Where can i use e cigarettes

Is There A Law Banning Vaping?

  • While there is no law as such, many public transport authorities are now taking steps to ban vaping on all their property.

So, I Can Vape Anywhere?

  • Theoretically, yes. But the answer is actually an emphatic “no”.

Hang on, if it isn’t against the law then why can’t I vape where I please?

  • This comes down to a number of things and when people see “smoke” they assume (wrongly) there’s a “fire”.

Aha. What are those things then?

  • Firstly, the Smoking Ban. In 2007 the ban covered government buildings, hospitals, pubs, restaurants, airports, bus & train stations and more besides. Although e-cigarettes do not produce any smoke, those responsible for running these places have expanded the prohibition to include vaping because (they frequently say) it is impossible for staff to tell the difference between an e-Cig and a cigarette.
  • Next, some public places have also included a ban on vaping (football stadiums for example) using the same legislation and argument. This is allowed under law as individual property owners have the right to exclude certain activities from taking place on their turf.

Sugar Puffs! So I’m banned from vaping in the High St, in a taxi and in parks?

  • No, not if the owner supports your right to vape because they know it is better for you and perfectly safe for their employees (as all the good research tells us).

How do I know if I can vape?

  • Always ask the manager/owner. Don’t just assume, we as vapers are not doing ourselves any favors if we just vape anywhere we want.

How about vaping on the bus?

  • Erm, no. Vaping on the bus in the UK is pretty much banned. If you can remember back to 2012 you will recall how anti-terrorist police swooped on a Megabus. If your local bus company hadn’t already decided they were going to ban vaping before then it is highly likely they have snuffed out your opportunity to become a backseat cloud machine now.

Can I use e cigs on a bus?

It must be OK to use electronic cigarettes on trains though; I’ve seen people do it. Can I join in?

  • Vaping is not allowed on any trains or on their platforms/premises although some platforms have signs up banning it, some haven’t. When East Coast Trains were asked:

“Is smoking permitted on trains or in the station?”

Their answer was:

“No. All train and stations in the UK are smoke-free, and this includes e-cigarettes.”

  • There will always be an ardent anti-smoker who thinks what you are doing is wrong and will not hesitate to tell you so.Can I use an electronic Cigarette on a train?

Cruise Liners & Ferries?

  • Again, sorry to say this, banned. Many take a light approach to vaping unless you do it in the dining areas.

I Can Vape At Airports Though Can’t I?

Well this all depends where you are travelling from and through. The majority of airports in the UK DO NOT allow the use of e cigarettes within the terminal. They do allow you to carry electronic cigarettes through security in your hand luggage.

Most require vapers to go in the smoking areas, personally this is something I wouldn’t do. The idea of stinking of cigarette smoke on a long flight isn’t exactly an attractive proposition.

One thing to keep in mind is the destination of your flight. Not all countries have the same regulations so take a look at the vaping map at the end of this article to check what the rules are in the country you are visiting.

So lets have a look at the vaping regulations in the main UK airports:

  • Heathrow: Use of e cigarettes not permitted anywhere on their premises. Allowed in designated smoking areas but Heathrow DO NOT have smoking areas once you pass through security. They do, however, at the time of writing have a Gamucci vape store in terminal 4 which is a dedicated vape zone, more on that below.  Read More.
  • Gatwick: Use of e cigs not permitted anywhere on their premises. As with Heathrow, Gatwick allows vaping in designated smoking areas but do not have any smoking areas once you are through security. Read more.
  • Stansted: Same rules as the above. Read more.
  • Manchester: Same as above but Terminal 1 and 2 does have smoking areas in the departure areas where e cigs can be used. Terminal 3 at the time of writing does not have a smoking area in the departure lunge. Read more.
  • Birmingham: Same as above. They have a smoking area in the departure lounge where you can vape. Read more.
  • Liverpool: Same rules as Birmingham. Read more.
  • Belfast: Same rules as Birmingham. They do charge £1 to access the smoking area in the departure lounge. Read More.
  • Bristol: Same rules as Birmingham. Read more.
  • Cardiff: Same rules as Birmingham. Read more.
  • East Midlands: Same Rules as Birmingham. Read more.
  • Edinburgh: E cigarette use not permitted anywhere within terminal building. Can be used in designated smoking areas outside of the terminal building. Read more.
  • Glasgow Airport: Same rules as Edinburgh. Read more.
  • Glasgow Prestwick: Doesn’t mention e cigarettes on their website but I would recommend following the rules of Edinburgh/Glasgow airports.
  • Humberside: E cig use not permitted on premises. Smoking/vaping areas are located a short walk outside the terminal entrance. Read more.
  • London City Airport: Use not permitted. They do not have a smoking area once you are through security. Read more.
  • Luton: Same rules as London City Airport. Read more.
  • Newcastle: Use of e cigs on the premises not permitted. Can be used in designated smoking areas before and after security. Read more.
  • Southampton: Same as London City Airport. Read more.

