Jacvapour: Real Tobacco Lite PG 80%/VG 20%

Jacvapour Real Tobacco E-liquid review

On the back of the Toffee and Banana Milkshake e-liquid review we now come to Real Tobacco Lite.

This is one of two Tobacco flavoured e-liquids in the Jacvapour UK Made range, the other one being (unsurprisingly) Real Tobacco!

Jacvapour description: This flavour is made from tobacco essence, and produces a very realistic smokey aftertaste. The taste is not sweet at all, like many other tobacco flavours. Real Tobacco Lite is based on our existing Real Tobacco flavour, though the recipe has been toned down a little to deliver a much smoother taste.”

E Cig used in this review: Jacvapour 510 starter kit


Now I have to say out of all the e-liquids flavours, tobacco is one that seem to have taken a back seat for me personally.

This isn’t to say that tobacco flavours taste crap, merely that as I got more into vaping and trying out new, interesting flavours, I found that tobacco flavours became less of an interest for me and my personal tastes.

I do however, also realise how important tobacco flavoured e-liquids are for smokers that are making the switch.

Familiarity was something I looked for in an ecig, both in size and flavour when I first started vaping.

Anyway this is supposed to be a review!

The Real Tobacco Lite e-liquid is a rich golden brown colour and the smell from the bottle is really close to the real thing, so a promising start for sure. 

On vaping the familiarity continues, now I haven’t smoked a cigarette for a long time but in my opinion this e-liquid does a very good job of replicating that woody, smokey flavour. One of the things that makes this so is the use of real tobacco essence.

I personally will probably only vape this for the purposes of the review, even so this is a very good e-liquid that would be a good starting point for smokers or indeed if you are looking for a new tobacco flavour.

Vapour Volume

Vapour volume is good.

Throat Hit

This provided a smooth vape with just enough throat hit for my tastes. There is also a Real Tobacco version that I would also recommend if you are looking for a bolder, stronger flavour.

Production Details

This particular e-liquid is part of the Jacvapour’s UK e-liquid range. These e-liquids are made in lab environments with high quality ingredients.


  • 10ml – £5.19
  • 30ml – £13.99
  • 3 x 30ml – £11.99 each
  • Use our exclusive Jacvapour coupon for 5% off all orders. Code: ECIGCLICK15


I don’t vape tobacco flavoured e-liquids on a regular basis as my preference lies with sweet/fruit/drink flavours.

Despite that I thought Real Tobacco Lite did a great job of replicating the familiar tobacco flavour smokers will be used to. If you smoke lite cigarettes then this I would recommend this as a good option.

Have you used the Jacvapour Real Tobacco lite e-liquid? Have I failed to mention something in my review? Let us know by leaving your thoughts below!
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