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San Fran Vape Ban Bill Passes

The anti-vape crowd of America are celebrating after politicians in San Francisco passed a bill that could effectively kill off vaping in the city and put a death sentence on its residents.

The city becomes the first in America to outright ban the sale of all e-cigarettes and e-liquids, with many more looking to follow its lead.

City politicians voted on the bill earlier today and whilst it’s only a temporary measure, it could be in place until at least 2021 when the FDA finally gets round to ‘approving’ vape products. That process as you can imagine will be long – expensive and drawn out meaning the ban could be in place far longer.

JUUL is leading the fightback and currently compiling signatures calling for a ballot to change the law to the banning of those under 21-years of age from purchasing vape gear within city limits. That petition needs 9,500 signatures to force a last ditch attempt of cancelling the current ban order.

san fran vape ban
Dennis Herrera centre

City Attorney Dennis Herrera was positively crowing at the outcome and in a particularly arrogant press release he attacked the FDA and challenged the vape industry saying:

San Francisco has never been afraid to lead.

That will always be the case when the health of our children is on the line. I want to thank the Board of Supervisors for taking this pioneering step to protect our youth. This temporary moratorium wouldn’t be necessary if the federal government had done its job.

E-cigarettes are a product that, by law, are not allowed on the market without FDA review.

For some reason, the FDA has so far refused to follow the law. Now, youth vaping is an epidemic.

If the federal government is not going to act to protect our kids, San Francisco will.

As to the wider vaping industry he said:

This legislation takes a reasoned approach.

It doesn’t ban e-cigarettes outright. It simply says that if a tobacco product is required to have FDA approval to be on the market, it can’t be sold in San Francisco until it receives that approval. That’s just common sense.

If JUUL or any company like it wants to sell their product in San Francisco, they should apply to the FDA today for review. If their product really has some kind of benefit to smokers, as they claim, why haven’t they already submitted it for the required review?

If their product is actually a benefit to public health, rather than a lure to addict another generation, they have the opportunity to get certified before this legislation takes effect.

Condemnation of the vape ban has been swift with Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association taking to Twitter to take Herrera in particular to task:

Congrats on convincing San Francisco to ban something.

Big achievement.

Time for Marlboros and Camels to get more shelf space, despite lacking FDA approval.

To say this is crazy and downright criminal is an understatement and will simply mean vapers living within the city limits will go to other towns nearby, and the city’s smokers who can’t are going to be quite literally given a death sentence. Meanwhile vape shops will be forced out of business with the devastating loss of jobs and livelihoods.

Criminal behaviour by ignorant virtue signalling politicians doesn’t even cover it.

Shame on them.

Repeat After Me: There Is NO Teen Vaping Epidemic In the UK

Yet another study conclusively shows kids in the UK are NOT vaping in their droves and despite the media telling you otherwise.

The report from ASH – Action on Smoking and Health – shows over 50% of kids have ‘tried’ an e-cigarette to see what all the fuss is about and NOT because they think it’s cool.

There’s also been a drop in the number of youngsters aged between 11-18 years old trying an e-cigarette from 5.4% in 2019 compared to 16% in 2018. However there is the slightest rise in those classing themselves as vapers from 4.9% in 2019 compared to 3.4% in 2018. Crucially that figure shows those who vape once a week or LESS, whilst the number of kids saying they vape regularly – meaning once a week or more – is DOWN to 0.6% who vape daily in 2019 compared to 0.9% in 2018.


Deborah Arnott, chief executive of ASH said:

We need to be vigilant and continue to monitor e-cigarette use among young people.

However, smoking prevalence among children and young adults in Britain has fallen substantially since 2010, which doesn’t indicate that vaping has been a gateway into smoking.

And to date there is little sign that vaping is the “super-cool” phenomenon among young people here that it is said to be in the USA.

Whilst welcoming the report the British Medical Association [the BMA] said the Government should continue monitoring the situation.

Professor Parveen Kumar, chair of the BMA’s Board of Science said:

While the British Medical Association believes there is a role for e-cigarettes in helping adult smokers quit, it is vitally important that we do all we can to protect children and young people from taking up vaping.

That is why the BMA supported the introduction of substantial restrictions on advertising, promotion and sale of e-cigarettes in the UK.

We are pleased that the Government has committed to review the regulations within five years of their implementation to ensure that they continue to provide adequate protection for children and young people.

It’s reassuring however that the ASH survey shows that regular vaping remains rare among British youth, and that young people vape mainly just to give it a try, not because they think it’s cool.

Does this mean Brit kids are far more savvy than their American counterparts? Or is the JUUL is cool based bias over the states is manufactured – false and hysterical?

My money’s on the latter 😉

Incidentally when UK kids were quizzed over vaping brands, the most popular answer was Smok – with JUUL coming in second.

Interesting 😉


JUUL Studies Into Passive Vaping and Flavours

Vape giant JUUL are usually in the media for all the wrong reasons, however two new studies have added weight to the vaping is far safer than smoking argument.

Study one looked at the perpetual myth around so called ‘passive vaping‘ – something many of us within the vape industry has shown numerous times is quite simply fake.

juul e cig

Scientists from JUUL Labs found second-hand vapour had 89 to 95% LESS nicotine particles than from lit cigarettes with the same study proving a massive 99% reduction of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide particles than from regular lit tobacco smoke – which is well known to be carcinogenic.

