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Germany’s War On Vaping Threat

Germany’s federal drug commissioner could be about to get tough on all things vape as the European war on vaping intensifies.

Daniela Ludwig is as fiercely anti-vaping as it gets, and as Germany takes up its six-month presidency of the EU, advocates are fearing the worst.

european war on vaping

Ludwig is keen to see heavy taxes on vape products as well as ‘restricting’ flavours within Germany, and recently said:

We have the opportunity to talk to the countries about this.

I would have already prepared a catalogue for the e-cigarette.

For example, the rules on taxation or ingredients should be standardized.

I want people to get away from the cigarette, whether it’s a tobacco cigarette or some other product.

That ‘other product‘ is of course the e-cigarettes, and if the lady isn’t for turning – we could see the European vape industry decimated leaving vapers high and dry – literally.

The alarm call has come from the European Tobacco Harm Reduction Association – ETHRA – and they are calling on vapers in Germany, and indeed across the wider Europe, to get active before it’s too late.

ETHRA partner Hendrik Broxtermann from ExRaucher [IG], said:

It is disappointing that Ms Ludwig wishes to see failed policies from Germany transferred to the EU as a whole.

Regulation of vaping under the current EU Tobacco Products Directive is not perfect but may just be acceptable.

We should be seeking to improve the regulation we have by liberalising in some areas, not imposing more restrictions which can only protect the cigarette trade.

Taxation of vaping products will deter millions of smokers from trying out safer products; banning or restricting flavours will take away a major factor in the appeal of vaping as a substitute for tobacco smoking; and banning advertising will make vastly safer products invisible to the very people who need to see them in order to facilitate more uptake for the good of Europe’s health.

What Ms Ludwig should be doing is engaging with the people who use these products instead of pronouncing from an ideological position, while also ignoring her own scientific experts on the subject.

Couldn’t have put it better myself, though maybe I’d have said something along the lines of why the F**K don’t those politicians leave us the F**K alone…possibly 🙂

Anyway, and as I’ve written often, there are black anti-vaping clouds gathering over Europe, and if vapers don’t begin to fight back and fight back NOW – vaping as we know it could change on the continent forever.

Get involved NOW and don’t let those ignorant mindless power crazed pigheaded toss-pot politicians win….and breathe… 😉

For more info and how to get involved – checkout the ETHRA website.

Chicago Next To Ban Flavours?

Local politicians will be discussing a possible total Chicago flavour ban later today.

Sadly it looks like the move has plenty of support with a close ally of the mayor no less screeching about protecting the children.

ban all the vaping things

Not only that, Alderman Matt O’Shea has linked vaping to the worsening of symptoms for COVID-19…yeah I’m calling total BS on that one!

O’Shea, as you might have guessed is a Democrat, a party that’s about as anti-vaping as Bloomberg…nothing to see here move along…

To get his 15 minutes of fame, and at the same time throw the city’s vapers under the bus, O’Shea wailed:

The recent statistics that I saw were alarming — especially when you see the intersection of pulmonary lung issues and COVID-19. It’s time we had this discussion.

This is about saving young lives.

Flavored tobacco is a real problem in every community for young children and teens.

Anything we can do to save people from a later life problem of pulmonary issues, cancer and other disease attributable to tobacco, we should do here.

Despite many regulations designed to keep tobacco products out of the hands of children, flavors like Loopy Pebbles, Fuji Apple, Strawberry Nectarine, Mango Cheesecake, Strawberry Churro Ice Cream, Watermelon Gummy, Orange Cream Supreme, Lucky Charms, Blueberry Cereal, I Love Cookies, and Milky Shake are readily available in Chicago.

These products clearly target children and create a new generation of tobacco consumers.

Virtue signalling narcissistic rubbish to put it mildly…but hey he gets his name in the paper – the scary words will shock the ignorant politicians and I have little doubt the legislation will sail on until it gets final approval.

And that looks pretty certain given the mayor herself appears to be a fully paid up soccer mom member of one or all of the moms against vaping cults.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot came out against e-cigarettes last year claiming they were targeted towards kids and said:

The companies that produce and market these products see children as part of their bottom line, as shameful as that is.

And I say this, both as a mayor and as a mother. We will not stand idly by as flavored tobacco becomes young peoples’ most common path to addiction.

Children are using these products and becoming addicted and the companies are targeting them.

We want to eliminate that possibility.

At the expense of vapers and smokers I think she forgot to say at the end…

I dunno here’s an idea – why not just police the sales to under-age kids rather than ban the shit out of anything that’s flavoured?

