Neatcigs Offer A New Starter Kit To The UK 

**This Product Has Been Discontinued**

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Neatcigs may be fairly new as a brand but as a company (Electronic Cigarettes LTD) they have been at the forefront of the e cigarette market for a number of years.

Their other online retail arm is none other than Ecigwizard who have been supplying quality e cigs and liquid since 2011. So straight off the bat the credentials are looking good for Neatcigs electronic cigarette products.

The offering available on the website is very small but due to the target audience being the new e cig user it cuts out any confusion. The starter kit we were given, free of charge I might add, was the Switch White starter kit.

neatcigs switch reviewIn The Box

The Switch kit comes in a basic cigarette carton style cardboard box.

Inside the box was the following:

1 X Battery
3 x Cartomisers
1 X USB Charger

Battery / Responsiveness

The battery included with the kit has a 190 mAh capacity and has a good quality feel to it with a smooth finish so it feels comfortable in the hand. According to Neatcigs this lasts for around 3-4 hours of constant vaping.

I found this was about right for the first few charges but after that I was personally getting around 2 hours vaping time which is not actually too bad for an e cigarette this size.

neatcig switch review

The battery was also very responsive and was activating straight away when taking a drag. One thing to keep in mind with any ‘cig-a-like’ e cigarette is that depending on how much you are vaping the batteries can seem to run out fairly quickly and in most cases it happens at a very inconvenient time! keep in mind it takes around 3 hours for a battery to charge.

This is why I would recommend with any mini e cigarette kit (and Neatcigs is no different) is that you purchase an extra/spare battery, this way you can work it so you always have a fully charged and working e cigarette.

The Neatcig batteries are reasonably priced. If of course you know you can go a few hours (charging time) without the need for nicotine then by all means just use the one.

One other thing that is not included in any Neatcig starter kits is a portable charging case or PCC for short. As the name suggests a PCC allows you to charge your e cigs on the move. If you are on the move a lot in the day then this is something that may be useful to you.

Overall – The batteries are responsive and last as expected for a mini e cig of this size. The kit does however only come with one battery though so it is recommended to buy a spare.


The Switch kit comes with three cartomisers, each of them a different flavour – Tobacco, Menthol and Fruit. This is done so you can have a go with the different flavours to see what suits you best. One thing I do like is that they ‘colour code’ the cartomisers with different coloured bungs so you can tell which flavour is which, not all brands do this and it can actually be a bit of a pain if you lose track of what you are vaping.neatcigs-cartomiser-battery

The options that Neatcigs offer here are limited, there are only 3 flavours. The tobacco flavour and menthol were the flavours to hit the mark for me. There is a good realistic tobacco taste, the throat hit is Ok and the vapour volume is also decent.

The fruit flavour had a lot of flavour but for me just wasn’t a very enjoyable vape. The throat hit was very sharp and the vapour volume was again decent.

The menthol was good, you get the nice cool mint aftertaste you would expect, not so much of a big throat hit but I personally like the smoother vape with the menthol. One thing to note here though is that flavours are very much a personal preference! neatcigs-cartomisers

It is stated that you will get, approximately, 120 cigarettes worth from the 3 cartomisers supplied.

Now this is always a tricky area as it is hard to gauge what one cigarette is when it comes to using an e cig.

I personally got around 140-160 puffs before I had to change the cartomiser, again there are a whole host of factors that go into this such as how long were the drags, how many drags are the equivalent to one cigarette etc etc.

It’s by no means a scientific study, just to give an idea. You will no doubt find your results could be more or even less.

It is also worth a mention that the Neatcigs do manufacture their e-liquid here in the United Kingdom under their ‘Clear Choice’ brand. Definitely a selling point for those that want a UK made e-lquid.

Overall – I thought the tobacco and menthol flavours were good but was slightly disappointed with the fruit flavour. There is a lack of options when it comes to buying the flavours but this is done to keep things simple for the new e cig user. A good point to note however is that their e-liquids are made in the UK.

Starter Kits

Neatcigs have a small range of starter kits that include the following.

Switch Starter Kit (Reviewed Here)
Includes 1 battery, 3 cartomisers and a USB charger

Switch Bundle Starter Kit
Includes 1 battery, 18 cartomisers, a USB and car charger

Revo Starter Kit 
Includes 2 650 mAh batteries, 2 clearomisers, a USB charger

Revo Package Deal 
Includes 2 650 mAh batteries, 4 clearomisers, 3 bottles of e-liquid, a USB and car charger

Discount Codes

We have an exclusive 10% Neatcigs discount code, just click this link or scroll back to the top of this page!

Customer Service

Neatcigs have a great customer service setup and can be contacted by phone or email. They are also active on Facebook and twitter.

Returns / Warranty

A 30 day money back guarantee is offered on starter kits as well as a lifetime warranty. There is a catch with the lifetime warranty, to ensure the product is covered you will need to buy cartomiser refills at least once every 120 days. Please check out their website for the latest upto date T&C’s.


The Neatcigs Switch kit is obviously aimed at the brand new e cigarette user that is looking for a cig-a-like product. The kit is more of a ‘tester kit’, to give a try and if it is something you like you will need to buy your refill cartomisers and possibly a second battery straight away. There are both the good and the not so good things with this kit.

The build quality is good and the performance is decent (as in the battery responds well to taking a drag). The tobacco flavour is in my opinion quite realistic and gives an OK throat hit and vapour volume.

I didn’t think much though to the fruit flavour but the menthol was an enjoyable vape. The e-liquids are also manufactured under their Clear Choice brand in the UK which will definitely be a selling point for some.

This kit just includes 3 additional packs of cartomisers and a car charger, quite expensive for what you get especially considering there is no spare battery.

If you have been looking at the Neatcigs kit and are just checking to see if the product itself is good then yes I would say it is and if it is your first e cigarette you won’t be disappointed.

Also if you have a limited budget I would say this starter kit is a good place to start.

If however you have a little more budget available I would recommend looking at vape pen starter kits that offer more and allow for more flexibility in the future. 

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