Jacvapour VGO2 VV Review – Does The Variable Voltage option Make A difference?

UPDATE: This Device Has Been Replaced By The Jacvapour Series S17 Vape Pen – Luckily it’s Better in Every Department!

It’s no secret that we are fans of Jacvapour products, having reviewed the Wee VIM, the S22 and of course the latest superb JAC Vapour Series B DNA75 mod, we were left with little to complain about.

All of them were fine electronic cigarettes. So when we found out that they were planning on bringing a VV (variable voltage) device to the table we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

jacvapour vgo2

Now one thing to note with the VGO2 VV is that it’s not suited or marketed towards the e cig beginner, if that is you then by all means check out this review but you may be better off starting your vaping journey with one of the previously mentioned e cigarettes.

As usual, despite this product being sent to us free of charge, we will be honest in our opinion! OK, on to the review.

jacvapour vgo2 vv carry case

In The Box

The Jacvapour VGO2 VV comes, not in a box, but in a faux leather zipped carry case.

Whilst these are quite a generic case in the e cigarette world it definitely does a good job of keeping all of your vaping kit in one easy to manage place.

In the carry case you will receive the following:

1 X 2ml Nova Clear Tanks with replaceable 2.4 ohm coil fitted
2 X 400mAh Manual VV Batteries (3.3v-4.8v)
2 X Replacement coils – 1.8 ohm and 2.8 ohm
1 X USB Charger


The kit comes with 2 variable voltage batteries that allow you to adjust from 3.3v all the way upto 4.8v, the idea being that the higher the voltage the hotter the coil is heated which in turn will give you a varying vaping experience. The higher voltage used will result in a thicker vapour and increased throat hit, go too far though and it can create a burnt taste. This is something we will look at in more detail in the next section though.

Vgo2 variable voltage battery

The batteries I received were both 400 mAh but they do also have 600mAh as an option if you want your battery to last longer and you don’t mind the slight increase in size. The 400 mAh battery is 74mm in length and the 600 is 88mm but bear in mind that is without the Vivi Nova tank attached which does double the size. For me personally I wouldn’t use this setup when I am out and about as it is too big so I would normally opt for the 600mAh battery just to add the extra 2/3 hours between charges.

The batteries are also available in a two options, the stainless steel and the black rubberised finish. Both look great and the black option that we are reviewing has, like the other batteries in the VGO range, a great feel in the hand.

VV Function

jacvapour vgo2 vv battery with dialUnlike the Innokin iTaste VV which comes with a digital display, the VGO VV has a twisting base/dial that has a red marker, the body of the battery then has the voltage number markers 3.3v – 3.8v – 4.3v – 4.8v.

It’s just a simple case of matching up the red marker with the required voltage, you can also set the marker in between these markers to get the vape spot on for you.

As would be expected with the battery itself it reacts instantly when the button is pressed so you get a good responsive draw every time.

The battery also comes with the now normal 5 button on/off function allowing you to switch off the battery when not in use.

Overall – The variable voltage battery functions very well, the VV dial feels solid and gives you great flexibility to help find the perfect setting for you. The battery life can however be effected depending on the settings you go for.

Vapour / Flavour

The Jacvapour VGO2 VV comes with the Nova Clear tank that has a 2ml capacity and a re-buildable coil. These re-buildable tanks not only offer a cheaper way to vape in the long run but also offer even more flexibility to the way you vape.

nova rebuildable tank jacvapour

How can it be cheaper?

You have initially got your tank with the coil already fitted, this is the strange looking part that has the long wicks attached to the atomiser.

jacvapour vgo2 vv nova tank

They work like any disposable tank device in that you fill it with e-liquid.

The difference with these is that once the taste starts to go rather than dumping the whole thing you can simply remove the coil and replace it with a new one leaving you with fresh wicks ready to soak up your e-liquid.

replacing nova coil atomiserThis is very easy to do by the way, take the tube off by unscrewing (ensuring there is no e-liquid in there) and unscrew the used coil and screw the new one into place.

If you find you need a replacement Nova tank, which you will do at some point, they aren’t indestructible, then this will cost in the region of £10.99, yup more expensive at first compared to the Clear Tank from Jacvapour but as long as you look after the tank each replacement coil will only set you back £1.99 each. Each replacement coil should give you around 15/20 refills, sometime maybe a little more.

This may sound complicated to those that have never seen or used a re-buildable tank before but it is a lot easier than it sounds!

How does it offer even more flexibility in the way I vape?

This is where it can get a little complicated for some (or should I say me) so if this doesn’t make much sense don’t worry too much!

The kit comes with three coils, each with a different resistance (1.8Ω – 2.4 Ω – 2.8 Ω).

jacvapour nova coilThe term ohm (or represented by the symbol Ω) refers to to the resistance or in other words how freely electricity can pass through something.

