FreshStart – The Entry Level Starter Kit From Ecigwizard

The FreshStart electronic cigarette is an Vape Pen starter kit from the chaps over at Ecigwizard, a favourite vendor for many and one I find myself going back to on a regular basis for my e cig gear.

There are a few EGO starter kits available at the moment from different retailers, I recently reviewed The One Kit from UK Ecig Store and found that to be a great starting point so I was looking forward to seeing what the Freshstart kit had to offer.

Just so you know, this kit was sent free of charge for the purposes of this review but this won’t sway my opinion on the product!

FreshStart Review From EcigwizardIn the box / Presentation

The FreshStart e cig kit comes in a nicely designed presentation box that flips open at the front to reveal the e cigarette behind a ‘window’. In the box you will find the following:

  • 1 X 900 mAh Manual Battery
  • 1 X CE5 Vision Clearomiser
  • 1 X 10ml Bottle of E-Liquid
  • Usb Charger


Ecigwizard have gone for a manual 900 mAh battery with their FreshStart kit, this is available in black, stainless steel plus they have them available with different designs, these are well worth a look if you want something that stands out from the norm.

I received the stainless steel version and for my personal tastes this just right, a great looking battery and a pleasure to hold, very similar to the handle on the Jacvpaour S17 vape pen. Freshstart e cig battery vs cig size comparison

As with most new manual EGO batteries available today this has the on off function, press the button 5 times to turn off and repeat to turn on. The button with flash to let you know it has worked. This is now a must have feature especially for those carrying their e cigs around in bags and pockets as it prevents any unwanted activations.

The life of the FreshStart battery is good, instead of the standard 650 mAh battery that is seen in many EGO starter kits Ecigwizard have gone straight for the 900 mAh, adding a couple of hours vaping time. The battery as I would have expected performed well, as a moderate vaper I was getting a good full day before needing a recharge. This of course may be more or less for you depending on your own vaping habits.

Overall – Not too much to say apart from its a good looking battery, feels quality in the hand and for me personally, lasted a good days vaping.

Vapour / Flavour

CE5 clearomiser from ecigwizardThe starter kit comes with a 10ml bottle of e-liquid with a choice of 2 flavours, Tobacco or Menthol. It doesn’t state on the product page what nicotine strength they supply, I personally received 0.6mg Tobacco but I have a feeling the standard strength supplied will be a little stronger.

I’m sure Ecigwizard are probably trying to keep things as straightforward as possible for new users but it would be nice to have some options.

The e-liquid I received was their Clear Choice Tobacco flavour. I couldn’t however find this on Ecigwizard itself though so a bit confusing that one if I want to re-order. Having said that the flavour itself wasn’t to my taste. Everyone is different though so keep that in mind!

For me I found it to have too much of a sweet caramel taste that I found a touch on the sickly side. The good thing is though if you find you don’t like the flavour you can try others in the same clearomiser so don’t worry about that side of things too much.

There are some great e-liquids available, many of them for sale on the Ecigwizard website itself.

The CE5 clearomiser supplied holds 1.5ml of e-liquid, it’s simple to fill, just screw the mouthpiece off – drip the e-liquid down the wall of the tank making sure you avoid getting any in the metal tube in the centre – screw the mouthpiece back on and give the wicks a few minutes to soak up the e-liquid and away you go!

Freshstart CE5 Clearomiser and BatteryI had no problems with leakage as some users have reported, so this could be an isolated problem. For me the clearomiser helped provide a good vape with some decent vapour. These clearomisers do of course have a shelf life, again this will differ for each user depending on how much you vape but they can last anywhere from 8-10 refills and more if they are looked after well. 

Overall – I found the tobacco flavour wasn’t to my taste, I have had better. Not to say this will be the same for everyone though. Would also be nice to see nicotine options and maybe a few more flavour options available on the checkout process.


Ecigwizard offer a refund for unused product only. They also offer a 28 Day warranty. For full information please visit their website.

Discount Codes

There are no Ecigwizard discount code currently available but they do have offers and clearance items running on their website.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

The FreshStart electronic cigarette from Ecigwizard I would say is a great stepping stone into the ‘larger’ e cig world. The 900 mAh battery provides not only a good battery life but it also looks good as well (at least in the stainless steel version).

I wasn’t won over by the Tobacco e-liquid that I tried with the kit, as mentioned before personal tastes do differ as I have seen others that do rate it. Of course any e-liquid can be used in the clearomisers so if it isn’t for you then just try something else! Many places sell taster kits so you don’t have to be forking out for the bigger bottles each and every time you want to try something out.

So who would the FreshStart E Cig be a good buy for?

I would say it falls into three camps, those new to e cigs, those looking to move up a step from mini e cigarettes and those that use vape mods and maybe want something that is more portable for when they are out and about. For the price you can’t really go wrong.

Final FreshStart Starter Kit Review Verdict:

Recommended – Although there are better options

I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


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