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EGO C Starter Kit From EC247 are new to the UK but have been one of the main online retailers for electronic cigarettes in Denmark and Scandanavia for a while now.

So we were contacted here at Ecigclick to carry out a review on their best selling EGO C kit named the EC24/7 Starter kit.

This kit was received free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always our thought are our own!

In the box / Presentation

The EC24/7 starter kit comes in a white zip carry case and includes the following:

  • 2 Manual 650 mAh Batteries
  • 2 1.6 Clearomisers
  • 1 Lanyard
  • USB and wall Charger


The EC24/7 comes complete with 2 manual 650 mAh batteries, the ones I received did have the Danish logo on but these are being swapped out for the EC24/7 branded product.

The batteries themselves are the standard EGO batteries you will find on many similar kits, they have the on/off function where pressing the button 3 times turns the battery on and off.

ec247 review

This is increasingly becoming a standard with manual batteries and a feature (for me) that comes in handy, especially when I’m carrying the e cigarette around in my pocket.

ego battery on/off functionThe battery itself performs well, I was getting around 5 hours vaping time after a few charges which is a great starting point for most new vapers.

For those that are light to moderate smokers making the switch to e cigarettes you should expect to get this amount of time or maybe more from the battery.

Of course with this kit there are two batteries, which is definitely a plus point, and as long as you keep them rotating then you shouldn’t experience any time without a functional e cigarette.

ec247 electronic cigaretteThere are other battery options available as replacements including an 1100 mAh and 1300 mAh.


The EC247 EGO battery performs well as expected and with the kit coming with 2 batteries there should always be a working electronic cigarette to hand.

king smoke swedish tobaccoVapour / Flavour

This kit comes with 2 1.6ml clearomisers but no e-liquid, this has to be purchased separately.

I did however receive a number of e-liquids to try but for this review I only used two. The others I will cover separately in the e-liquid review section of the website.

The first e-liquid was the King Smoke Swedish tobacco. This is described on their site as “Subtle and sweet, the authentic taste of Swedish tobacco”, now I have never tried Swedish tobacco and I’m not normally a massive fan of tobacco flavoured e-liquids but I found this very easy to vape.

It contains real tobacco extract which gives it a realistic tobacco flavour without being too overpowering but what I really liked about this is that it has a real smoothness to it that makes it a very easy all day vape. Very nice.

ec247 clearomiserThe second flavour was the King Smoke Iceland Tobacco, described as “an authentic tobacco flavour with a slight hint of coconut” and having “a full, rounded taste”.

Again this is a very good tobacco flavour that is pretty much as EC247 describe it, it’s a fuller flavour than the Swedish tobacco and gives more of a throat hit. Still a good flavour but for my personal tastes I prefer a smoother vape so the Swedish Tobacco is the one for me.

e cigarette clearomiserThe e-liquid bottles come with a needle point dispenser which I like as this makes for an easy, mess free way to fill the clearomisers.

This by the way is very easy to do, just a case of unscrewing the mouthpiece and driping the juice down the wall of the clearomiser. Just be sure not to get any in the metal tube running down the centre of the tank and you are good to go!

The e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles. There are three nicotine strengths to choose from, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg nicotine. I was personally using the 12mg which was just right for me.

The clearomisers will also need replacing at some point, this is usually when you notice the flavour deteriorating and can be anywhere from 8-10 refills worth and up. 

Overall – The EC247 e cigarette doesn’t come with e-liquid but theKing Smoke Swedish Tobacco and Iceland Tobacco flavours are good with my personal preference being the Swedish tobacco flavour which was very smooth indeed.

Vapour volume was good on both but for a more robust flavour and throat hit then the Iceland tobacco flavours.


EC247 offer a 7 day return policy, all products must be returned unused and in their original condition. They also have a warranty in place but please take a look at the website for all the latest terms!

Customer Service

Contact can be made via email and phone.

Overall – For those that skipped!

When it comes to the actual ‘hardware’ of the EC247 starter kit everything is performs as expected, very well.

The 650 mAh battery lasted (as a moderate vaper) around 5 hours and the clearomiser helped provide a good vaping experience. What stood out for me was the King Smoke Swedish Tobacco e-liquid, I found it to be a very smooth flavour that I found easy to vape all day.

So all in all a solid product that would be a good starting point for either new vapers or mini e cig users looking to upgrade to a longer lasting device.

Recommended for:

  • New e cig users that are not concerned with buying a ‘cig sized’ e cig.
  • E Cig users that are looking to upgrade from their ‘cig sized’ e cigarette.
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