Vgo 2 Mini Starter Kit

Update: The VGO kits are no longer produced by Jacvapour. They have been replaced by the Series S starter kits which are far better.

Check out our full Jacvapour S17 starter kit review here

I have reviewed a number of e cigs from Jac Vapour (the series S is one of my favourite so far) and have yet to have a bad experience not only from the products I have used but from the company as a whole. Jacvapour Vgo2 MiniSo when I found out they had stocked a mini version of their VGO e cig I just had to try it!

I bought the Vgo 2 kit for £39.99 and as per usual all was delivered in good time. Let get stuck straight in and see what we get.

In the box / Presentation

The Vgo 2 mini starter kit packaging is a breath of fresh air right from the start.

The usual magnetic flip top box has been done away with and replaced by a cool, compact perspex presentation box.

I know it’s just a box but as first impressions go this is really good!

Inside the box you will find the following neatly presented on 2 layers:

  • 2 400mAh manual batteries
  • 2 Clear Tanks
  • 1 Lanyard
  • 1 USB Charger
  • Instruction Manual

Battery / Responsiveness

Vgo2 Mini E Cig batteriesThis vape pen kit comes with two manual 400 mAh batteries that measure in at 48mm in length.

There is also an option to choose from three colours: rubberised black, rubberised white and stainless steel. I went for the stainless steel battery option which I have to say looks really good!

At the time of this review I have been using the e cigarette for around 2 weeks and I have found no issues with the performance whatsoever.

I have used another similar e cig in the Olympian Mini Ego and I actually had a couple of issues with this but not so with the Vgo 2, it was smooth and reactive.

The only time it dipped slightly in performance was due to the battery reaching near empty, so it’s just a case of switching to the spare and getting your other battery on the charge.

e cigarette reviewIn terms of the amount of vaping time, I was getting around 5/6 hours of moderate vaping. For batteries of this size this is very good indeed!

For me, I could use this as a main e cig but if you are a heavy vaper then this would be a great back up device or something you could use when you are out of the house and need something a bit more compact.

The battery also has an on/off switch that is activated either way by pressing the button 5 times in succession, this again just helps with battery life stopping any unwanted button pressing in your pocket.

Overall – The battery performance is great for its size and the stainless steel version I opted for looks good as well. No negatives that I have come across.

Vapour / Flavour

vgo2 mini e cig comparisonThe starter kit doesn’t come with any e-liquid so you will need to add this to your order if you don’t have any. I have been using the JAC Vapour Smoking range which I have been using a lot recently and still not sick of it yet!

Clear TankYou do of course get two clear tanks with the Vgo 2 kit which will hold 1.6 ml of e-liquid, these are good performers and I was getting good amount of vapour with them.

When they need replacing Jacvapour prices start from £4.79 and for this you can expect 10-15 refills so does work out to be good value.

The good thing though about the Vgo2 Mini e cig is that it is also compatible with the cartomisers on the site, if you go for the 35mm cartomisers then this will give you an even smaller e cig.

I actually use the cartomisers instead of the clear tank if I am going to be taking this out of the house, purely for the reason that it doesn’t ‘stick out’ as much.In the image here I have a black 50mm cartomiser with the battery cover cone.

mini vgo electronic cigarette

Unfortunately I forgot to buy the stainless steel cover cone so was using the black one I already had from the VGO e cigarette kit. Doesn’t quite match up but you get the idea! Jacvapour also have stainless steel cartos as well which are definitely next on my list!

Overall- Doesn’t come with e liquid so remember to buy some but the clear tanks that are included are very good, I had no issues with leaking or performance, they made for a very nice vape.

Vgo2 Mini Video Review

Returns / Warranty

This is where Jac Vapour stand out head and shoulders above many other electronic cigarette brands. They offer a 14 day money back guarantee (see T&C’s) as well as warranties on their batteries and PCC’s.

I have had a battery die within the time period and have to say they make it so easy to get a replacement, I had one in my hand 2 days after informing them of the problem! It really does give you the confidence to use their products without the hassle having to jump through hoops should you ever encounter a problem.

Full marks here!

Customer Service

Again, spot on. I have had dealings with them for a number of things (not just when I had a problem) and they are quick to respond to any questions or queries you may have. Contact can be made via email and phone. They are also active on Twitter and Facebook.

Discount Codes

The Jac Vapour discount code can be found at the top of the page. Just click on it to copy and a new window will open taking you directly to the JacVapour website.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

Without trying to sound too ‘hyped up’ this really is a great little kit that I found very little to fault.

Who is it suited to?

New Vapers: It hits quite a broad set of users due to its performance and size. I would say if you are a new to the world of e cigarettes and are not too bothered about getting an e cig that resembles a tobacco cigarette then this will be great as the size isn’t too daunting.

It won’t take you too long to get the hang of buying and refilling your own e-liquid, it’s dead easy. If you don’t want to do this you can of course buy pre-filled cartomisers.

Current E Cig Users: If you are using a smaller e cigarette, one that probably looks a little like a tobacco cigarette, then this is a good second device to buy.

If you have considered one of the big ‘cigar sized’ batteries but have ultimately been put off by the size then the Mini Vgo 2 is a great alternative that will also help you make the transition up to something bigger.

