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Teen Vaping Link To Breast Cancer Is Fake News – Complete Vape Ban In San Francisco Looms – UK Team Tackles Africa Smoking Crisis – The Latest “Crappy Vape Science” Rebuffed – Undercover Teen Vape Cops – Snooty Shoppers and Mo Says No In Run In With Vape Company…

No Evidence Vaping Leads To Teen Breast Cancer

A leading UK surgeon claims teenagers that vape could risk the onset of cancer in later years though admits there’s no ‘scientific evidence’ to back his claim!

However as you can see Professor Kefah Mokbel, chief breast cancer surgeon at the London Breast Institute, has since admitted his scare story has no basis or indeed scientific fact!

Professor Kefah Mokbel
Professor Kefah Mokbel: image via Twitter

In his ‘what if’ letter to the UK Government the professor said:

It would be unforgivable if we were to do nothing, only to discover in 30 years’ time that widespread vaping among teenagers in the 2010s and 2020s had triggered a significant number of avoidable cases of breast cancer.

…I have no doubt e-cigarettes are far safer than tobacco, and smokers should be encouraged to switch.

He also reckons that studies showing a fall in kids taking up vaping are false suggesting the kids lied before admitting there’s no hard data to prove his breast cancer claims:

I believe vaping is very likely to increase the long-term risk of cancer.

Of course, I understand there is currently no hard-and-fast evidence linking prolonged e-cigarette use with cancer in general, or breast cancer in particular.

Things that make you go ummm…another well meaning [I suppose] health expert jumping into the e-cig debate with no facts just scare tactics which of course the fake news media gobbled up…

Shame on you sir…

Hazel Cheeseman from ASH said:

Current evidence does not support the alarm expressed in [Prof Mokbel’s] letter.

Regular use in teens remains low with no established link to increased rates of smoking or high risk of breast cancer, or any other type of cancer.

Nicely put.

If you are at all worried by this riduclous claim then please check out Cancer Research UK’s statement on vaping.


San Francisco Complete Vape Ban Looms

They’ve already banned flavoured e-liquids and the politicos of San Francisco haven’t finished yet wanting to ban vaping completely in the city!

They say until the FDA regulates e-cigarettes the ban would – yeah you guessed it – save the kiddies from the dangers of nicotine.

ban all the vaping things

City Attorney Dennis Herrera said:

…millions of children are already addicted to e-cigarettes and millions more will follow if we don’t act.

San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton who introduced the proposed legislation said:

We have people addicted to nicotine who would have never smoked a cigarette had it not been for the attractive products that target our young people.

She also targeted JUUL specifically stating:

We don’t want them in our city.

I could say shame on you Ms Shamann and this teen vape epidemic is a lie…or a sham…but I wont…oops 😉

San Francisco – New York and Chicago has now sent a joint letter to the FDA ‘demanding’ it takes a look at the effects vaping is having on public health in the states.

The FDA has refused to comment however I can help them out here…vaping is saving lives – banning it will kill people…

Absolutely unbelievable…another day and another crazy if not criminal attack on vaping from across the pond…

UK Health Team Tackling Africa’s Growing Smoking Crisis

As the number of smokers in the west continues to drop it’s a very different story in Africa as the numbers continue to grow.

Now a team of health experts from the UK and led by the former head of the New Nicotine Alliance – Professor Gerry Stimson – is hoping to introduce the continent to safer alternatives such as e-cigarettes – heat not burn and Snus.

The group is the UK based Knowledge∙Action∙Change and the team has been working in Lilongwe, Malawiii and Nairobi, Kenya where they launched the No Fire, No Smoke – The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction 2018 (GSTHR).

knowledge action change

The anti-vaping World Health Organizations says there will be billion deaths from lit tobacco related diseases by the end of the century and Professor Stimson said:

We need to halt the dramatic rises in smoking rates in Africa which are predicted by WHO.

Most smokers want to quit smoking, but they find it hard to stop using nicotine. Around the world, millions of lives depend on both consumer and government acceptance of safer alternatives to smoking.

Joseph Magero, Chair of the Campaign for Safer Alternatives said:

Society’s relationship with tobacco and nicotine is changing due to developments in technology, such as vapes and other safer nicotine products.

The Campaign for Safer Alternatives has formally launched this week to ensure more people across East Africa receive accurate information on alternatives to smoking.

By arming people with information, we can finally begin to curb the tobacco epidemic.

Great work being done bringing the safer alternatives to smoking message to Africa…pity the WHO continues with its ridiculous anti-vape stance.


Vaping Causes Heart Attacks and Depression Is ‘Crappy Science’

Pro vaping and tobacco expert Dr Michael Siegel has ripped into a new study suggesting vaping can lead to heart attacks.

The research concluded:

…adults who report puffing e-cigarettes, or vaping, are significantly more likely to have a heart attack, coronary artery disease and depression compared with those who don’t use them or any tobacco products.

