellent and well supported Legalize Vaping in Australia FaceBook page and directly on the Legalize Vaping Australia website.

You can also follow the story on Twitter on the hashtag #VapeForceOne – I reckon that’s definitely going to be one to keep an eye on! – and of course by following them on @LegaliseVaping.

The tour has been funded by vapers from across the country desperate to get vaping decriminalized in Australia.

Let’s hope they get plenty of positive media coverage because nothing changes a politicians mind quicker than a bad headline!

We wish them the very best of luck and we shall of course keep you informed of their progress.

Neil H
I began vaping over 7 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Savour RTA...Beater set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Reload RTA I'm a former journalist and now a sort of writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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