ROK E-Liquid Review

ROK Universal have so far been producing some quality e-liquids which is great but at the same time can be overlooked by many vapers who are not aware of their e-liquid range.

After reviewing the great tasting Apple & Cinnamon, the LTD Edition Spiced Mince Pie and their Jamaican Ginger Cake we couldn’t wait to have a go on the Absinthe!

Good job it’s just a flavour and not the actual alcoholic version though as I have just had a heavy weekend drinking!

For those that have not have tried the alcoholic drink the overriding flavour is aniseed and on opening the e-liquid bottle this is immediately apparent.

The e-liquid itself is made using over 20 herbs and spices to bring out well known aniseed and wormwood flavours. On vaping you get a nice consistent aniseed flavour coming through that is just about right in the strength department, not too overpowering!

The throat hit was Ok, although I am not overly concerned with getting that kind of effect when using flavours such as these.

If you are looking for a stronger throat hit then I would recommend going for a higher nicotine content. The vapour volume was good though so no complaints there.

Overall – I really enjoyed the Absinthe flavour, a lot more than I was expecting in fact. It was also one of those e-liquids that actually grows on you the more you use it.

If you know Absinthe from trying the drink then you will have an idea what this will taste like, if not then fans of aniseed won’t be disappointed! Another ROK e-liquid I am happy to recommend!

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  1. This e liquid took me by surprise such a lovely taste of aniseed not to over powering one I found myself drifting off into a tranquil state only coming around again to refill my tank. If you like aniseed liquids this is a most try


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