Dr. Josh Vose, Vice President, Medical and Clinical Affairs at JUUL said:

Almost one million deaths1globally each year can be attributed to secondhand smoke, so it is critical to find alternative options to combustible cigarettes for the world’s 1.1 billion adult smokers and those around them.

Flavoured E-liquids Make It Easier To Quit Smoking

And another study showed JUUL users were more likely to quit smoking using flavours other than tobacco – a result that surprised me somewhat, but adds to the argument flavoured e-liquids are crucial in helping smokers quit.

This was no small study either, with 37,000 American adults who had recently bought a JUUL product, tracked for 6 months.

The JUUL’ers were questioned at 30, 60 and 90 days and proved those who used flavours other than tobacco were more likely to make a successful quit.

juul pod flavour review

Dr. Erik M. Augustson, PhD, MPH, Senior Director of Behavioral Research and Interventions at JUUL Labs said:

There has been an active discussion about the role of flavors in supporting adult smokers who want to switch from combustible cigarettes and, at JUUL Labs, we are committed to driving research to
inform these discussions.

We wanted to assess how flavor preference at various time points—30-days, 60-days and 90-days after initiating JUUL use—is associated with the
likelihood of smoking abstinence in the future.

For example, how does a person’s flavor preference at 60 days impact their likelihood to be vaping rather than smoking at 90 days?

These results show that, for the study cohort, use of JUUL products in non-tobacco flavors was associated with higher switching rates compared to those who used JUUL products in tobacco flavors.

Interesting for sure and goes against my personal experience of using predominantly tobacco flavours to quit – with the odd puff on a fruit flavour.

It will be more studies like this that will go some way to tackle the current hysterical calls for the banning of all e-liquid flavours, particularly in America.

No matter what your thoughts are on the company, it’s good to see them doing this kind of research…not so many – if any of the larger vape companies and without Big Tobacco ties, are bothering…

Via JUUL Labs Press Releases

HUGE Drop In UK Lit Cigarette Sales

As I reported last week Big Tobacco companies are seeing a slump in sales of lit cigarettes and new data shows the same thing is happening here in the UK.

Business insiders and stock market analysts are saying it’s the JUUL factor!

Finance site Seeking Alpha says data from Nielsen – an independent marketing analyst company, shows a whopping fall of 4.4% during May – over 8% in April – which means a loss of cigarette sales of around 11%.

encourage smokers to vape

Bank of America Merrill Lynch said they believed this huge fall was down to heavy sales of JUUL, IQOS, My blu and other vape brands.

Biggest losers were Phillip Morris Inc [Marlboro etc] and Imperial Brands [Golden Virginia etc].

Little wonder Big Tobacco is now shifting its business to heat not burn and vaping.

FDA Asks For ‘More Time’ Over Vape Guidelines

After being ordered by a court to quicken the process of approval for vape products the FDA has asked for an extension of the deadline.

The Food and Drug Administration was recently ordered to bring forward the process by a court ruling but say both manufacturers and FDA officials need more time.

Not only that the FDA said it should be them and not a federal court telling them how quickly they should establish the process.

FDA approved drugs

An FDA spokesman said:

This timeline would help address the serious public health concern of migration from non-combustible to combustible forms of tobacco, if e-cigarettes were to abruptly exit the market, and would give manufacturers time to prepare higher quality applications.

The FDA recently released new guidelines for the e-cig industry and says it needs at least 120 more days to finalise the details on how best to protect children from vaping.


No Vape Ban In Malaysia…Yet

Despite calls by a leading cancer organisation for an outright ban of all things vape, the Government of Malaysia says no plans are in place…currently.

Neighbouring Singapore already has a complete ban on e-cigarettes, however Malaysia’s deputy health minister, Dr Lee Boon Chye, said he was waiting for results for a recent study into all things vape.

The government is under pressure from the country’s leading cancer organisation and the Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control, say they should be banned immediately.

Dr Lee said:

The decision on whether the sale or use of e-cigarettes and vapes will be banned in the country depend on the results of an ongoing study, which include taking into account current needs and situation.

Fingers crossed the results mean the Government will stand firm.

Random Nicotine Tests For School Kids

Students at a Nebraska school are to be be randomly tested for nicotine in their systems in the latest move by the hysterical anti-vape brigade.

For now these invasive tests – taking either urine or blood samples – will be carried out on kids taking part in ‘extra-curricular’ activities – whatever that means.

Fairbury Public School says it’s needs to do this after they say there’s been a rise in youngsters taking up vaping.

kids and vaping

District school superintendent, Stephen Grizzle, said:

It has been something that has been on our mind for a while because we have seen a drastic increase in students that are vaping.

Smoking in general, but vaping seems to be the craze right now.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the anti-vape crowd of America are crazy.


and finally…Vaping Nirvana and Blutopia

If you’re off to a festival this summer chances are you’ll get to a state of vaping nirvana and utopia…

I mean whoa dude…that’s heavy!

And nope there’s no mind altering illegal drugs involved either.

Blutopia is the My blu “immersive brand world” roadshow they’ll be rolling out at a number of this years top festivals.

Visitors will be able to wander through the Vaping Nirvana area and immerse themselves into “secret multi-sensory flavour rooms that enhance their flavour experiences using sound, light and scents.

All sounds very groovy!


More vape news on Sunday!

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