FDA Getting Tough On Vaping During COVID-19 Lock Down

The FDA gets tough on vaping in the USA despite the current corona-virus lock down.

Vape companies the FDA says are selling, manufacturing or importing products that appeal to youngsters have been sent warning letters – and not just to those based in the USA.

China based Uwell has been picked out for it’s Amulet Watch Pod System which the FDA say ‘kids’ are using to disguise the fact it’s a vape device.

FDA gets tough on vaping vape news

Uwell has also received a warning about the Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit, Uwell Caliburn KOKO Kit, and Uwell Yearn Pod System with the FDA saying these have NOT been given approval to be sold in the states.

FDA officials are using the upcoming PMTA process to tackle these ‘unauthorized’ products. They point out any product not on sale in the USA prior to February 15, 2007 falls into the unauthorized category and should not be on sale.

Woah – wait a minute…

Not sure why only Uwell has been targeted given the sheer amount of vape products released in the USA since 2007 and still on sale with many more being released daily!

It’s literally going to take millions of letters sent across the globe if the FDA follows their own guidelines to the letter!

Read more about the PMTA process:

Vape Clothing Is Targeted Too!

Not only has the FDA targeted vape devices – they’ve also gone for vape clothing!

Yes really!

vaprwear vape clothing warning

The FDA says:

These products appeal to youth in the way they are designed and labeled.

For example, Vaprwear Gear’s pullover and backpack products hold pod systems that deliver vapor through hosing discreetly woven through hidden pockets.

This design allows the products to be used for vaping without raising the attention of parents, teachers or other adults.

Similarly, the Vapewear vWaTch Starter Kit, Wizman Puff Boy Mod and VooPoo Rota 340mAh Pod System Kit look like products that are popular with kids, such as smartwatches, video game systems and fidget spinners, that can be carried or worn without revealing they are tobacco products.

Ah right – ‘adults’ don’t wear clothes or play video games or use fidget spinners?

Got ya…

Vape Shops Hit By Secret Shoppers

The FDA has also sent warning letters to 73 vape shops they say are selling banned flavoured cartridges.

The current ‘law’ is that only tobacco and menthol sealed pods can be sold.


The FDA says inspectors have been making ‘undercover’ visits to shops across the USA and say those breaking the flavour ban will face penalties:

The FDA has also issued warning letters to 73 brick-and-mortar retailers for selling unauthorized flavored, cartridge-based ENDS products.

This follows 22 warning letters that FDA issued last month for similar violations to online and brick-and-mortar retailers and manufacturers across the country.

These warning letters are part of a series of ongoing actions consistent with the FDA’s recently issued policy of enforcement priorities for e-cigarettes and other deemed products on the market.

Under this policy, companies that do not cease manufacture, distribution and sale of these unauthorized tobacco products risk FDA taking regulatory action, ranging from warning letters to injunction, seizure, and/or civil money penalty actions.

It’s all smelling very ‘police state’ out there at the moment…and not just the attack on vaping if you catch my drift.

FDA Action Not Enough Says Anti-Vape Groups!

The FDA’s tough stance has been welcomed by you’ve guessed it, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids – *sighs*

However, its president, Matthew Myers, doesn’t think the action has gone far enough:

The FDA has taken a positive step today by issuing ten warning letters to retailers and manufacturers who sell particularly outrageous e-cigarette products that target kids, but this action is not a substitute for a ban on all flavored e-cigarettes given the clear evidence that flavors have fueled skyrocketing youth use.

Rather than playing whack-a-mole with a handful of egregious products, the FDA should clear the market of the thousands of flavored e-cigarettes that are still for sale.

As long as some flavored e-cigarettes remain available, kids will migrate to them and we will not solve the problem of youth use.

Blah Blah Blah…

matthew myers big vape
Matthew Myers

Childish I know, but hey the guy and his sanctimonious screeching soccer-mom supporters piss me off.

And, as you’ll see from the next post – anti-vaping groups like his might be adding to the coronavirus death toll…

Yes really…

Anti-Vaping Groups Blamed For COVID-19 Deaths

According to a leading pro-vaping doctor, less people may have died from the current coronavirus had the anti-vape brigade stopped calling for e-cigarettes to be banned.

It’s tough talking from Dr Michael Siegel who’s a professor of health sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health.

Dr Michael Siegel
Dr Michael Siegel

He says:

It’s absolutely true that if more public health activists had embraced e-cigarettes instead of opposing them and more smokers had been encouraged to switch, there would be less mortality from COVID-19 today.

What people need to understand is that smoking is such an addictive behavior, and it’s not just the nicotine.

It’s the psychology as well. In the middle of a pandemic when people are under so much stress, asking these people to just quit cold turkey is ridiculous

As to the ongoing research into nicotine based drugs being the key to unlocking a vaccine against COVID-19, Dr Siegel isn’t as convinced as some which I find curious.

