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EGO Starter Kit From ONLY

We recently reviewed the ONLY 510 starter kit which was their mini e cig offering. It did need improving in certain areas and could be a decent starting point for new cig-a-like users. In the same parcel we also received their Premium Kit, this is there EGO e cigarette and a step up from the mini e cig they have on offer.

Again this kit was given to us free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always out views are our own.

In the box / Presentation

The Only Premium starter kit comes in a standard zip carry case, inside is the following:

  • 1 1100 mAh manual Battery
  • 1.6ml CE4 Clearomiser
  • USB Charger
  • 20ml Bottle of E-Liquid


The Premium kit comes with an 1100 mAh manual battery, they do have three colours available (black, white & stainless steel), I received the black for this review. The battery itself has a really nice feel to it in the hand, a lot of these EGO type batteries have the rubberised finish and while there is certainly nothing wrong with this it is nice to see a change now and then.

Only Premium E Cig Review

The ONLY battery is finished in a smooth coating that feels almost silky to the touch, so a pleasure to hold. The battery itself is manually activated, for those that don’t know this basically means it has a button needs to be pressed to fire it up. Automatic batteries are activated by taking a drag on an ecig.

It’s personal preference and there certainly isn’t much in it performance wise with the EGO batteries but I personally prefer a manual button as it just allows me to get the coil heated for a split second before taking a drag doing away with any possible need for taking a primer drag.

The battery itself does a good job, it reacts well and with the 1100mah power most vapers will see the good part of a day from this before needing to re-charge. This will differ of course for different users as there are a lot of variables. One way of making sure you get the most out of your battery is by using the on/off function. Common in all batteries of this type it is a simple action of 5 clicks of the button to turn on and off. Good for those times the e cigarette is carried loose in a bag or a pocket.Only EGO Battery

The one thing I would recommend here is to go for the Premium kit option that includes 2 batteries, either this or try the cheapest option of the kit that costs £15.98 and if you think this is a good kit for you then buy a spare battery, these are available on the ONLY website for £8.

There is one main reason I always recommend this and that is purely so you are never left without an e cig to vape. The battery can take a long time to charge as it only comes with a USB charger that uses a laptop or PC as the charging source, they do have mains chargers for sale but these are an extra. If you think you will need something to vape in the meantime then a second battery is the way to go!


I liked the handle of the battery, it felt good in the hand. The 1100mah battery also performed well but even with this added battery life I would still recommend buying a spare battery.

Vapour / Flavour

The ONLY premium kit comes with a CE4 Long Wick Clearomiser and a 20ml bottle of e-liquid…. I think! I say ‘I Think’ as whilst it does state on the product page a bottle is included, right at the bottom of the listing is a sentence that reads This pack does not contains E Liquid, you need buy them from here”So a little confusing for sure!

Only E Cig CE4 ClearomiserThere is one more thing that comes across as a little strange is that the kits are only available with Menthol e-liquid. Not totally out there strange but if there was any juice to include with the kit I would have thought a tobacco flavour would be the way to go?

I am personally Ok with that as I like menthol and theirs is a decent ‘vapeable’ version for sure. The throat hit and vapour volume both do the job well.

Only EGO E Cig

No problems with the CE4 clearomiser, the capacity is decent and it is a good solid performer that helps get the most out of your e-liquid in terms of flavours and vapour volume. There will come a time to replace the Clearomiser of course, again without being to vague this will differ from vaper to vaper.

When the flavour of your juice begins to change for the worst then you will need to replace, this could be anything from 8 refills and up. Clearomisers are a priced at £4.50 or if you buy 3 or more they come down in price to £3.50, so good prices.

The e-liquid is available in 5 nicotine strengths, 0mg, 8mg, 14mg, 18mg,24mg but only has one size option, 20ml, and is priced at a very reasonable £5.95. Again they do offer discount the more you buy.

Overall – A few confusing statements on the website regarding if the kit comes with e-liquid or not. Looking past that the CE4 clearomiser performs well and the e-liquid is priced competitively when it comes to replacements.


Only offer a 30 day refund on products that are returned in their original, unused condition. Please check their website for the latest T&C’s.

Customer Service

Contact can be made via email and phone. They are also available on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and

Discount Codes

We have an exclusive ONLY discount code that offers 15% off. Enter ECIGCLICK at checkout see the voucher at the top of this page.

Overall – For those that skipped!

While I can’t say the ONLY Premium Kit brings anything new to this section of the e cig market it does do a good job for those that are looking for an entry level EGO e cig. The price is good at £15.98 for the entry level kit (especially if e-liquid is included in the kit?) and the overall performance is good but there is a huge amount of great e cigarettes available that are just that bit better.

Without sounding like a broken record, I would recommend either buying the starter kit that includes two batteries or once you are happy with the kit buy a spare from their online store. Will help make your vaping experience a whole lot smoother!

Final ONLY Premium Kit Review Verdict

Recommended By Ecigclick

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