Electric Dew E Juice Overview

Electric Dew are a boutique E juice manufacturer based out of London, and were created by a group of people that care about what they vape.

Their e liquids pay homage to classic British flavours, and they source safe to vape ingredients that are free of Acetonin and Diacetyl so that you are given peace of mind with what you are vaping.electric dew e liquid review

They have a tasty selection of juices on offer, here’s what I thought of the Electric Dew range!
electric dew AM/PM e liquid review


AM/PM has a sharp bramley apple inhale that really has a nice sweet zing on your taste buds, and a good throat hit as well.

On the exhale there is a ripe mango flavor, these two flavours are blended together perfectly, and seamlessly transition from one to the other to make for a delicious sweet treat!

Both flavours lean towards the actual fruit rather than a candied artificial sweet replication, and the mix ratio is perfect, with neither flavor dominating the other one.
electric dew Bangin BC e liquid review

Bangin BC

Bangin BC is a classic mix of blueberries with whipped cream.

The inhale contains heavy fruity blueberry overtones, with a sweet undertone, and the exhale features thick cream with sweetener to round it off.

Rather than whipped cream, Bangin BC actually reminded me of fresh blueberries and ice cream, the sweetness mixed with a smooth exhale is a particular highlight, and overall Bangin BC is a really tasty dessert vape!

Raspberry Rewire

electric dew Raspberry Rewire e liquid review

Raspberry Rewire is the perfect palate refresher, it is a mix of English raspberries and fresh mint notes to give a menthol twist to this vape.

The Raspberry on the inhale tastes sweet and fresh, and just like a real raspberry itself.

The mint is perfect and gives a menthol tone to Raspberry Rewire, which refreshes your taste buds and keeps them on their toes!

Sundae Dew

electric dew Sundae Dew e liquid review

Sundae Dew managed to capture the taste of a delicious strawberry and fudge sundae, and I enjoyed this so much, it instantly reached a place on the best e juices I have tried in 2016.

There’s a syrupy strawberry inhale, with a smooth clotted cream and a big mouthful of fudge on the exhale.

It all blends together amazingly well to provide you with that mouth feel you would expect from a real sundae, and unlike the real thing, it never leaves you feeling sick afterwards!

The Flux

electric dew The Flux e liquid review

The Flux has an elder-flower and lime flavour profile, and elder-flower and lime was a favourite juice of mine from when I was a child!

The Flux replicates this in e liquid form perfectly, with delicious elder-flower notes and a zingy lime exhale.

It’s a sweet and tasty summery vape, one that will definitely appeal to those that prefer fruit vapes.

Triple C

electric dew Triple C e liquid review

Triple C is a homage to a classic British sweet, Rhubarb and Custard. Rhubarb and Custard sweets are definitely ones that people either love or hate, personally I really like them.

Triple C captures the essence of this British classic, with a candied Rhubarb inhale, that has an extra creamy custard exhale.

It’s a candied treat with an extra helping of cream, for me this could easily be an all day vape.

Throat Hit

I found there to be no real throat hit present with the desert e-juices in the range, Sundae Dew and Raspberry Rewire, the other four juices however did have a satisfying kick to them, that wasn’t overpowering, it suited the flavour profiles just right.

Vapour Volume

The Electric Dew juices are blended to a 50/50 mix ratio yet they do provide a surprisingly respectable amount of vapour for this mix ratio!

There’s some pretty thick fog from these, which I would have expected from a higher VG blend.

Production Details

Electric Dew use only the finest quality ingredients, and their juices are hand blended within their UK based SO9001 UK Pharma grade lab.

All their ingredients are traced and vetted to ensure they are diacetyl and acetonin free. Bottles are supplied in short fill bottles.

The labeling is clear, and the artwork on the labels is excellent, featuring 80’s rock music inspired artwork!

Final Electric Dew Review Verdict

Electric Dew is a really impressive range of UK liquids, with some delicious flavours and really cool bottle designs as well!

I honestly wasn’t disappointed with any of the e juices on offer and found them to be a really well rounded range, with a great mix of tasty fruit and dessert e liquids on offer from them.

In particular, I found Sundae Dew to be a really special vape, that is one juice I’ll definitely keep coming back to in future!

All in all I highly recommend having a look at Electric Dew, there’s some great flavours on offer from these guys.

Bangin BC
Raspberry Rewire
Sundae Due
The Flux
Triple C
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