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I have been very impressed with the LiQuid e-liquids I have tried so far with their British Tobacco, Blueberry and Cherry Menthol being my top picks. The great thing about LiQuid as well (if you don’t already know) is that their 10ml bottles cost just £1. A bargain I’m sure you will agree for a UK made e-liquid.

This review is going to take a closer look at their Choc-a-Nana flavour.

One Pound e LiQuid Say: “Are you a fan of hot Nutella on toast topped with sliced banana? Or a BBQ whizz that so creatively melts their favourite chocolate bar inside the skin of a Banana? Well what the genius’s in the UK Lab have managed to create here is a hazelnut chocolate blended with subtle banana e-liquid that simply reminds the LiQuid team of those two naughty treats.”

Device used in this review: Aspire Nautilus 2s


Now I can’t say chocolate mixed with banana would be the first thing I would turn to for a vape but I have been known to like my nutella and banana pancakes now and then so I was kind of looking forward to trying this in hope that they could replicate the flavour.

Now to be honest I must have been having a bit of a slow day because when I tried this flavour I hadn’t read the description on their website and I didn’t click that the name ‘Choc-a-nana’ was a chocolate/banana mix! So when I first tried this I just found it quite odd.

But as the strange way our taste buds work it did become more recognisable. The chocolate flavour comes through first with the banana almost coming through as an aftertaste. Did it taste like Nutella topped with banana though? No not for me but I have must say while I like banana flavours I have still yet to come across a chocolate vape other than choc mint that I actually like.

So not un-vapeable by any means but not for me this one.

Vapour Volume

Excellent, the 50/50 PG/VG mix along with the setup I was using produced lots of vapour.

Throat Hit

Subtle but well suited for my tastes to this flavour.

Production Details

LiQuid manufacture their juice under the following conditions:

  • European sourced, pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  • Produced in Britain in an ISO Class 8 clean room facility
  • Chip compliant bottles, tamper evident
  • All ingredients are traceable
  • Regular batch testing


  • 10ml – £1

Postage Pricing

  • £1.50 – This price is set despite the number of bottles ordered, so don’t just buy one flavour, try a few!


This combination didn’t quite do it for me but I suppose you can’t win them all! But if you think this could be for you and ss LiQuid say on their website, ‘for £1 it has to be worth a go’.

Have you used the Choc-a-Nana LiQuid? If so please let us know below!

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  1. Again,I wanted to really like this e-juice more than I actually did.It’s not a bad vape and though it’s an acquired taste,it does grow on you the more you try it.For the price its well worth a go and was definitely worth the money.


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