Advocacy Groups – Vapers and Vaping Manufacturers Band Together To Fight the Threat to Vaping

#FundTheSuit is a call to action for both US vapers and vaping companies to come together to fight the American Government’s new legislation that could in effect decimate the vape scene over the pond.

It began with a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $250,000 to help towards the cost of the legal fees for Nicopure and Right to be Smoke-Free vs. FDA suit.

Astonishingly and in a little over a week of fund raising the target was not only reached but smashed ending at a whopping $278k!

However as you’ll see in a moment the fund raising needs to continue as the fight is certainly not over and far from being won.

OK so what’s all this cash for I hear you ask!

In a nutshell those fighting the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] want vaping removed from the current ‘Deeming Rule’ which lumps all things vape into the tobacco related legislation.

They strongly believe – as most of us do – that vaping has nothing to do with tobacco and should therefore be treated differently.

Nicopure and Right to be Smoke-Free failed in their first court case and the legal fees being raised are for an appeal.

Vaping and Vape Companies In the USA Under Threat

Those involved in the law suit say they and even the FDA realizes that if this law is passed it could wipe out up to 97% of US vape manufacturers leaving the way clear for Big Tobacco companies to fill the vacuum left.

This is because the new legislation means vape companies have an expensive minefield of red tape to go through in order to get their new products approved.

It is the time and cost involved that campaigners say will lead to the end of independent vape companies in America.

The advocacy groups are also extremely concerned the new law will mean strict advertising policies which could mean smokers not being given the right information of both the safety and healthier aspects of vaping.

A post on the American Vapers Association blog explains:

Advertising and marketing rules for tobacco products are extremely strict, and the FDA is preventing vaping device manufacturers from making even making objectively truthful statements like “tar-free” or “no ash.”

This keeps smokers from understanding the potential benefits of vaping. Free samples, even for trying different flavors and nicotine levels, are also prohibited, so age-verified adults looking to switch can’t easily find the product that best meets their needs.

These rules keep smokers smoking, and that keeps them in danger from the many well-documented health risks of combustible tobacco.

The Go Fund me campaign took off very quickly with thousands of grass roots vapers donating cash and as it has snowballed now the big vape companies are adding their weight behind the fighting fund.

Naked 100 laid down the gauntlet earlier this week for other vape companies to step into the fray by pledging to match donations to the fund from other vape distributors and manufacturers to the tune of $50,000!

Innokin also stepped in with a $20,000 donation and many other smaller vape manufacturers followed suit – excuse the pun.

Still A Need For Donations!

So now the target has been reached is that the end of the matter?

Not so because as those behind the original crowd funding event explain the $250,000 target was a ‘conservative’ estimate of the cost of expensive USA litigation.

Corey Noles the Editor in Chief of VAPE News Magazine said:

The speed with which the #FUNDtheSUIT campaign has surpassed its goal has simply astonished me.

I am so proud to see how many companies, stores, state associations and individuals came through to keep the lawsuit going.

With that said, since we have exceeded our $250,000 goal, it’s time to call the GoFundMe portion to a close…

…I know many stores and companies are still running promotions for this, and there is still a place for your help.

Moving forward, this fight continues. As we said in the beginning, the goal was a conservative estimate.

In addition, there are other active cases as we speak. The more of these in which the industry can intervene the better.

For anyone who still wishes to contribute to the lawsuit effort, we at VAPE News ask that you visit the Right to be Smoke Free Coalition website and donate directly…

What this crowd funding appeal has shown is that when vapers and the vaping industry come together they are a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s hope both the legal system and US Government recognize that and do the right thing.

NOTE: you can make a donation towards the legal fighting fund HERE.

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