Crazy idea huh..?

If You’re A Smoker and Lonely Switch To Vaping!

A new study suggests loneliness means people are more likely to continue smoking and heavily.

It might be a tenuous link, but researchers from University of Bristol say the reasons are varied but include using lit tobacco as a source of comfort or to lift anxiety.


The team used an approach known as Mendelian randomization – basically a study using both genetic and other surveys, lifting the data and crunching the numbers.

Co lead author Dr Robyn Wootton, said:

Suddenly, the whole of the UK has become more socially isolated than ever before, and for many people, this will likely increase their loneliness.

We were really interested to find that loneliness decreases the likelihood of stopping smoking, and we think this is a really important consideration for those trying to stop smoking during the pandemic.

Senior researcher, Dr Jorien Treur, said it was all about the dopamine:

Our finding that smoking may also lead to more loneliness is tentative, but it is in line with other recent studies that identified smoking as a risk factor for poor mental health.

A potential mechanism for this relationship is that nicotine from cigarette smoke interferes with neurotransmitters such as dopamine in the brain.

We have an answer for that – make the switch today to the 95% safer e-cigarette and STILL get your dopamine and nicotine hit!

For the sake of your health, make the life changing decision – it could literally save your life.

We have a whole host of vaping guides packed with hints and tips and do check out our best kits for new vapers.

And if you can’t get on with vaping – why not try the ZYN Nicotine Pouches – a refreshing way to quit.

As for being lonely, I know the feeling very well indeed and with the pubs shut – my usual source of some form of socialization, I’ve taken up hiking again.

It’s exercise, is awesome for helping with mental health issues and really does get you meeting people.

Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of Action of Smoking Health [ASH] said:

If lonely people are more likely to start smoking and find it harder to quit, they are more likely to suffer the harm caused by smoking.

This research highlights the need for smokers suffering from loneliness to be given support to stop, to improve not just their health and well-being but also to help reduce their loneliness.

Good luck – you’ve got this!

Scaremongering Scientists Need Cash For New E-liquid Research

Olives and green tea could be the new base for e-liquids according to researchers based in Scotland.

However I do have to take them to task for using such emotive language to describe what they consider the current ‘dangers from vaping’.


Scottish newspaper The Courier describes the ‘breakthrough’ as being able to:

…reduce dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde by around 75% – or eradicate them completely.

I cover the BS surrounding formaldehyde in the article: Blowing Away those Vaping Health Myths

In a nutshell, the temperatures needed to be reached to create dangerous levels of formaldehyde are so high it would be impossible to vape!

I’m guessing given the scientists running the research project are looking for extra funding – a little bit of scaremongering might impress future investors – get me not being snarky for a change lol.

Lead researcher Dr Alberto Fiore of Abertay University continued with the ‘dangerous chemicals’ in vaping theme:

At the moment, e-cigarettes can produce a number of severely toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, particularly when the liquid is over-heated, and these have many well-documented adverse effects on health, especially in the lungs.

The next step for this project is to secure further funding to enable us to begin work on more complex types of e-liquids reflecting those used in the real world, with an eventual goal of establishing that they can be as safe as conventional e-liquids, while effectively reducing exposure to excessive levels of carbonyls.

Vaping is, of course, still a relatively new lifestyle choice and much more research is needed in this area to fully understand all of the possible negative health impacts.

There you have it, a scare story equals the need more funding.

Such a shame as I’m really quite interested in how green tea and olives could be the base for future e-liquid.

Let’s hope an investor alarmed by us all vaping on formaldehyde opens his or her wallet.

Advocates Welcome Hong Kong’s Vape Ban Reversal

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the lifting of Hong Kong’s vape ban and now advocates have welcomed the move.

The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates [CAPHRA] and IQOSER – a pro heat not burn group – were pleased to see legislation preventing youngsters from buying vape and HNB gear, rather than a blanket ban.


Joe Lo from IQOSER, said:

Smoking incidence remains at more than 10 percent in Hong Kong, which means a tenth of our population is exposed to the health risks brought about by toxicants found in tar, the by-product of tobacco smoke.

As we have been saying all along, nicotine is not the problem, but the smoke, which is responsible for thousands of deaths globally each day.

Unlike combustible tobacco, e-cigarettes and HTPs do not involve combustion or burning, because they only heat tobacco to a certain degree that is not harmful to humans.

The Asian based tobacco harm reduction advocates are now hoping Hong Kong’s smokers will find it much easier to make to switch to safer e-cigarettes and HNB devices.


More vaping news on Sunday!

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