However Dr Siegel didn’t hold back calling it ‘crappy science’ and adding:

This is yet another example of the junk science that is rapidly being spewed out by anti-tobacco researchers who are apparently more interested in demonizing vaping than in using rigorous scientific reasoning.

The problem with the study’s conclusion is that this is a cross-sectional analysis and the researchers have no idea which came first: the vaping or the heart attack, heart disease, or depression.


He’s also more than a little pissed off that studies like this one continue to be published calling it a ‘tragedy’:

It is unfortunate that this crappy science is being reported at scientific conferences and in scientific journals.

But what makes this a real tragedy is that this junk science is being used to justify policies to regulate vaping more harshly than smoking, by: (1) heavily taxing these products; (2) banning e-cigarette flavors; and/or (3) completely banning the sale of e-cigarettes in convenience stores.

The rest of the story is that rather than demonstrating that vaping causes heart attacks, heart disease, COPD, and depression, what these studies show is that when smokers get very sick, they are highly motivated to quit in order to save their lives, and many of them do so by switching to vaping.

This is about 11 million lives, not 11 million lies.

Love that ending line!

The more I read Dr Siegel’s excellent blog the more I love the guy and his work – we’re lucky to have such a staunch and knowledgeable advocate on our side.


Undercover Teen ‘Cops’ Used In Vape Crackdown

It’s called Operation Spring and involves Sheriff’s deputies teaming up with 16-year-old kids to catch shopkeepers selling alcohol – tobacco and vape gear to minors.

So far the crime busting duos have nabbed 5 store staff out of the 50 convenience stores they’ve ‘visited’ and they will now appear in court and face a hefty fine.

The kiddie cops might be looking at underage sales of booze and fags but the main thrust is you guessed it vaping products.

vaping in the usa

A reporter from St Lucie County Florida went along for the ride and watched as the deputy ‘prepped’ the undercover under-age cop:

You know the drill: Act normal, go in there, act like you belong there.

The cops found that pretty much all the shops they targeted followed the rules and will now get a letter of ‘praise’ from the sheriff.

In these kind of sting operations as in using kids as bait – I’ve always wondered how come the act of of buying a product underage – even with a cop – isn’t you know breaking the law?

Still the folks of St Lucie can sleep easy in their beds tonight…despite the county currently having 8 unsolved murders…


‘Snooty’ Shoppers Say No To New Vape Shop

The picturesque town of Chichester in West Sussex UK is about to get a new vape shop and local residents aren’t happy.

Not only that the comments from some of the slightly more snootier folks on social media shows the ignorance around vaping is frightening.

The Every Cloud Vape shop chain is expanding quickly with 14 stores with plans to open more – and decided to open up in Chichester after customer demand.

every cloud

A spokesman for the chain said:

We’re always on the look out for new locations as we have been opening a new store almost every month for the last year and will continue to do so.

We’ve helped thousands of people give up smoking cigarettes and want to continue with this.

Despite the shop being empty for quite sometime and tucked away from the main shopping area AND vaping saves smokers from long lingering death and illness – folks ain’t happy.

Comments included:

  • “There is already a few… Chichester is just gonna be known for coffee shops and vaping… It’s getting pathetic now!”
  • “Just amazes me they think they help people quit smoking. Lots of ‘vapers’ seem too young to have ever smoked a real cigarette.”
  • “Wow… How exciting, not!”

And on that note I wish the new shop all the very best and hope they continue saving smokers lives for very many years to come…and BTW you might want to add a few posters from Public Health England and Cancer Research UK to your window 😉

…and finally…Sir Mo Says No To Vape Ad Running On London Buses!

Vape company Diamond Mist has run into trouble after ads featuring a ‘lookalike’ of Olympian Sir Mo Farah with the phrase “Mo’s mad for menthol” have appeared.

Olympic gold medalist and distance runner Sir Mo has distanced himself from the ad that’s plastered on 100 London buses.

mo farah bus vape ad
Mo? pic via Talk Radio

His agent said:

I can confirm that Sir Mo Farah has no relationship with this company and has absolutely not endorsed this product.

Of course he does not vape – as if he would ever endorse e-cigarettes or vaping.

We became aware of the advert last week. We have just passed it onto our lawyers because we believe people could think it is Mo but it is clearly not. He has nothing to do with this company.

Clearly it is not in our interest for people to think Mo would ever be endorsing such products.

A spokesman for London Transport said:

We are not sure if it is supposed to be Mo Farah or not – there were mixed opinions.

They have other adverts for other names of people and names of flavours.

We did seek advice about the ‘Mo’s mad for menthol’ slogan from CAP and they have said that was compliant and it is compliant with our policy.

The Advertising Standards Agency – that’s looking at relaxing the rules around some vape adverts say no formal complaint has yet been made…

So is this a clever gimmick or are Diamond Mist running into trouble? Let us know in the comments below

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