Terry Dancing With Delight At Being Named An Associate of the NNA!

We don’t have a Vaper of the Year category in our annual Vape Awards – but if we did I’m pretty sure our very own octogenarian vaping advocate Terry Walker would waltz away with the prize – literally!

If you read my interview with the gentleman in question – you’ll see what I mean – at 86-years-young this guy puts men and women 60 years his junior to shame!

And it’s with great pleasure I can announce the New Nicotine Alliance has just awarded him with the title of Associate – now that’s some achievement and a position I think we all agree he richly deserves!

Terry Walker and Hon LIk
Terry Meeting Hon Lik

On awarding Terry the title the NNA said:

We were delighted when Terry accepted our invitation to become an Associate of NNA. Terry is a such an inspirational role model for vaping, as well as being a very effective, energetic and determined advocate.

For the record an the title Associate is awarded to:

All Associates have made significant contributions to advocacy for tobacco harm reduction or work in related fields. They support the aims and work of NNA which are to encourage a mature public and organisational understanding of the potential of safer nicotine products for reducing cigarette smoking, including their safety and efficacy; and to enhance public understanding of alternatives to smoking.

Terry now joins such names as Vic Mullin [Vaping With Vic] – Clive Bates and former MEP Rebecca Taylor – you can see the full list HERE.

Dancing With Champions!

Terry has had a remarkable couple of years on the vaping advocacy scene culminating with a trip as guest of the NNA to last years Global Forum on Nicotine held in Poland – where he got to meet his ‘hero‘ and inventor of the e-cigarette Chinese chemist Hon Lik.

He’s also recently submitted 2 papers – as evidence – to the Science & Technology Select Committee – the group currently carrying out an inquiry into all things vape related on behalf of the UK Government.

You can read one of Terry’s reports published by the UK Government HERE.

uk gov e-cig inquiry

Terry was delighted to receive the title of Associate adding:

Never thought I would be so busy at 86, still its keeping me out of mischief!

He’s currently busy writing an article called Nicotine Do I Need It?

Hopefully we can cover that when it’s finished – until then Terry says:

On the Vaping front I have been thinking about the importance of Nicotine. In my first paper, Smoking & the Electronic Cigarette, I analysed the reasons for the gratification we enjoy from smoking. Like most smokers I felt it heavily biased towards the need for Nicotine due to its addictive properties.

Now I have changed my mind after experimenting with the concentration of Nicotine I use, and feel that the importance of other factors has been downplayed… I am just starting to write an article Headed โ€œNicotine โ€“ Do I need it?โ€

Unfortunately it will be too late for inclusion in the GFN 18 programme which is currently being prepared, which is a shame as the theme is Nicotine.

Despite his hectic vape advocacy schedule Terry has still found time for two of his favourite pastimes – ballroom dancing and cruise ships!

He recently managed to combine both passions and danced with Wilfried & Ilona Diekers – a German couple who had won 19 European Championships and 4 World Championships.

It would seem Terry has more than a dash of a charming twinkle about him as despite at first refusing to dance with him Ilona finally agreed which Terry describes as ‘magical‘.

He was especially thrilled for Ilona to say after the foxtrot:

Oh, you are a good dancer!

Terry has a tip for the gentleman out there – and one I guess you should try given this is the party season ๐Ÿ˜‰

Every young man should learn to dance, because when they reach a certain proficiency they can walk into any ballroom in the World, see a pretty lady, and ask her to dance-they do not even need to know the language, just walk up, put their hand out, and smile. That is so empowering.


BTW if anyone has a ballroom dancing or cruise related blog – website or magazine and would like Terry’s full story of the fantastic cruise and his experience dancing with a champion do let us know – he has an article written all ready to go!

Like I said this guy has stamina much younger folk would be proud of!

So that just leaves us to wish Terry a very Merry Christmas and to steal the dearly departed dancer Bruce Forsyth’s phrase – with a little addition of my own ๐Ÿ˜‰

Keep Dancing…And Vaping Terry!

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