There is no evidence for the claim that e-cigarette use has a significant impact on coronavirus patients, that’s just speculation.

However he doubles down on his belief that the stop vaping groups and lobbyists have caused death:

In retrospect, the focus on fighting against e-cigarettes looks terrible.

Imagine if, instead of 2.5 million former smokers who made the switch, we were in this coronavirus pandemic with 3 million, 4 million, 5 million ex-smokers.

There’s no doubt we would be in better shape today.


Lock Down Is Boom Time For UK Online Vape Stores

Given vapes shops are classed as none essential here in the UK, many have turned to home deliveries, however online sales have rocketed during the lock down.

Vape Club has reported sales have gone through the roof with a 150 to 200% rise whilst VPZ – that has switched form store sales to solely online are also seeing a spike.

vape club lock down sales boom

Dan Marchant, MD of Vape Club said:

Normally, when we experience larger order volumes than normal such as at Christmas, we would increase staffing levels to cope.

However, this hasn’t been possible due to the circumstances and instead we’ve extended shift times and added ones at the weekend.

We’ve also deployed innovative social distancing measures so everyone can work as quickly and efficiently within the restrictive environments we are now operating.

For example, we’ve introduced a one-way system in the warehouse so staff picking orders do not need to cross paths.

We are also offering a wealth of advice and information through telephone, email, live chat and online materials.

Some of our you tube tutorials have been viewed over 2million times.

Evapo has 37 shops across the UK and has introduced weekend warehouse shifts to keep up with demand.

CEO Andrej Kuttruf said:

It’s been all hands to the pump since we closed our chain of shops.

We’ve relocated all of our customer service team so they can work from home and we’ve increased the opening hours of our online live chat service which enables us to give advice during these difficult times.

Evapo has also been working alongside UKVIA and the current #VAPRIL stop smoking campaign.

The company has teamed up with the UK’s NHS to offer a ‘virtual stop smoking clinic’.

nhs virtual stop smoking clinic

During the lock down smokers looking to switch to 95% safer e-cigarettes can book either a conference or telephone call to be given the best advice to make the life saving change.

James Cameron from the Grovehill Pharmacy NHS Stop Smoking Clinic said:

Face-to-face support dramatically increases the chances of successfully quitting smoking.

With the launch of our online stop smoking clinic, we can now expand the capacity and reach of our service to offer specialist stop smoking treatment to people in their own homes.

As access to advice for smokers looking to give up cigarettes is hindered by the current Coronavirus lockdown, the service will also provide vital support during these challenging times.

John Dunne, the director of the UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA] said it was good news that not only vape supplies were getting through to the consumer, but also suggested vape shops may the among the first to be re-opened once the lock down eases:

Whilst vapers and smokers have been able to turn to online shopping we are very aware that for many there is a desire to speak to face-to-face about their situations and vaping needs.

We’ve already seen MPs writing to Government to point out the key role that physical stores play in providing specialist advice to customers and to ensuring that the country meets it smoke free goals.

That’s why we are currently discussing with government the need for vape shops to be among the first in the queue when it makes the decision to relax the lock down and allow some retail shops to reopen.

Good news indeed and great to see the UK vaping industry stepping up in these crazy times.

Checkout the Virtual Stop Smoking Clinic and pass it on to the smokers in your life 😉

…and finally…A Protective Suit That Let’s You Vape and Have Sex!

Vapers worried that vaping and having sex might lead to them catching not just an STD but also COVID-19 might be interested in this futuristic protective suit.

At a time when the world’s shouting about a lack of protective gear for medical staff, scientists have developed a suit that not only protects the user BUT shows folks nearby if you’re in the mood for a bit of sex or vape action lol.

Micrashell vape sex suit

Think I’m making this up?


It’s called the Micrashell and has been developed by ‘scientists’ at the Production Club that is based in LA…where else could it be based lol.

It’s bristling with hi-tech goodies which includes a ‘supply system’ allowing users to vape and drink.

There’s also phone integration – a sound system – LED mood lights or messaging – a camera and is described as:

A “Top only” suit design allowing the user to wear their normal clothes, use the toilet and engage in intercourse without being exposed to respiratory risks

Sounds great!

micrashell-vape cartridge
Micrashell vape cartridges!

The designers say:

With everyone in our industry focused on developing virtual solutions we decided to focus on something more emotional, physical and inherently human.

Production Club was born in the rave counter-culture so DJing and safe partying is in our blood.

I wonder what the FDA and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids will make of this space age gimp suit [answers in the comments lol]…


Is this a protective vape sex space-age suit you’d be happy to buy – wear – vape in or put on during sex?

Do let me know in the comments below 🙂


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  1. I haven’t really been following this, but the more I read the more I can’t believe it. Glad i don’t live in the USA but its worrying none the less. It’s so obvious big tobacco is behind it, but also reminds me of the Huawei situation. Wonder how long before we get told China is spying on us through our vape devices??


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