Vape News Headlines: Vapouround Burglary – Vaping On Charger Cables – Porn Blocker And Vape Shops – Treatment Or Punishment For Young Vapers? – Korea ‘Testing’ JUUL Pods and World No Tobacco Day Ignores E-cigs…Again!


Vapouround Office and Bus Burgled

Thieves have struck at the offices of the popular vape magazine Vapouround and stole a quantity of limited edition squonk mods.

vapouround burglars

The Aether squonker is a joint collaboration between Vapouround and high-end manufacturers Ultroner and only 300 were made.

vapouround burglary

Vapers have shared the photos of the burglars across social media and are calling for the mods to become ‘too hot to handle’.

aether ultroner mods stolen
Make them too hot to handle

Anyone offered one or who has any information is urged to contact Derbyshire police or Vapouround.

Kid’s Vaping On Charger Cables?

I wasn’t sure if this was some kind of joke or misunderstanding…and to be honest I’m still a bit baffled.

According to teachers at one school in America, kids are now attaching pods directly to the ends of charger cables and vaping them that way.

vaping on charger cable
image via: The Signal

The school has called this the ‘latest craze’ personally I think if they are indeed doing this they’re pretty stupid.

Teachers are now warning parents that if they see cables with the end cut off it’s a sure sign their kids are vaping.

A spokesman for Valencia High School California said:

For your information, kids are using these modified cords to vape directly from a vape cartridge without the need of the vape pen or battery unit.

If you see cords like this on your child, it is probably not because the dog chewed off the end.

Vaping, as well as the use of any tobacco product, is prohibited on our campuses.

The administrators at Valencia High School are doing parents a service by letting them know what to look for at home in order to keep students safe and to encourage good choices.

Still not quite sure what to make of this…


UK’s ‘Porn Block’ Could Be Used For Vape Gear

Without a verified online digital ID porn users in the UK will soon be blocked from visiting their favourite XXX sites and the same technology may be used for online vape shops.

It’s the UK Government’s ‘big idea’ to restrict under 18’s not only accessing porn sites but also from purchasing knives – alcohol and in the near future vape gear.

Known as the robust age verification the planned code of practice is currently out for consultation, however, tech insiders fear this could spell an end to anonymity on the web.

The Government has pushed the project out to private companies and one CEO told Sky News:

It is an area where more needs to happen, and more will happen.

It’ll be introduced for vaping, websites that sell alcohol, all the way through to places like Netflix and YouTube.

I guess my April Fool piece about vapers needing a ‘Vape ID card‘ wasn’t so far from the truth…


US Schools To Offer ‘Treatment’ Rather Than Punishment For Vapers

After spotting a few what he described as students in ‘peak physical fitness’ vaping at his school a headteacher has decided to tackle the issue with treatment rather than punishment.

Apparently seeing the kids taking a toot ‘broke his heart’ and now Stamford High School Principal Raymond Manka reckons punishment is not enough:

We’ve got to figure out how we can help these kids wean away from bad habits that might hurt their body or their mind or otherwise create behaviours that can create habits that will be harmful for the remainder of their lives.

And according to the lofty Washington Post, other schools across America are considering the same approach. Kids caught vaping would initially be offered some form of short term counselling or ‘treatment’ with repeat ‘offenders’ given longer sessions and suspension.

kids vaping

One school in California has stopped immediately suspending kids caught vaping and instead sent them to a 4 hour Saturday morning class on the ‘dangers’ of vaping.

Luis Lichtl, from the school district involved said:

I think we are seeing quite a bit of success, basing it on the reduction this year in both the number of incidents reported on campus and the number of suspensions.

Linda Richter from the Center on Addiction in New York said:

To expect a 13, 14 or 15-year-old to break an addiction by yelling at them or suspending them, it’s just not going to happen.

They need help, treatment, counselling, support, education and understanding.

All very worthy I’m sure, I just wonder if the same amount of time and effort is spent on kids ‘caught’ smoking and drinking alcohol…two far more deadly habits young people tend to try…


Government Of Korea To Analyze JUUL Pods

JUUL only went on sale in Korea last week but the government is ready to break the pods apart to see what’s inside.

They did the same thing with the heat not burn IQOS which resulted in a lawsuit after the government suggested they’d found higher levels of cancer giving toxins in the brand.

Undeterred by that ongoing case, Korea plans to carry out similar tests on JUUL.


Health official Jung Young-gi said:

As we did when heat-not-burn (HNB) IQOS e-cigarettes were first introduced, we will soon request the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to conduct a study of JUUL e-cigarettes.

We will check for the different types and levels of toxic substances present in these products.</span

Korea is expected to be big business for JUUL and indeed other e-cigarette products. A recent survey of over 3,000 smokers showed 37% had made the switch to e-cigs from lit tobacco.

However, with one eye on the supposed teen ‘vape epidemic’ in America Jung said:

The use of these new types of cigarettes by teenagers can lead to nicotine addiction and health hazards, as well as habitual smoking.

It’s important that we prevent teenagers from using any kind of cigarette in the first place.</span

So far JUUL hasn’t commented though I expect their legal team will be eyeing up any future developments lol.


World No Tobacco Day Ignores E-cigarettes…Again

Despite countless peer-reviewed scientific studies the World Health Organization still refuses to recognize vaping as a much healthier alternative to smoking.

May 31st sees yet another World No Tobacco Day and once again and despite this year’s theme being Tobacco and Lung Health, there’s no mention whatsoever of the benefits of making the switch.

As I wrote in the article last year: WHO Missed A Trick With World No Tobacco Day, by ignoring e-cigarettes the guardians of the world’s health are pretty much criminally incompetent.

world no tobacco day 2019

The New Nicotine Alliance have often voiced their concern at the WHO stance on vaping. Indeed last year they were placed on the WHO blacklist – alongside tobacco companies and arms dealers – simply for offering advice to change their stance.

Last year’s no tobacco day featured smoking effects on the heart and this year it sees attention turned to the lungs with these two key points:

  • the negative impact that tobacco has on people’s lung health, from cancer to chronic respiratory disease
  • the fundamental role lungs play for the health and well-being of all people.

The day is meant to raise awareness of the effects lit tobacco can have on the lungs from cancer to the danger of second-hand smoke – neither of which are an issue with vaping!

A spokesman for WHO said:

Lung health is not achieved merely through the absence of disease, and tobacco smoke has major implications for the lung health of smokers and non-smokers globally.

In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target of a one-third reduction in NCD premature mortality by 2030, tobacco control must be a priority for governments and communities worldwide. Currently, the world is not on track to meeting this target.

Countries should respond to the tobacco epidemic through full implementation of the WHO FCTC and by adopting the MPOWER measures at the highest level of achievement, which involves developing, implementing, and enforcing the most effective tobacco control policies aimed at reducing the demand for tobacco.

Parents and other members of the community should also take measures to promote their own health, and that of their children, by protecting them from the harms caused by tobacco.

Pretty sure vapers in their zillions are doing that right now and off their own backs and despite the BS coming from organizations such as WHO.

And I guess like last year’s event, this one will pass by pretty much un-noticed…


More vaping news on Sunday!

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