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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette has become highly visible throughout the UK over the last couple of years running their UK distribution through a warehouse in Feltham Middlesex.

Green Smoke advertising the great vapour volume of their electronic cigarette, the lower cost and their product’s very slim line and striking resemblance to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Green Smoke are also shipped worldwide which makes this a very popular choice for travelers who do not want to keep using their favorite electronic cigarette even for extended visits abroad.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Products

Green Smoke uses a two piece e-cig in the traditional shape and colours of a tobacco burning cigarette. The white cylinder contains the battery piece; the tan end piece contains the cartomizer which is the flavour cartridge and atomizer. The end of the white cylinder glows red when the e-cig user puffs on it.

•    5 Strengths of nicotine are offered in the cartomizer packs. Zero nicotine, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, and 18 mg strengths are available.
•    5 Flavours are available in differing strengths including the traditional tobacco flavour Menthol, Red label tobacco, Mocha, Chocolate and Vanilla.
•    All Green Smoke electronic cigarette refills and kits are sold in a single cartomizer design that makes switching flavours or strengths of e-cigs a matter of changing only the cartridge.
•    Green Smoke electronic cigarette cartomizers are intended to last through about 150 puffs before changing the cartridge.
•    The Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kit is available in five different styles including a mini starter kit for the social situation only e-cig user, and a starter kit for couples making the switch to smokeless cigarettes.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Electronic cigarette users often require accessories after a few months to customize their smokeless cigarette experience to match their lifestyle. Green Smoke ships a very large variety of accessories for the casual user or even the wholesaler.

•    2 sizes of batteries are available for order, a short batter and a longer one they are similar in size to a regular tobacco burning cigarette and that of a super long cigarette.
•    They offer a slim line carrying case reminiscent of a classic and very classy cigarette carrying case. The case is capable of carrying two batteries (short or long) and 4 cartomizers.
•    Electronic cigarette car chargers, wall chargers and USB chargers are available from the company.
•    Replacement cartridges can be ordered in the traditional 150 puff version as well as an extra long lasting version which is designed to last around 360 puffs.
•    Cartridge tips come in packs of 100 and are a sanitary means to share electronic cigarettes. This product is probably most attractive to wholesalers who are setting up e-cig sampling demonstrations.

On the whole, Green Smoke emulates the traditional look of the tobacco burning cigarette very closely. They ship UK orders via post from the UK but offer shipping worldwide. Green smoke electronic cigarettes offer a large variety of flavours and strengths and a flexible lineup of starter kits. 

For a closer look at the product and what you can expect check out our Green Smoke review

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