Swansea based Decadent Vapours has a huge stable of high quality e-liquids – some we’ve reviewed in the past.

decadent vapors high vg range

Such is the extent of their collection ranging from stand-alone juices – concentrates and shake ‘n vapes – mixing kits etc etc – to review them all in one go would mean a huge post!

High VG by Decadent Vapors

However the new high VG range [75% VG 25% PG] has only 3 flavours to date and these are the ones I’ve been reviewing this past week or so.

The company is well established and proves extremely popular with you the EcigClick visitors.

So much so over the past couple of years you’ve voted them top in a number of categories in our yearly vape awards – including Best Flavour for their Crème Anglaise’ [which I’m about to review] and Best Customer Service.

decadent vapors
EcigClick Awards

Decadent e-liquids are manufactured in the UK and are TPD compliant and free from DEG, Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

The three flavours were kindly sent to me by Vape Rok for the purpose of this review – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own. Can they be my best vape juice UK

I vaped all 10mls of each flavor – half in the Doge III RDA and the other half in the Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA – both of which were freshly wicked every time.

Cherrylicious by Decadent Vapours


Decadent Vapours Say:

A deeply flavorsome cherry vape, layered with lush summer fruits.

I Say:

The smell of ripe sweet cherries literally smacks you in the nose such is the intensity and very reminiscent of the Tunes cough sweets.

This is a deep rich vape with layer upon layer of dark fruity vibes and despite the smell not a hint of menthol or coolada.

A little too heavy for me with an underlying slightly perfume taste I couldn’t quite put my finger on – one for the sweeter darker fruit lovers for sure.

Plenty of Vapor!

Fruitful by Decadent Vapours


Decadent Vapours Say:

A juicy fusion of ripe summer fruits with hints of citrus in the back notes

I say:

Citrus is indeed the word here and lots of it.

The smell from this is absolutely stunning and had me diving right in hoping for a sweet fruit explosion.

Underneath the overpowering citrus there lies fruit and lots of it but you really have to search for it as that tangy sharpness drowns it out.

If only that citrus was dulled a touch this would a stunning vape – it still is but only just.

Plenty of Vapor!

Crème Anglaise by Decadent Vapours


Decadent Vapours say:

A sumptuous, smooth custard vape with a with a full vanilla flavour that is sweetened with brown sugar and a hint of caramel. An absolute must for all custard fans.

I Say:

I bloody loved this and I don’t do custard e-liquids!

More reminiscent of a Crème Brule than real English custard – but my goodness this is moreish.

The vanilla and sweetness of the brown sugar is perfectly balanced giving a sweet but not to sweet mouth-watering vape.

This is bloody lovely and 10mls lasted me just over half a day!

Plenty of thick sweet smelling clouds too!

Final Verdict

Despite the company’s huge catalogue of flavours there’s only three in the high VG range.

Given high VG tends to mean more clouds I can definitely say Decadent has managed that – the vapor is thick and plentiful – smells lovely too.

The two fruits whilst deep and filled with different layers of flavor were a little too intense for me – but definitely ones to try if fruit is your thing.

However the Crème Anglaise is to die for!

Deep – rich –creamy goodness that makes you think of bowls full of unctuous custard – yum!

Definitely a range to try especially if you like your e-liquids deep – rich and complex.

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Creme Anglaise
Neil Humber
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