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Should the ROK Discovery Kit Be On Your Shopping List?

We have carried out a couple of ROK electronic cigarette reviews to date, ROK Legend & ROK Original, with the ROK Legend being one of our favourite vape pen e cigs to date. The ROK Discovery Starter Kit is aimed at those new to e cigarettes that would like to try them but are not necessarily comfortable with a size-able initial outlay.

As always even though this e cigarette kit was received free of charge we will always keep it real and give you our honest opinions!

In The Box / Presentation

rok discovery reviewEverything in the ROK Discovery comes in a ‘cigarette packet design’ hard case that you can carry around in your pocket! Inside this you get.

In the box you will find:

1 Battery (one 650 mAh, one 900 mAh)
2 Cartomisers
1 USB charger

First impressions are that it is a very solid nicely pt together kit.


The ROK Discovery kit comes with just the one battery which is 140mAh. They are slightly longer than the ROK Original starter kit batteries but the capacity on those was not particularity good at just 90mAh.

rok electronic cigaretteAgain ROK have stuck with the cig-a-like look with this battery having the raised rings across the body, the quality when in the hand is also very good. The battery itself functions very well, every draw I take gets a good response with the battery responding as it should but when it comes to the life of the battery, you won’t be getting hours of vaping time from these.

This shouldn’t come as a massive shock due to the size of the battery, I myself was only getting just over an hour of vaping time. This was after I had charged the battery around 3 times.

rok universalThere is no charging case with the Discovery kit, unlike the Original kit that came with a PCC.

Unless you are a very light smoker this could be a problem as you will find that you are having to charge the battery several times and you are essentially left with out an e cig whilst you wait for the battery to top itself up.

It does come with a hard case to carry everything around and this looks good and feels sturdy whilst still being able to hold a fully made e cigarette, 2 cartomisers and your USB charger. It is also slim enough to slide in and out of your pocket with ease, for me the design is a lot better than the E-Lites E200 case.

Overall 3/5– I didn’t expect the battery to be fantastic in terms of life and it wasn’t but this is to be expected with any battery of this size. If you go for the ROK Discovery and find you like it I would recommend a spare battery or 2 are purchased straight away. On the positive side though it is a good quality, great looking battery for those that need to have the ‘cig-a-like’ looking e cigarette.


This kit comes with 2 tobacco flavoured cartomisers that have a 1.6% nicotine strength. There are no customisation options at checkout but you will be able to buy different strength and flavoured re-fills.

rok discovery cartomisers

I found the tobacco flavour to be good and the throat hit the 1.8% nicotine strength gave was about right for my personal tastes. The vapour volume produced was also decent.

When you do come to buy replacements ROK have a small selection, that includes Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee and Cherry. Not an extensive selection by any means but definitely enough for the new e cigarette user to get their teeth stuck into.

Overall 4/5– Whilst options are limited at checkout the tobacco flavour is good and the vapour volume doesn’t disappoint either.

Starter Kits

ROK Universal have 4 kits currently available that cover most budgets and requirements.

ROK Discovery Hard Pack (Kit Reviewed)

Includes one battery, 2 cartomisers, USB charger and a hard case.

ROK Discovery Hard Pack 

Includes one battery, 12 cartomisers, USB charger and a hard case.

ROK Original Starter Kit

Includes PCC, 2 batteries, 5 cartomisers, mains & USB charger

ROK Jet Black Starter Kit

Includes Advanced PCC, 2 batteries, 2 cartomisers and USB charging cable.

ROK Star Starter Kit

Includes 2 high capacity batteries, 2 chambers/tanks, 2 caps, 6 mouth pieces and USB charging cable.


ROK Universal offer a full refund for unused and unopened product within 7 days of receipt. Full details can be found on their website, please check for the latest terms.

Customer Service

ROK can be contacted by phone and email. They also have an active Twitter account! They have also been very good with the small amount of contact I have had with them.

Discount Coupons

ROK have a 10% discount code which can be found at the top of this page or in the link to the left.


The ROK Discovery Kit is definitely (as the name suggests) one that is aimed towards the new electronic cigarette user that is specifically looking for an e cig that closely resembles a tobacco cigarette. If this sounds like you then you will like this e cig but don’t expect the battery to last for lengthy periods and make sure you get yourself a spare battery, very important!

The kit is good value and worth the outlay to try this product out. Remember though, if you like it buy a spare battery or two immediately!

If however, size and cig-a-like looks aren’t that important.

Then there are other options out there that may be better. Take a look at our Vapour2 Cigs, Jacvapour V1P and of course the excellent Epuffer Magnum Snaps kit for other options.

Final ROK Star Review Verdict:

The ROK Discovery Electronic Cigarette Is Recommended By


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