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E-Lites ReviewE-lites electronic cigarettes are surging in popularity in the UK. While an electronic cigarette will still turn heads as people try and figure out what it is, E-lites have gained national exposure with celebrities and average citizens seeking acceptable alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The E-lites electronic cigarettes company is UK based and ships to their UK customers from their UK warehouse. They are marketed as seventy-five percent cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes and their product lineup features a heavier duty battery than most other slim line e cigs.

E-lites Electronic Cigarettes Products

•    The starter kits feature a G9 battery. This battery is intended to last longer than the average slim line electronic cigarette battery.
•    They are available in regular, light or menthol, No nicotine cartridges must be ordered separately from the starter kits.
•    Electronic Cigars are sold in six packs along with the carrying case and battery charger

E-lites Electronic Cigarettes Accessories

Elites electronic cigarettes offer a full range of accessories to order to customize the user’s e-cig experience. USB chargers, replacement batteries, carrying cases,  The G9 batteries are the new style electronic kit but E-lites electronic cigarettes also support their older style 3 piece kit with accessories just for them. Replacement cartridges for the 2 piece G9 kit are available in 5 pack as well as 100 pack orders.

•    Replacement batteries for the G9 and older style electronic cigarettes can be ordered
•    UK wall charger
•    USB charger
•    USB extender
•    Replacement cartridges
•    Choice of red or green LED batteries
•    Atomisers for old style kits
•    Replacement E-tips (2 piece kit) or E-cartridges (3  piece old style) kits can be purchased in 2,5 or 100 packs with the greater amounts giving the best savings per tip.

Visual Appeal Of The E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes

The features that make one electronic cigarette superior to another depend upon the user. Some electronic cigarette users prefer ecigs that look like real cigarettes regardless of vapour amounts or battery life. Some users seek convenience others price only. E-lites electronic cigarettes have endeavored to combine all these factors into a single electronic cigarette.

The slim lines of the E-lites electronic cigarettes appeal to those who do not wish to stand out as electronic cigarette users. Other smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes are more focused on the amount of vapour produced and the company state they compare favourably with any available brand.  Battery life is another factor which usually influence the buying choices of the electronic cigarette user. E-lites’ extended battery life is one of their three main promotional points.

Because, electronic cigarettes are receiving national attention, the consumer has more choices than ever before of UK based suppliers of electronic cigarettes. E-Lites electronic cigarettes have even gained national air exposure with non-smoking chat host and novelist Alan Titchmarsh puffing away on an E-lites during his 400th broadcast. 

Although smoking replacements such as these are not commonly available at the corner shop that may not be too far in the future if the electronic cigarette movement continues to gain in popularity.

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