‘Steamonizer’ Technology Means Huge Clouds

The wattage wars just reached boiling point with news of the imminent release of the Polar Foil which it’s claimed is capable of hitting up to an eye watering 650 watts and beyond.

The device was born after Icelandic vaper and tech wizard Payolas Florid saw the potential of using the same principles in vaping as the natural phenomenon of geysers.


Mr Florid – who runs runs his own tech company – the delightfully named Fopso – near Reykjavik is a keen vaper and well known to vaping Icelanders for his stunning lava rock covered custom mods and stands.

So far he’s only released tantalizing glimpses of the device on social media leaving the vaping world split between incredulous – ridiculous and ‘I want one’ camps.

Speaking to a local radio station earlier this week Payolas said:

I was enjoying a walk around Fad Riyal Pools – a wonderful collection of geysers near my offices – and suddenly realised the principles of vaping was very similar to what was before my eyes – heat – water and steam. I rushed back to my office and got straight to work.

Huge Tank

The Polar Foil project has been 9 months in the planning with more than a few mishaps along the way.

We understand it to be an all in one vape device [AIO] and Payolas says he found the chip and board a relatively straight forward thing to design – but it was the size of the tank he found the hardest to incorporate:

I knew the most important thing was to get the chip and board absolutely perfect – but also the tank or as I call it the ‘kettle’- and there’s been a lot of trial and error and more than a few sleepless nights and we’ve drunk gallons of coffee.

At that wattage I needed quite a big tank as the amount of heat I’ve managed to create needs a lot of liquid – the vapour is immense.

Payolas says that two of the larger vape companies have already been in touch but he’s not interested in a collaboration OR in selling rights to the device.

I’ve been offered very generous terms but have decided the Polar Foil will be manufactured here in Iceland.

The ‘steamonizer’ technology is ‘patent pending’ and as Iceland isn’t in the EU I don’t have any problems with TPD meaning the liquid tank can be up to 2 litres should I wish to go that big.

It’s been a long hard road but looking at the finished Polar Foil today I have to say I’m thrilled and immensely proud.

What’s in a Name?

As to the name Polar Foil – Payolas says it’s a play on words:

It’s quite snowy here – so Polar made sense and I use a kind of Foil to line the tank to prevent heat dissipating.

The Polar Foil will be launched next weekend at the second Icelandic Vape Show – Heimskingjar Dag.

Sadly I wont be going but can’t wait to see what it looks like.

But I do have to say just when you thought vaping couldn’t get any weirder!!!

I remember when 100 watts was looked at as crazy let alone 300 watts.

Now we’ve got the Polar Foil at 650 watts – where the hell is it all going to end?

Let me know in comments below if the Polar Foil sounds like your cup of tea or like me has it got you boiling hot with rage?

Speaking of tea after reading that I need a cuppa – better stick the kettle on 😉

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