Current VGO/EGO/MOD Users: This isn’t going to be your main vape, far from it but as a backup device for out of the house it is great.

If you are not too comfortable vaping your 900 mAh battery out in public or at the pub, they are usually overkill for a few hours out anyway, then the 400mAh battery on the Mini Vgo2 will do you proud.

So there you have it, it really can do a job for all levels of vaper.

Final Mini Vgo2 Starter Kit Verdict:

Excellent: Highly Recommended By

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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  1. very good as stated. i used to use the cigarette shaped model, the batteries ran out very quickly and they came with a lot of cons. although this seems well worth quitting for. two batteries last a day and a half, which is more than enough.
    however there’s a slight loss in taste and also one of the atomizers came broken.

    but good overall

  2. Once again I used this site to find a supplement to my recently purchased V1P from Jacvapour. The V1P is very good, but I wanted to have somehting I could use at home without the fear of going out with half charged batteries. Thus the V1P is for out and about and this bunny keeps me going at home and in the office. What can I say but a stunning piece of kit. Ordered SUnday and was with me this morning. Clear tank means you can keep an eye on your liquds and the feel of it is very nice in the hands. Creates a good vapour and is a reallly nice piece of equipment to use. As I have said, I am quite fussy and can find fault, no matter how small, in most things. This mini is simply perfect as far as I can see. Its not hideously large and looks very clinical.Jac Vapour have created somehting that really hits the spot. Currently using chocolate lquid which is great! Trust the reviewer Jonny on this site as he was spot on for the V1P and the VGO2!

  3. I got this kit from Jacvapour after hearing about it on many sites and would recomend it to anyone,it arrived quick (2 days) batterys were ready to go ,remember to buy some juice with the kit,and in secs ur vaping away,,,,,battery last a long time and im a heavy user,you need to clean the tanks out after 5-7 refills and this is also easy and quick.good vape from the vgo2 mini and its the same everytime you use it the taste and vaper.I would say this is the best kit iv ever got very very happy and will carry on using it ,i use cherry and vanilla at the moment and its a nice vape,VAPE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I bought the VGO2 Mini after reading Johnny’s review. The JAC Vapour website was easy to use, and the product came within the same week of order. I have used this site on several occasions since, and every time have received top notch service,and speedy deliveries.

    The battery life is better than any other ecig I have personally used and on a day at work will last me from morning till the time I come home 9hrs later. I usually only moderately vape at work, but tend to vape heavy on my days off (as was my smoking habit) and the battery has lasted me a good 6 to 8 hours of constant vaping. Charging the battery is very simple and takes at most an hour, less time than a standard ecig

    Vapor production is excellent and taste of the e liquid I purchased from JAC Vapour is full of flavor. I have tried various flavors since my first purchase, and find the Menthol and American Reds to be my favorites at this time with Coffee coming a close third.

    You can purchase plenty of accessories for the Mini VGO2 to increase your vaping pleasure, and I have purchased carts and a cone. Although the carts to me seem to produce more vapor and mellow the flavor of the e liquid, I still tend to prefer the clear tanks. I also purchased a 900mAH battery for times that I am away from a charger.

    Overall I recommend this device for anybody who is thinking of switching from the old “analog” tobacco ciggie, but still wants to enjoy the ritual that it provided .

    I smoked cigarettes for 30 years and tried to quit on several occasions, with several methods, and never lasted more than two weeks. The mini VGO2 has helped me to stay off them for three months without a single relapse. I really feel better since vaping, I am no longer short of breath, I sleep better, don’t cough, I don.t smell of stale smoke anymore. and most importantly to me, I don’t crave a real cigarette.

    I hope this review helps others looking for an alternative to tobacco.

    VAPING is the future 🙂

  5. I won this kit as a prize on ecigclick. previous to receiving this kit I had only used an intellicig e-cig. I have been using the e-cig for 4 months now. before that I was a chain smoker, smoking at least 25-30 cigs a day for over 40 years.Vgo 2 mini review: Ok, I received my kit today, I was very pleased with the look of it, very different to my usual intellicig e-cig. I love the tank system, love that its a clear tank and easy to fill and easy to see when it is full. Very happy with the ammount of vapour it produces. I am a chain smoker, my e-cig is never out of my hand or far from my mouth, all was going well untill I put it down for a couple of hours while I had a nap. When I picked it up again liquid seeped thru the mouth piece. don’t know if thats a regular thing or if its that I did something wrong by laying it flat. It hasn’t happened while its been in use. When that happened I removed the tank and used a cartomiser which I had prefilled with the 18mg tobacco vg liquid. again the cartomisers I found very easy to fill, and easy to assemble and I am enjoying the flavour of the liquid. I now have the first battery on charge, it lasted for 11 hours of continual use. (actually 9 hours counting the 2 hours nap I had) I cannot find anything on the instruction manual to say how long it will take to be fully charged again. just that the light will go out when it is charged. The only 2 negatives I would say about it is !. the leaking issue and 2. I would have preferred if it lit up at the end. but number 2. is just personal preference, so basically, on the whole I would give it a big thumbs up and would recommend it. If I have missed anything from my review that you would like answered then just ask and I will do my best to reply.


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