In the case of e cigarettes it allows you to fine tune your overall vaping experience for both vapour production and flavour. So a higher voltage from your battery and lower Ω atomiser will produce more heat, this is the heat that evaporates the e-liquid and effects the overall results.

This example setup can also effect things like battery life and the amount of e-liquid you go through due to the higher heat being used to produce the vapour.

Hope that is clear without rambling on too much! Let’s just go through how I got on with each coil. Remember the beauty of these is to find your sweet spot so you will likely find that what I prefer will be different to yours, the e-liquid you use will also provide different results.

The 1.8 Ω coil

This worked well for me upto about the 4.1v setting, anything above this and I was starting to get a slight burnt taste coming through that got gradually stronger as I went up in voltage. At 4.8v my e-liquid didn’t taste so great.
On 3.3v I was getting a very smooth and cool (temperature wise) draw with very little throat hit (if any) but still a decent amount of vapour
At 3.8v there is minimal difference apart from a touch more throat hit
At 4.0v-4.2 I was getting a little more of the flavour coming through, a slightly better throat hit and a good amount of vapour. This was for me my preferred range.

The 2.4 Ω coil

Unfortunately I think I may have had a faulty coil, it didn’t work at all even with the adjustments that are recommended in the instructions. This was disappointing but I just want to make it known that I didn’t contact Jacvapour to tell them, if I did then I am pretty sure (in fact positive) a replacement would have been sent straight away. They are very good in that way. Luckily I was also given a 3ml tank to use so I have used the coil from that.

At 3.3v I wasn’t getting too much happening, no throat hit and little vapour
At 3.8v the flavour improved as did the vapour volume but not much improvement on vapour volume
At 4.3v vapour volume is very good with only a very slight increase in throat hit, flavour is good.
At approx 4.5-4.6v the vapour was good as was the
e-liquid flavour. Throat hit was also good.

The 2.8 Ω coil

At 3.3v the draw felt very week, no throat hit and not a lot of vapour. Not good.
At 3.8v slight improvement on vapour and throat hit
At 4.0v-4.2v – Flavour is good, vapour volume just OK but throat hit still not great
At 4.3v Burnt taste coming through

The 2.8 Ω coil didn’t produce very good results for me personally. I found that for me the 1.8 Ω and 2.4 Ω coil worked very well.

As mentioned before though, this will most likely differ greatly for you, a big factor is also the e-liquid you are using that will be affect results. I was using an 11mg tobacco flavoured e-liquid for this test.

Overall – Yes it is more work setting everything up than say just using cartomisers or disposable clear tanks but the pay off is there with a wide range of options to make your vaping more enjoyable.

It is however hard for me to advise which ohm rating atomiser you should be using or buying, this is something you will need to experiment with. The only real negative is that depending on the settings you choose you could find yourself using up more e-liquid than you are used to.

Discount Code

Jacvapour have been kind enough to offer ecigclick readers an exclusive JAC Vpaour voucher code that will give you 15% off your next order. Just enter ECIGCLICK at checkout.

Returns / Warranty

Jacvapour offer a 14 day ‘no quibble’ returns policy as well as the usual warranties. These can change from product to product though so, as I always say, please check their website for the latest upto date information!

Customer Service

No problems here, always been responsive even though contact is just via email at the moment.

Overall – (And For Those That Skipped To The End!)

I was getting great vapour volume and good flavour with the juice I was using, I had to play around with the settings but I got there in the end. Half the fun of it though 🙂 The product performs very well on all counts but this doesn’t mean to say that everyone needs to rush out and buy one, just yet! It is not going to be suitable for everyone.

This e cig would be recommended for:

– Vapers that want to experiment and have a device that can deliver flavour, vapour volume and throat hit to suit their needs.
Experienced vapers that currently have an EGO type e cigarette and are looking for something different or even just an upgrade in 2013.
It would be good for those that don’t mind that their e cigarette contain more parts ie: Not just a 2 piece with disposable cartomiser/clear tank.
The tinkerers amongst us that want to experiment with settings and find the optimal vape for them.

I wouldn’t recommend this for:

– Those new to vaping. There are some good kits for beginners out there!
– The VGO2 VV may add options and further flexibility but if you are happy with your current e cig setup then there is no real need to change just yet. Maybe wait until a replacement is necessary if this product interests you.
Those that want their e cigs to have a ‘plug and play’ convenience to them.

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Jacvapour VGO2 VV Electronic Cigarette Review Verdict

VGO2 VV – Highly Recommended By Ecigclick


Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. We have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 100 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! I'm available on the blog most days, if you have any questions just use the contact tab and I'll get right back to you! Vape on...


