Vape News IQOS Receives FDA Approval

IQOS Gets FDA Green Light

The Heat Not Burn system IQOS receives FDA approval and can now be sold in the USA as a ‘modified risk tobacco product’.

The Phillip Morris Inc kit uses tobacco-filled sticks wrapped in paper and when placed on the device the tobacco is – as the name suggests – heated rather than burned.

IQOS Receives FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration is satisfied this will help smokers make the switch and can therefore be marketed as a safe way to quit smoking.

The FDA says the IQOS has ticked off 3 key points:

  • The IQOS system heats tobacco but does not burn it.
  • This significantly reduces the production of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Scientific studies have shown that switching completely from conventional cigarettes to the IQOS system significantly reduces your body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

Mitch Zeller, the FDA’s director of the Center for Tobacco Products said:

Through the modified risk tobacco product application process, the FDA aims to ensure that information directed at consumers about reduced risk or reduced exposure from using a tobacco product is supported by scientific evidence and understandable.

Data submitted by the company shows that marketing these particular products with the authorized information could help addicted adult smokers transition away from combusted cigarettes and reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals, but only if they completely switch.

The FDA will closely monitor how IQOS is used by consumers to determine if these products meet this potential and do not cause increased use among youth.

It is important to note that these products are not safe, so people, especially young people, who do not currently use tobacco products should not start using them or any other tobacco product.

As you might expect, PMI and Altria were more than happy at the news.

Billy Gifford, Chief Executive Officer of Altria, said:

We’re delighted that the FDA authorized IQOS to be marketed as a modified-risk tobacco product.

This authorization gives PM USA an opportunity to communicate additional benefits of switching to IQOS and this decision is an important step for adult smokers.

Our 10-year vision is to responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a non-combustible future.

IQOS is a key part of that future as we develop our portfolio of FDA-authorized, non-combustible products and actively switch adult smokers to them.

Phillip Morris says there’s currently 10 million IQOS users that have completely moved to HNB from smoking and with 40 million smokers in America, I guess they’ll be adding a lot more to that number.

Meanwhile e-cigarettes – classed as slightly safer than HNB products by Public Health England, are under constant threat in the USA…funny old world…

Still, the news pissed off the crazies behind the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, so it ain’t all bad…

UK Smoking Rates Continue To Tumble

The number of smokers in the UK has more than halved since the 70’s with just 1 in 7 of the population now lighting up.

In fact just 9 years ago that figure was 1 in 5, around the same time e-cigarettes began to appear more frequently…

current number of UK vapers

Whilst the figures are obviously good news, it looks to me the number of smokers switching to vaping isn’t climbing as quickly as one might like.

According to the Office for National Statistics there’s currently just under 3 million vapers in the UK, a figure that hasn’t grown significantly.

I wrote about this ‘plateau‘ last year and blamed the slow down on media scare stories around vaping.

Rather than putting a damper on things, the good news is the use of e-cigs has risen dramatically since 2014.

There’s still no evidence of none smokers taking up vaping with over 50% of users saying they were using e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

It’s obviously great news, but just imagine how many more ex smokers there would be if the bloody media backed off with the scaremongering – it really is costing lives.

Read the full study: Adult smoking habits in the UK: 2019

Vape Shop Staff Needed For COVID-19 Research

Vape shop staff from England are needed to take part in new research into how the COVID-19 lock down affected their businesses.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia are specifically looking to see how vape shops adapted during the crisis.

dr caitlin notley
lead researcher Dr Caitlin Notley

It’s hoped the findings will show how the shops can change to meet the needs of customers and indeed smokers looking to quit.

The study is being run by Dr Caitlin Notley and Dr Sharon Cox who say:

We are exploring how vape shops adapted their usual service (e.g., moved online), if at all, during the covid-19 outbreak.

We are interested in this because we would like to create an understanding of how vape shops can adapt to meet the needs of different smokers.

However, many companies may not have been able to adapt, and it is also important to capture the impact that covid-19 may have had on vape shops.

To date, there is no national survey on this topic.

Taking part is completely anonymous and voluntary.

Your data will not be linked to your company.

To get involved follow the link: Cross sectional survey of English Vape Shop practice during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Online Vape Sales Bill Passed

The US Senate has passed new legislation that means it should be harder for minors to buy vape gear online.

The Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act (S.1253) will mean all deliveries will have to be signed for by an adult.

america vape legislation laws and lawsuits juul

The online store will also be responsible for collecting any state taxes due.

The bill will still have to pass a vote in the House, which seems likely as it passed a similar law recently.

The new bill was introduced by Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-California) and John Cornyn (R-Texas).

Senator Feinstein said:

According to a report last year, more than a quarter of all high school students and one in 10 middle school students had vaped in the previous 30 days, despite the fact that they are underage and should not have legally been able to buy e-cigarettes.

Age verification for purchasing e-cigarettes online remains practically nonexistent, and it’s time we start regulating these products at least as much as we do traditional cigarettes.

I don’t think anyone in vaping has an issue with age verification, indeed anything that keeps the politicians happy and keeps e-cigarettes available to the wider public should be welcomed.

Love Hemp CBD Gets International Quality Certification

I reviewed the Love Hemp CBD range recently and the company has now been given a prestigious international stamp of quality.

Love Hemp has been granted the ISO 9001:2015 certification and the team behind the brand are delighted.

love hemp cbd range
my CBD review ‘assistant’ – I wish!

It’s been a long 12 months of jumping through hoops and miles of red tape to receive the certification and Love Hemp chief executive Tony Calamita said:

The successful completion of our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we are providing our customers with high-quality CBD products, from oils to edibles and cosmetics to e-liquids.

As a UK leading supplier of CBD products, we believe it is imperative to continuously improve our internal process to meet our commitment to our customers.

Good to see and as I said in the review, the Love Hemp flavoured CBD e-liquids are ideal for newcomers.

EU Parliament Vaping Booths Classed As ‘Highly Confidential’!

In another show of ‘open government’ the European Union has decided any discussion about creating vaping booths for MEP’s that vape, is too sensitive for public consumption…

*shakes head and sighs*

european war on vaping

The EU has a love hate relationship with all things vape, and vaping is banned within the EU Parliament building, with vapers having to use smoking areas.

A Freedom of Information request by the euobserver website asked for details on any discussions surrounding e-cigarettes and smoking.

It was denied with a senior EU official saying:

Parliament stresses that, in order to prevent its ongoing decision-making process from being seriously undermined, a certain level of confidentiality for preparatory documents is required.

The current hot vaping topics include the creation of four vape booths to get vapers away from cigarette smoke – sounds sensible to me…

Another appears to be the idea that the photographs adorning the walls of a new cafe are to feature celebrities smoking!

All serious stuff, though why it’s deemed as to sensitive for the European public is anyone’s guess.

It makes one wonder that if topics like this are kept from public scrutiny – what else are they keeping quiet..?


More vape news on Sunday!

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