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Only Mini Starter Kit

Only e liquid and e cigarettes are a London based business that produce a tight range of electronic cigarettes with a mini e cig and a mid size EGO offering. We were contacted at Ecigclick to take a look at both kits, the first of which is the Only 510 starter kit which is their ‘cig-a-like’ e cig.

This kit was received free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always our thoughts are our own!

In the box / Presentation

The Only 510 starter kit comes in a cardboard carton similar to a 20 pack of cigs, inside is the following:

  • 1 Automatic 180 mAh Battery
  • 3 Cartomisers
  • USB Charger


The standard Only 510 kit comes with just the one 180 mAh battery which is designed to look like a regular cigarette. This can help with those looking to make an easy and familiar transition from tobacco cigarettes so if that is what you are looking for then this does a good job.

Looks aside there is one thing to keep in mind with this type of e cig (cig-a-like), the battery life isn’t great. This particular battery gave me approximately 1.5 hours of vaping time before it needed charging. If you are a light smoker making the switch then this could just about be OK for you but moderate to heavy smokers may find this gets a little annoying with repeatedly charging the battery.

This ultimately means you will also be without your e cig while it charges unless of course you have spare batteries which is a must with all mini e cig kits. This isn’t just an issue with the Only e cig kit but with the majority of mini e cig kits. So just something to bear in mind, doesn’t mean it is a bad product, far from it, just that it may not fit in with the needs of every smoker.

The Standard Only E Cig Kit comes with just the one battery, they do sell spare batteries separately for £6.50 each and I would say it’s essential to add one (or an extra 2) of these to your order if you go for this kit. This will allow you to rotate your batteries and cut down on the chances of being left without a charged e cig to use.


The design of the battery does a good job of resembling a tobacco cigarette which some smokers are looking for when making the switch. Battery life was, as expected for this size e cig, not the best. I would definitely recommend buying a spare battery to go with this kit.

Vapour / Flavour

This kit has 3 18mg nicotine strength cartomisers, Tobacco, Menthol and Purple Bomb. One thing of note here is that the Only E Cig pack has a ‘120’ cigarette equivalent claim which should be taken with a pinch of salt! These claims are made by a few e cig companies but the way this is worked out is flawed and you will feel let down as you won’t get near a 40 cigarette per cartomiser claim!

I have however just seen on their website that they have said their carts will last between 10-12 cigs worth (more realistic) so maybe they have realised that the ’40 cigarettes’ claim is not quite what it should be. Maybe the next pack design will reflect this as well.

The flavours

I found the flavours included with the kit were good on the whole. The Tobacco was a very easy vape that provided a decent throat hit without being too harsh and the vapour volume was very good. The Menthol, while not being the best I have tried, did provide the familiar cool mint aftertaste that you would expect.

The vapour volume was also very good and the throat hit just right. The Purple Bomb didn’t have a description and I couldn’t find this anywhere else for sale on the site but I think it is a grape flavour although I could be wrong! This flavour was just OK for me, not something I would find myself going back to but again the vapour volume was very good.

When it comes to buying replacement cartomisers the choice does seem very limited at first glance with only the tobacco and Menthol available to buy. They do also have the option to buy blank/empty cartomisers though which is a great option to have.

This means you can then go and refill your own cartomiser with bottled e-liquid which works out cheaper in the long run. Cartomisers can be refilled numerous times before they need to be disposed of, I have found in the past this can be anything from 6-15 refills. You can tell when they need to be thrown away as the flavour will change for the worse! The price of their pre-filled cartomisers is £7.98 for a pack of 5, the price reduces the more you buy though becoming as cheap as £6 if 5 or more packs are purchased so good value. The blank cartomisers are the same price.

Overall – The Tobacco flavour was good, the Menthol decent but the Purple Haze not really my thing. The vapour volume on all though was very good. Another plus point is that empty cartomisers are available to buy allowing you to refill yourself with bottled e-liquid making vaping cheaper in the long run.


Only offer a 30 day refund on products that are returned in their original, unused condition. Please check their website for the latest T&C’s.

Customer Service

Contact can be made via email and phone. They are also available on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Overall – For those that skipped!

This kit doesn’t do a bad job but there are some noticeable issues with the main one being that only one battery is supplied. I realise this is the ‘standard kit’ but I think it is essential that mini e cig starter kits should have 2 batteries minimum as standard. If not vapers will be left with lengthy periods of time without an e cig which is not a good thing when you get the urge! Just adding a battery to this kit and the others on offer should make this a more viable option and one users will be more likely to stick with.

There are some good things to note though and that is the vapour volume and the flavours that are decent, although the Purple Bomb wasn’t quite to my personal tastes. So would I recommend this? If you are on a real budget then this is a good option for sure but only with a spare battery or two. Using this kit with just the one battery will only lead to frustration in the long run!

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