  1. It’s taken me best part of 12 month getting to grips with the E liquid as I seem to have delicate mouth,so I mix my own (eliquidlabs) and I can adjust it dead easy , so with this JACVapour I get a cracking smoke or vape or what ever, Plus JAC are a good team ,If I had a problem with anything I just E- mailed them and they reply pretty damn quick and its sorted,Plus it’s all well made and easy to clean / change and at less than £2 a wick ,well I think the prices are good

  2. I’ve had sky cig, disposables, cheap rip off ,socialite jac vapour v11pcc starter kit and now this and this wipes the floor with all the others! Brilliant vape, brilliant flavour,brilliant build quality and excellent customer service! Do yourself a favour , get 2 batteries, 2 chargers(1 plug in for home and a USB for work) couple of 30ml bottles of menthol and you will never touch a cigarette or any other ecig again!! ( I hated menthol cigarettes but I’ve tried loads of other liquids and menthol is by far the best)
    Stopped smoking a year now and never slipped once! Feel really healthy now, I smell great and I’ve more cash in my pocket! Always make sure you have spares though as panic can set in quick if you run out!

  3. This really is a cracking bit of kit. Its build quality is superb, and JacVapour are a wonderful supplier. There are allot of these eGo style batteries around and Jac have their made specially. The VV mechanism is very smooth,

    I started with the Jac V1P PCC kit and still use that for out and about and in the car. I have the Vgo VV at home and I look forward to getting in after a long day and having a vape on this beaut! Vapour production is perfect as you can set the VV to just the right balance for your taste.

    This is a must have, end of story!

  4. In words similar to those of Jonny..”Despite winning this product and it being sent to me free of charge, I will be honest in my opinion!” 🙂

    Where can I start? I have been a firm fan of Jac Vapour products since early last October, and with each new battery and device, they just keep excelling themselves. That, at this point it culminates with the VGO2 Variable Voltage. The kit itself came with two 400Mah batteries, a case, mega tank, extra coils, a normal sized tank plus plenty of extras including two 10ml bottles of e-liquid generously supplied by ecigclick.co.uk.

    The battery is built to a high specification and finished in a rubberized black. The voltage is changed by a dial at the tip of the battery and can be adjusted anywhere between 3.3V to 4.8V. At the lower end of the scale you tend to get less vapor production and hardly any flavor or throat hit, but as you climb up the scale both become stronger, along with flavor. I find I tend to keep it set slightly past 4.3V as I like my flavor strong. This also creates roomfuls of vapor. However anywhere past that and the flavor becomes burnt.

    I really cant comment on the differences in coils. I know that my mega tank has 1.8 and the smaller tank is 2.4, as for the others supplied, I haven’t tried them yet. But really I can see no real difference at this time.

    Battery life is excellent for this device. Granted I only vape moderately at work, and the battery will not need a charge usually until I am back at work the next day, but on weekends, my ecig becomes an extension of my hand and I become a very heavy vapor as was the way I would smoke (around two packs a day on weekends) The battery will last me a good 6 or 7 hours before I need to switch and recharge.

    Vapor production is excellent at the just over 4.3V setting and can fill up the living room in no time at all. Also at this setting you get a very good throat hit as well as tons of flavor from whatever e-liquid you happen to be vaping.

    Overall this is by far the best performance e cig I have tried, and to be honest has become my constant vape. It is an absolute all round winner and I am sure, will be a favorite vape for anyone who tries it. Jac Vapour comes out tops again in my book!

    Vaping is the Future 🙂

  5. This device is Amazing, it give’s you full control on exactly how much Vapour you require through its variable voltage sytem. I love the Tanks that come with it, these make extremly economical for anyone who wants to vape like a an old steam engine ! perfect for my needs!

    It just works the way I want it work ! I used to use skycigs and I found their battery’s to be a real pain and the cartomizers didn’t seem to last longer then an a couple of hours, this in turn made vaping just as expensive as traditional smoking for me with more hassle then it was worth, with this smart piece of kit I can just fill up the tank a couple of times a day and each of the 2 batterys battery lasts me a good 8 – 10 hours.and because you can adjust the voltage it allows you to tweak it when the battery has lost some of its charge, unlike some other kits which just give a weakened hits as the power drains down, you tailor this to give you the exact hit your looking for, it looks good it feels very well made the only 2 things I would be critical about is the case that it comes with, its smart enough its just that you cant fit the device in unless you take the tank off, I like to have a quick puff while I’m running around at work and don’t really want to be messing about assembling my E-cig, however this problem is easily put right by purchasing a Lanyard, the other slight problem I have (and this with the JAC website), is that a lot of their products seem to be quite often out of stock, I guess this reflects how popular their products are but still,I find it a bit frustrating when your trying to keep ahead of your habbit.

    despite this I give the product 10 out of 10


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