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Nothing says I love you more than a Valentines Day vaporizer – apparently lol – and you’re going to love this money saving deal.

Get 20% OFF the very special Furna Vaporizer in this heart warming dry herb and concentrates devivice.

See what I did there? Heart warming…as in this one comes with two swappable ovens to bake leaf, flower, bud or concentrates 😉

The idea here is you can pre-pack for use later…most excellent idea dude.

As Furna themselves say:

…ideal gift for you or your favourite bud

In all seriousness this is the only vaporizer in the world that has two swappable ovens – so no more messy cleaning out of your baking chambers to change the material you’re vaping on.

You can also pre-pack the ovens and seal them to keep fresh and there’s also colour coded nibs too – pack and keep track…nice!

The full Furna Vaporizer kit comes with an accessory pack and of course x2 ovens.

Sale runs from TODAY – February 12th 2021 and ends on Valentines Day…pretty sure you know that date lol!

Use code: BeMine at checkout.

I you love to using a vaporizer, you’ll luuurve this deal on the Furna Vaporizer and that dual oven means it’s the perfect vaporizer to share with the love of your life 😉

Please Note: if cannabis is illegal in your country – such as here in the UK without a medical prescription – vaporizers can be used with CBD Flower or CBD Concentrate.

Please check your country’s laws.

What’s the Deal?

  • UK / EU and USA shipping
  • Use code: BeMine for full discount
  • See website for more details

UK – EU and USA Shipping!


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