For a more compact Jacvapour VGO experience

UPDATE: Check out the new Jacvapour Series S17 for an updated (and recommended) vape pen.

The mini Jacvapour (V1P) and the 510 from Jacvapour are both very good products that offer something completely different. One small cig-a-like e cigarette and the larger, longer lasting battery of the 510.

Jacvapour Mini VGO2 Review

It has to be said both do a good job but what if you want something that is somewhere in between? Something that offers longer battery life than the V1P but is more compact than the VGO2. This is where the Jacvapour VGO2 Mini starter kit comes in.

I did carry out a review on the first version of this product and had plenty of good things to say about it so I was really looking forward to trying the new Mini VGO2 Crystal Tank kit, lets take a closer look.

This product was received free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always my opinions are my own.

In The Box

The VGO2 Mini Starter kit is presented in an acrylic case and contains:

  • 2 X Manual Mini VGO 2 Batteries (400 mAh)
  • 1 X Matching Metal Tank (rebuild-able)
  • 2 2.4 ohm Coils (One already in the tank and one spare)
  • Lanyard
  • USB Charging cable

Battery / Responsiveness

If you have ever used larger vape pen e cig devices then the first thing you will likely notice is that these batteries are pretty small. No great revelation admittedly, they are after all called the Mini VGO2!

For this review I received the ‘Pro’ white kit, the battery is finished in a smooth white gloss finish and although this wouldn’t be my first colour preference it still looks pretty good, especially when the matching colour clearomiser is sat on top

There are other colour options, black and stainless steel, both are good but my personal favourite is the stainless steel, looks great with the matching tank on top.

So back to the important bit, the functionality and performance.

The batteries don’t come with the on/off function found in the bigger batteries, I do prefer to have this feature but it’s not a deal breaker by any means. A little more care needs to be taken when the e cig is in your pocket.

Jacvapour Mini VGO2 400 mah battery

The batteries are tiny in comparison to the 650 mAh batteries found in the standard VGO 2 kits. Despite this it still gives a decent life and for those moving up from mini e cigs you should notice a huge improvement.

Both batteries were enough to see me through the day and with careful planning and charging I never found myself without a Jacvapour 650 mah and 400 mah battery comparisonfully charged battery.

For the lighter vapers/smokers among us you will probably find one battery will just about get you through the day without the need to recharge or swap.

Like other batteries types, e cig batteries don’t last forever and the performance will deteriorate over time. When they do need replacing the prices are as follows:

• One 400 mAh battery
• Two 400 mAh batteries purchased together 

These can also be bought in black, stainless steel and white if you fancy a change.

Overall – As expected, the Mini VGO2 batteries performed well. Battery life was good for their size and the build quality was also decent. Only disappointment was the lack of on/off function which comes in handy when the e cig is in your pocket.

Vapour / Flavour

The Mini VGO2 ‘Pro’ starter kit comes with one rebuild-able metal tank and 2 coils, one of which is already in the clearomiser tank.

The rebuild-able tanks are a new addition to the Jacvapour starter kits, their base kits still offer the standard clearomisers but the rebuild-able are generally considered the ‘next step’.

Jacvapour Crystal Tank

This certainly doesn’t mean that they are more complicated to operate, far from it, they simply give the option to replace the coil heads rather than throw the whole tank away. This not only reduces waste but also reduces long term costs so best of both worlds really.

For this review I received the white tank to go with the white battery, not normally the colour I would generally opt for but it looks good.

Jacvapour Crystal Tank Parts

The vape tank itself breaks down into four parts, the coil head (the bit with the long wicks, the base, the tank body and the mouthpiece. Taking the tank apart before filling with e-liquid will allow you get a handle on how things work and if you go for one of these I would recommend you do this.

It’s all very simple.

Replaceable Coil heads

As mentioned this tank is rebuild-able. This basically means that the coil heads are the only part that needs disposing/replacing rather than the whole tank as some other starter kits require.

Not only does this save money in the long run but you it also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Replacement coil heads should last around 15 refills, this could be more or less depending on vaping habits.

The Crystal tank is filled from the top so it’s just a case of removing the mouthpiece and carefully dripping e-liquid down the side of the tank avoiding getting any in the centre tube.

It’s advised to leave for a few minutes to let the e-liquid soak into the wick properly otherwise you may get a not so nice burnt taste coming through as the coil is heating a dry wick. This is known as a dry hit.

filling crystal tank from jacvapourIn the case of the tank I was using it did produce a few dry hits even after a few minutes left to soak. To remedy this I drew on the e-cig without pressing the button to power it up. This should in theory help draw the e-liquid up through the wick but in my case this didn’t work out. So I went for the ‘patience’ option. I let the tank sit for an hour when I went off doing other things, when I came back to it things were much better.

Now this won’t necessarily happen to everyone but if it does just try and leave it sitting before coming back to try again.

jacvapour banana milkshake e liquidThe Banana Milkshake flavour (6mg nicotine) I used was from the UK range of e-liquids Jacvapour sell and it kind of surprised me how much I liked it. A very easy flavour to vape, not too sweet, perfect for me to use the majority of the day, the flavour was good with the Crystal Tank as was the throat hit and vapour produced.

Keep in mind e-liquid will need to be purchased as an ‘extra’ as it doesn’t come with the kit. If vaping Banana Milkshake isn’t sounding like your thing then Jacvapour do have a good selection of flavours including tobacco, fruit and sweet.

The bottles are reasonably priced as well. Discounts are available for ‘bulk’ purchases as well. For reviews of Jacvapour e-liquids take a look here.

Overall – The tank looks great on the matching battery, I did have issues with the e-liquid wicking to begin with although this was sorted. When it was the flavours were good along with the vapour volume.

Jacvapour Discount Code

We have been lucky enough to get an exclusive JAC Vapour coupon code that will give you 15% off all products on their site. This code can also be used for future purchases. The code is ECIGCLICK.

Guarantee / Warranty

There is a 14 day refund period offered by Jacvapour as well as warranties on batteries and other devices. Please check their website for upto date T&C’s.

Jacvapour Review – Overall

The Jacvapour Mini VGO2 was very good overall. The Crystal Tank took longer than normal to soak up the e-liquid but when this was sorted it provided a good vaping experience.

This is a great option for new both new vapers and for those looking to step up from mini e cigs but perhaps want to ease themselves into the bigger battery experience one step at a time.

It may not be something that appeals to vavers already using bigger e cigarette devices due to the length of time the battery will last in comparison to what you have already got. If however you fall into this category and are looking for a secondary device that is a little more compact for when you are out and about then this would fit the bill nicely.

Final Jacvapour VGO2 Mini review verdict:
Highly Recommended By
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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