An initial look at Enovap, a crowdfunded and cloud connected vaping device designed to control nicotine delivery.

This morning as I was re-editing my thoughts on the JayBoSuck My Mod  – Theorem RDA   I ran across this new device -still in crowdfunding: Enovap.

Please note this is NOT a review. I know nothing more than you will once you visit their links, and view their video below.

However, it has prompted me to do some thinking about the future of vaping, not just with the regulations, but with the possible medical applications, and the industry as a whole.

Technology is rapidly moving toward the perfectly customized vaping experience. It is closer than we might think, and it is a long way from “fill your own” cartomizers. I am also curious your thoughts on this grand future, and about this device in particular.

What Is Enovap?

Enovap is marketed as a “smart, intuitive and connected electronic cigarette that helps you take control of your consumption”.

To all those concerned with nicotine addiction, and tempered by the death knell rung by big tobacco for decades regarding the truth about combustible forms of tobacco this, IMHO, begins to look like a well designed and developed device that, in the long run may have additional helpful benefits in other arenas.

Nebulizers and inhalers used by some patients actually mimic the technology in a vaping device.

Enovap’s sophisticated, elegant appearance and a whole new take on vaping technology offers a unique solution to help smokers and vapers keep control on their consumption. Select your preferred level, set it and go.

They also offer a dedicated design smartphone application, to track your consumption and set personal goals.

A patented double tank technology allows this ability. The first tank contains a high nicotine concentration – below 20 mg/mL, while the second tank contains a lower nicotine concentration – It can be 0 mg.mL Disruptive indeed.

Enovap-The smart electronic cigarette

Enovap claims to offer a more health oriented approach to electronic cigarette technology, and while the jury is still out, my guess is this device could well represent a turning point on the industry, and in the health of millions marching away from big tobacco.

We really would like to hear your opinions, so take a minute to drop us a comment with your thoughts and feedback.
Meanwhile, you can learn more and support the project if so inclined by clicking HERE…

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