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General Juices ReviewGenerals Juices are a UK based company that have built a loyal following and were nominate ‘E-Liquid: Best New Brand’ in our Ecigclick Awards 2014 so it goes without saying I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of their juices!

The first e-liquid picked out for review was their custard flavour aptly named General Custard.

This e-liquid was purchased for the purposes of this review and was carried out with a 30/70 PG/VG mix.

The General Says: “Yes – it’s a vanilla custard flavour, but it’s been promoted to the next level by the General and his staff using military grade ingredients and hi-tec fusion bonding techniques. E-liquid never tasted so good!”

Vape used in this review: Innokin EQs Pod System


Custard is one of those flavours that can go either way for me, I have tried some good and some not so good. I do enjoy a good custard vape though, so was looking forward to this particular juice.

First impressions of this juice: A really smooth creamy custard with just the right amount of vanilla.

The 70% VG helps make this an almost velvety vape that really suits the custard. The flavours don’t taste fake or chemically in any way, which is obviously a bonus when it comes to juices! The aftertaste just leaves a soft, sweet hint of vanilla custard on the tongue that isn’t sickly.

This is a great juice, for my tastes not an all day vape, not that it is too sickly as I find some of these types of flavours can be, just that I’m more likely to vape this after dinner sat in front of the box.

I tried this juice at a range of Watts but for me around 14W seemed to be the best for me, just the right mix of flavour and warmth.

Vapour Volume

With a 30/70 PG/VG mix this juice produces tonnes of vapour.

Throat Hit

The higher VG content provides a super smooth vape.

Production Details

Generals Juices take their e-liquid seriously and it’s great to see they have not only made sure the ingredients they buy from their suppliers are diacetyl/Acetoin, and Acetyl Propionyl free but they have gone one step further to have independent test carried out on their juice line.

The Generals Custard test can be seen here and detected none of the above. Well done Generals Juices for taking this action.


Definitely one of the better custard flavours I’ve tried. The vanilla is just right, it’s not sickly and produces thick clouds of vapour with the 70% VG mix. Recommended for custard vape fans.

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