Due to the State by State laws of e cigarette use in the USA it is best to check your individual airport for further information.

Check out this map of airports in the USA that allow vaping.

Vape Stores In UK Airports

All airports will make you vape in the smoking area (where available) – complaints about this are likely to fall on deaf ears and just cause you frustration. Ride the wave of stupidity and chalk it up to a traveling tale to entertain your vaping chums when you return.

If you are lucky enough to be flying out of Terminal 4 in Heathrow then there is an option. Gamucci have an e cigarette store that is a designated vape zone in the departures lounge.

Gamucci Vaping lounge, Heathrow

And how about carrying my vape gear onto flights?

Of course please do contact the airports you are flying from and the airlines you are flying with for individual policies. The below is the current stance that most follow.

  • Bottles of e liquid can be carried but must fit in with your maximum liquid allowance and be stored in a clear plastic bag. The bag must be a maximum 1 litre capacity (20cm x 20cm) and the individual liquid containers within the bag cannot exceed 100ml. You can carry on multiple containers up-to 100ml as long as they fit in the bag. Keep in mind this total is for all liquids you take in your carry on luggage.
  • Large pieces of kit are best stowed in your check in luggage as long as they don’t contain batteries. Small devices are fine in your hand luggage.
  • Ensure batteries are securely packed so that they cannot short – planes have policies about the carriage of Li-ion batteries. It is increasingly becoming the norm that batteries must be kept in your carry on luggage.
  • Contact your flight operator for advice if you need peace of mind.

I’ll never be able to go 8 hours without my nicotine hit; they must allow me to vape in the air, surely?

  • Nope – although there are examples of people doing it, airlines take a dim view of vapor trails inside the flight cabin. It is banned.
  • …And don’t call me Shirley.

I’ve heard about people “stealth-vaping”, can I do that?

  • Stealth-vaping means holding your breath after taking the vapor into your lungs. This will prevent a plume of vapor rising above your seat. You could always give Jacvapour Clear Steam e-liquid a try, that e juice works and gives off very minimal (if any) vapor.
  • You can also check out this post for some of the smallest vape mods available.
  • The trick used by people is to do this unseen, people will and do complain if they see you puffing away. We are not condoning stealth vaping on planes of course but if you feel the need use common sense and respect those around you.

I could just nip off to the toilet; smoke detectors don’t detect vapor do they?

  • Having just experimented with this, all of my neighbors can affirm that smoke detectors can be triggered by a large quantity of vape.
  • Do not fill your lungs with vape and blow towards the detector.
  • In fact do not vape in airplane toilets at all. This report shows that e cigs will be detected.

Is there anything else I need to know about vaping and traveling?

  • Make sure you take enough charged batteries.
  • Take a charging device and a plug converter.
  • If you need wick, wire and lots of juice then pack it, there’s no guarantee you will find a vape shop.
  • Do not try vaping in the hotel swimming pool.
  • Send us a postcard and bring back something nice.

Where Vaping Is Allowed Around The World

The lovely ladies & gents over at Ecigarettedirect.co.uk have created a great vaping map that highlights the various vaping regulations around the world.

On a personal note I have travelled via Dubai and Thailand with e cigs in my carry on but this may not be the same for everyone. Although when I vaped cig a likes a few years ago I was stopped at security in Abu Dhabi as the refill cartridges were thought to be bullets.

After a bit of squeeky bum time and further inspection they let me go through with them but I’m guessing it’s luck of the draw.

Hover the mouse over the various countries to find out their stance on electronic cigarettes.


  1. So flybe let you carry your kit on with liquid in it but do not allow bottles of E liquid in your carry on or hold luggage as it’s seen as a flammable liquid! Crazy as once you’ve finished your tank of juice you gotta hope you can find a vape shop at your destination.
    I think I’m going to clean out an old calpol bottle and fill my e liquid into that and put it in the hold luggage with sun cream and shower gel. What do you guys think?
    Apparently a lot of UK airports will be implementing this rule!

  2. New government guidelines say vapers should not be made to stand with smokers. Maybe in 20 years time, vapers will be suing companies for forcing secondary smoking on them

  3. Well it seems that now vaping is to become as outcast as smoking! They tell us we must give up smoking as its bad for us so we try by vaping then they make us stand outside with the smoker, that’s really gonna help! I find all this scaremongering quite insane, most electronic cigarettes bare no resemblance to real cigarettes and do not smell like cigarettes either so where’s the problem. Claiming that staff or the general public cannot tell the difference is implying that they are stupid. All this will do is drive some people back to smoking defeating the object completely.
    The government continues to enforce rule after rule with regards to smoking whilst doing little about alcohol consumption which I believe causes more death and injury then smoking, figure that if you can…. We need to all stand up to this nonsense stop being sheep and make our voices heard cause if we don’t the nanny state will continue to mother us like we are all uneducated fools.


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